AncestryDNA Results (Jamaican)

AncestryDNA Results (Jamaican)

Revealing the results of my AncestryDNA test.



  1. That African woman is mama d from South Africa and many of them are light Brown 100% sub Saharan African . Xho amd San peoples who are not part of the diaspora and a minority on the continent ( sub Saharan Africa) Majority are chocolate to dark black skin.

  2. 59% African? Wow that’S def way below what I had thought..!!! One of your grandparent must be Asian I’m assuming.

  3. Very happy to see more Jamaican results. I will be adding your results to my database. Nice results.

  4. yes mon, Big up for posting the video i enjoyed it..i had 90% African so was happy with that..what parish in jamaica are you from,my parents were born in south west st.andrew..

  5. Do you remember i said first estimate that i lost, I had polynesian and Togo in that one.. so excited, video response.

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