1. Your DNA is 100℅ Beautiful. If you would like a more detailed breakdown of that I will need your number to set up a date to tell you over dinner, preferably ab outside setting on a clear night under a full moon.

  2. 56% African, and most of them say they are not black

  3. All you guys from Dominican republic should always refere a Nigerian as Daddy coz most of you are igbo Nigerian origin. Africa is your heritage and stop the denial running through your brainwashed brains of being Europeans. I respect your Dominican identity but embrace your Africaness to free your self hatred soul.

  4. This proves that Dominicans are black deep down ??
    You're definitely black.

  5. Good for you????

    Some Dominicans need to wake up. Y'all are not Spanish like they tell you . That's a colonial mindset you need to travel, get a real experience or a dna test.

  6. 1st and 2nd Atlantic Slave Trade, via Portugal, Spain, Arabia, North America, Europe… there you have the many mixes of peoples via marriage, intermarriage, slavery, rape, war, conquests, colonialization, and global migration.

  7. Lmao the #1 dominican lie is my grandparents didn’t come from Africa they came from Spain

  8. si tu padre Es de haina es Haitiano puro eso ese pueblo,se formo de los haitianos Qué llevo lilis para trabajar en la,zafra de caña Y los adoptaron de apellidos Hispano tù eres hija de un haitiano No lo,digo deforma despectiva!!!

  9. All you racist Dominican need to respect your father black man ? you don't like blacks now hate yourself lol.

  10. Omg first person I’ve seen with my moms side of the family last name

  11. Middleeastern people are mix of european and african

  12. It's awesome to watch Domincans finding out their roots are generally less "spanish" and even less native american (taino) and more African…particularly of Benin Africa where 98% of Haitians come from…welcome to the other side where you are more than welcome??

  13. The comments from dominicans is one reason why American-Blacks should be against ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION

  14. I'm sorry but the fact that she was upset because she wants more Spanish, really shows her that she doesn't know her history.. you could of found that out mby doing some research on just the history of DR …. given what they did to our people, I will be more then happy to have a small percentage if nothing at all …. shit they're still racist to the one who is​ currently living in spain..

  15. I received my results two days ago and they were 58% African, 30 percent European, 12% Native American (Latina), and a low confidence region of 3% pacific Islander

  16. Y'all Trust Them with Ya HISTORY, Religion, now the DNA- my People Wake the Fuck up!- We Are All malenated Beings that produce Carbon- that makes us All BROWN or Black!!! We Are The Aboriginals- the Copper Colored COLUMBUS was Talking about when he went to Haiti!!!!

  17. How The Fuck are You that when All of Those Countries didn't Exist in the ANCIENT Times!!!

  18. Stockholm syndrome is crazy, Spanish enslaved her ancestors, but she was dying to be from spain

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