1. I'm North African and I got:
    25% Africa North
    35% Middle East
    17% Iberian Peninsula
    7% European Jewish
    5% Nigeria
    5% Europe South
    3% Senegal
    1% Ivory Coast/ Ghana
    1% Africa South Eastern Bantu
    Less than 1% Mali

    Never knew I was that much black, But I do look very black. If you saw me you would think I'm light skin black lol.

  2. I’m half Haitian too and I got my ancestry dna and it says I’m 17% Benin/Togo, 2% Congo, 4% Mali, 3% Ivory Coast/Ghana !

  3. Bonjour! Je parle une peu Francis lol..However I have 37% Cameron/Congo as my highest and 28% Benin and Togo as 2nd highest! But I was born in the US…Thank you for sharing your results so cool

  4. when you say Indian, are you sure they don't mean NATIVE /TAINOS sometimes mistaken for Indians? check Columbus movie! My Grandmother looked like Indian, straight wavy hair, very light skin, she was from Lascahobas, previously belonging to Dominican Republic until divided and conquered and Haiti took it over. if you go further than the DNA results you will also find out that we are not Africans, our ancestors ended up there in 70 A.D, They were originally from Israel. When the Romans were persecuting and killing them by the millions, they fled up there to hide… we are from the 12 Tribes of Jacob. this has been hidden for centuries, but now is out in the open. soon will be noised abroad. keep your eyes and ears opened. this is a very long story, but i am giving you a little bit of overview.

    We've been lied to about our natural identity. We have been called Africans, but we are not Africans. the Africans people are: The Egyptians, the Ethiopians, (Some Ethiopians became Israelites thru intermarriages ) the Libyans, and the Canaanites. If we are not Africans, who are we? We are the Israelites, yes black Israelites from the 12 Tribes of Jacob/Israel. Jacob had 12 sons, and we are the descendants of the 12 tribes of Jacob. (Jacob was the twin brother of Esau, the son of Isaac, the grandson of Abraham. ) How did our ancestors get to Africa? They fled Israel during the Romans' persecution, in 70 A.D. were millions were massacred, and they ended up living there:central/west Africa until the real Africans started to sell them to the Europeans. they were selling the children of Jacob. Why did God allow that to happen? the children of Israel were disobedient. they were often called stiffnecked by God. God warned them that they would be scattered around the four corners of the earth. according to many scriptures in the bible. especially Deut. chapt 28: 68: the whole long chapter of Deut. 28 prophesied of the many things that would happen to our ancestors and it did. so God allowed them to be sold as stated in the book of Baruch. (not found in our present bible. cause some of the books were removed out of our present bible. the bible contains 80 books, not sixty six. the biblical Israelites were blacks, it is written all over the bible. the bible says they looked like the Egyptians. they could not tell them apart. In Amos 9:7, God says that his children look like the Ethiopians. Was Jesus a white man? look in the book of Revelation/Apocalypse 1:14, 15, Daniel 7:9, Daniel 10:6, the bible tells us that Jesus had hair like wool; (creole: linn mouton) his feet like burnt bronze. what color is bronze? The image that was given to us to represent Jesus is of a man called Cesare Borgia. (do research …) If we are the people, who then are the people that live the land? read Revelation chapter 2 verse 9 and Revelation chapter 3 verse 9, Jesus told us exactly who they are. the story is very very long. information is available everywhere. As Jesus told us, every hidden thing will be manifested./revealed. THE BIBLE WAS NEVER INTENDED TO BE A RELIGIOUS BOOK, THIS IS OUR HISTORY BOOK. AND EVERYTHING WRITTEN are PROPHECIES THAT HAVE BEEN FULFILLED AND WILL BE FULFILLED TILL THE END OF TIME. IT IS TIME for US THE CHILDREN OF JACOB TO WAKE UP AND TO CRY OUT TO OUR GOD FOR DELIVERANCE. God promised to gather the children of Jacob that had been scattered around the four corners of the earth and to bring them back to their land. Now, this is our natural identity. It is important to know our natural identity, but it is of utmost importance to know our spiritual identity. that is we must be born again, born of the spirit of God. that is why God sent Jesus according to John chapter 3. what we could not do, he did it for us, he died for us, took our sins upon him. we must all repent of our sins for ALL HAVE SINNED AND COME SHORT OF THE GLORY OF GOD. THIS SPIRITUAL SALVATION IS NOT ONLY FOR THE NATURAL SEEDS/DESCENDANTS OF JACOB, BUT IT IS ALSO FOR OTHER NATIONS THAT COME TO GOD. In reference to the NATURAL DESCENDANTS OF ISRAEL, THE PEOPLE THAT WE CALL NATIVE AMERICANS/TAINOS/INDIANS, THEY ALSO ARE THE NATURAL DESCENDANTS OF JACOB/ISRAEL. THEY CAME FIRST TO THE AMERICAS in 721 B.C., after the Assyrians' captivity, THOUSANDS OF YEARS before the arrival of Columbus. (keep in mind that the original people were all blacks, the lighter skin colors is due to admixtures of white Europeans, history also has it that many women were raped.. (research) THEY WERE MADE SLAVE BEFORE THE SO-CALLED AFRICANS. IT IS AFTER THEIR GENOCIDES THAT THEY BEGAN TO TRANSPORT THE SO-CALLED AFRICANS TO THE AMERICAS THROUGH THE ATLANTIC SLAVE TRADE. They are the 10 tribes of Israel and those taken from Africa are the 2 tribes Judah, Benjamin, and including the Levites. The Levites were priests, they were not counted as part of the tribes. but they are the descendants of Jacob. The Haitians are said to be of the tribe of Levi..We were all stripped off of everything; our names, our God, identity, culture, ect. …The names of the first people brought to the Americas on slave ships began, or ended in "Yah" Jesus' name is YAH-USHUA. the letter "J" only came into existence about 300 years ago. Wow!! SHALOM!!

