AncestryDNA Results (Jamaican)

AncestryDNA Results (Jamaican)

Revealing the results of my AncestryDNA test.



  1. That African woman is mama d from South Africa and many of them are light Brown 100% sub Saharan African . Xho amd San peoples who are not part of the diaspora and a minority on the continent ( sub Saharan Africa) Majority are chocolate to dark black skin.

  2. 23andme is very accurate! Upload your DNA to gedmatch for free!

  3. 59% African? Wow that’S def way below what I had thought..!!! One of your grandparent must be Asian I’m assuming.

  4. That dark skin girl only care about polyaian and white take about self hate

  5. Very happy to see more Jamaican results. I will be adding your results to my database. Nice results.

  6. yes mon, Big up for posting the video i enjoyed it..i had 90% African so was happy with that..what parish in jamaica are you from,my parents were born in south west st.andrew..

  7. Do you remember i said first estimate that i lost, I had polynesian and Togo in that one.. so excited, video response.

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