AncestryDNA Results: “Are you Indian?”

AncestryDNA Results: “Are you Indian?”

MY DNA RESULTS ARE BACK! After waiting a couple of months for my AncestryDNA results I finally have them. Let’s just say…it wasn’t what I expected.



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  1. You can be whatever you wish to be 😀 I've seen other Romani origin people have similar results actually (no african though)

  2. The 3% South Asian Admixture means your dad is part Romani, whose origins lie in North West India. The 8% West Asian/Middle East also likely part of their admixture, as well as some European too.

  3. If you were sitting somewhere in a public building a doctor's office or something I will come straight over and talk to you because I would think that you were African American with some type of mixture way down the line, my mother's Ethiopian and my dad is white American

  4. Hmm.. they have "Other" on the form? Sounds like a waste of money. I'd be pissed.

  5. No matter.. If you have 1% of Indian in you. It will definitely be on your face.

  6. Your Dad might be related to the British Romani people. There may have been confusion due to the similarity of the name with Romanians. He being a Romani would also explain why you would have 3% Indian as those people have Indian origins.

  7. I think your dad is Romani gypsy. . They are Indian travellers who travelled to west long ago..

  8. I was thinking 100% East Indian. I bet Indians think that you are from there.

  9. You have to do different tests from different places. They give different and more concentrated results.

  10. 44 percent other regions??? That's unfair they can't leave half of your ancectry out like that.

  11. I would love to do this but dont know how to go about, please tell me what to do?

  12. Really did not expect you to ethnically be half white. Before clicking I thought your ancestry was going to mostly be South Asian. Genetics is so interesting

  13. Just so you know, Romanian is white. Also, Caucasians are not JUST white people. Europeans in general are white.

  14. dearest, Romanian is not a race, Romanians are White. Romani or Roma (Gypsy people) is a race. most Europeans (except british) got their indian part from them because Roma people migrated from India hundreds of years ago. the highest concentration of Roma people in Europe is in Romania hence the Romania .

  15. Before I start, I wouldn't be surprised if Indians have a bit of African. European and like Chines or East Asian blood in us because HISTORY.

  16. Also look for gypsies of caucuses..
    Your video is very interesting and I got curious on different ethnicities!

  17. Please look up Romani people. They have nothing to do with Romania ??, but they are Indians. Also look in Wikipedia. It has details.

  18. Both so ugly, i dont give a fuck. I only saw 8 seconds of ?

  19. It's funny because the British Empire really only ended after WW2, so you'll see a lot of this around the world. However now we don't have an empire to rule the world any more, so we're all becoming pure again…

  20. Can I rest my head on your friend's chest?

  21. I would've never thought you were Indian tbh

  22. Some good results there and don't be surprised that you don't have somethings you were expecting as, like you said, you sometimes don't get those parts passed down. DNA is not split 50/50 it's 50% of the whole mix 😉
    Please come over to my channel as I've just started a Family Tree channel, subscribe if you enjoy it 😉 x

  23. The Caucasus might indicate Romanian or even Romani (gypsy) ancestry. Most Europeans outside of SE Europe get a little, but 7% for someone who's primarily African American is a lot.

  24. Iraq is Middle Eat not Caucus, who comes up with these things?

  25. Did you take the Autosomal one or the maternal? when you
    take the maternal you only get your mother's part try Wegene. It's free

  26. By the way you look, maybe your father was a citizenship of Romania, maybe a gypsy and not a romanian because romanian people are white and have an european look that's why you have no romanian blood.
    Gypsies changed their name to Roma (romani people) witch is similar to Romania, (romanian people) to create some confusions… rom-a-ni (roma, gypsy, tigani, cygano), rom-â-ni (romanian). Do you see? rom-a-ni vs rom-â-ni It's almost the same.
    When someone tells the truth is the truth bad or not. Nothing racist in telling the truth.
    There are three important things:
    1. Nationality (country of origin)
    2. Ethnicity (race, racial ancestry)
    3. Citizenship (a legal member of a sovereign state or part of a nation)
    Every romanian gypsy (roma people) have a romanian nationality or citizenship of course but their race is not romanian.

    Do you really wanna see real gypsys?
    Search for this on YouTube
    – American Gypsies Face Challenges
    – Romani girl from Kosovo goes to India to discover her roots
    to hear the truth and to see real gypsys. Look at that romanian gypsy women and how she looks, now that's a gypsy close to the real gypsy.
    Gypsy Film Latcho drom
    that's a best example to see real Gypsys (cygano, tigani, roma people not romaNIAN people). Go there and see some real gypsy.

    Genetically a real gypsy is a person who is not white and he kinda looks like a punjabi, syrian, arab, egyptean… Middle East type.
    A real gypsy doesn't look 100% european, a real gypsy have their music, traditions, culture…
    Gypsys people are nice and some don't. End of story.
    Gypsys originating from the northern regions of the Indian subcontinent, apparently from the region that is currently occupied by the Indian states of Rajasthan, Haryana, and Punjab.
    That's why a true blood real gypsy is not white, blonde, blue eyes…

    A lot of people make this confusion on travelers, some thinks if you travel you are a gypsy. Or if you say you are a traveler then you are a gypsy. I think those ideas are from the past when the gypsys people migrated to Europe.
    When you travel you are a traveler that's it, it doesnt matter from where you are.
    When you are a gypsy you are a gypsy and you don't need to travel to be a gypsy.

    And those white skinned and even blonde blue eyes people who say they are gypsy they lie. Even if some of them have some real gypsies blood they are mixed. I know a lot of gypsies who married to white, blonde womens and they make white, blue eyes kids but they are no more 100% real gypsies they are mixed…. some of them are so european looking because they have more whites genes that they can not longer say they are gypsies but they are stupid and they keep saying they are gypsies because they have grow up with gypsies people, traditions, music…

    If you are white/ blonde and you live with gypsys you will live a gypsy life but genetically you are not a real gypsy.

    If those european, white skinned gypsies says they are gypsies is like Vin Diesel says his a real african because he looks like Mike Tyson. I hope you know the point. I like Tyson and Diesel very much.

    If a punjabi makes a kid with a blonde white women then of course that there is a chance for a white kid but this doesn't means that the punjabi people are blonde with blue eyes… are you insane? Even in Africa are blonde, blue eyes people but they have vitiligo and albino dissease.

  27. You should run your results through GedMatch! I swear we have almost the same exact percentages. We thought my white side was Irish, it came back as Great Britain but Gedmatch specifies more. All of the British is actually German. The Middle eastern is Pakistani. And for some reason the South Asia is another Pakistani native.

  28. I am sure your third cousins or whoever would love to help you find out about shared links

  29. you look like an east indian from jamaica, guyana or trinidad

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