  5. Haitians are amazing people with incredible physical and mental strength! The Fon people are facinating to study. The Dahomey Amazons were a Fon all-female military regiment of the Kingdom of Dahomey in the Republic of Benin. That explains why my Haitian friends tell me the women played a huge role in the revolt that gained Haitians their independence Jan. 1st 1804. ♥️???
    Was that Karnavel music you played?

  6. I am obsessed with the Congo and it's people. For some reason I feel a connection with them. I'm scared to do a DNA test and end up only be like 4% Cameroon/Congo. Lol. Love that you are so knowledgeable. #AyitiCheri

  7. I got 41% Africa SouthEastern Bantu, 38% Nigerian, 3% European Jewish, 2% Great Britain, 1% Caucasus, and 1% North African

  8. The Dahomians were tempestuous war monger constantly invading the modern day Abeokuta of the Ogun state of Nigerian. Conquered and later became part of the Yoruba empire. Oyo empire install new king with same title as the current Alafin of Oyo.If your dna revealed Cameroon /Congo… You're likely to have Yoruba dna in you. That is for the future in-depth test.For the British coming to the aid of their European slaver owners and coloniser, that's must be not be surprising… They merely want to reinforced European hegemonic military prowess. Unfortunately on these occasion the Haitians defeated them.Sankofa, get straight to the point.. You unwittingly speculate and not being conscise…overall labour of love to follows you through your presentation.

  9. Waiting for my results now but my daughter got hers and it is accurate. It even pinpointed where my relatives were enslaved in South Carolina. It also shows her Afro-Caribbean ancestry because my wife is from Barbados. Nice my African brother!!!

  10. Hey, Ça va mec? Awesome video! I'm Cameroonian an I took a dna test as well. There are many Haitians in Cameroon and west africa in general.

  11. Yo bro thx for sharing. Can you check on Ancestry that If we are cousins ?

  12. I guessed 95 % African with your highest country being Nigeria or Cameroon.

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