AncestryDNA Results are in/ Is my life a lie ? Pacific Islander ?

AncestryDNA Results are in/ Is my life a lie ? Pacific Islander ?

Mi Amors !

This has to be my favorite video I have done so far hands down ! If you follow me on social media ( which you should; ) you know this has been such an exciting journey for me. If you ever wanted to know my ethnicity, stick around because here’s your chance. This video is not sponsored my AncestryDNA, although I do recommend them ! Just go to and get started on your journey. I had got my kit while on sale for $80

FashionNova from top to bottom btw;



  1. 19:30 You are not finish, its finnish! ?? greetings from finland

  2. That was so cute at the beginning. Made me laugh. Northwestern Europe – me too!

  3. My mom is African-American (Philly) and my father is Puerto Rican (Bronx raised but born in Puerto Rico). My results came back 59% African, 35% European and 6% Native American.

  4. all my people (native American)went to south America and central America in the early 1800's you might be more part of our people,from the southern united states.

  5. You cannot be full Puerto Rican its not a race its an admixture, there are black Puerto Ricans. Why dont people educate themselves.

  6. I really enjoy your video. I am puertorrican too. I’m waiting for my dna results ?. So excited!! This is very important to me.

  7. You're not living a lie,. The
    D NA test is,. Ur very truthful. Stay true to yourself

  8. Everyone that has had their DNA done on need to go back on there and see if you results have changed! There was an article online stating that they have redone a lot of people's DNA test because they had acquired a lot more samples so that peoples DNA may be a lot more accurate now. My friend had 28% Scandinavian and wondered how could she be that high of a level of Scandinavian ,her mother was British. Her test results showed she was only 5% British .She went and looked at her results and she is now she is 62% British ,and she no longer has Scandinavian ancestry. Her African American ancestry changed as well. She was 19% Ghanian, but now her higher African ancestry is Benin Togo at 14%. Just a reminder when you do take the test it does tell you that overtime your results may change. People have gotten upset because their results have changed, they obviously didn't read all the information before or after they took the test!

  9. You are so dope! Very beautiful and a bomb personality. My mom's ethnic background is a lot like yours . Her father was PR from Humacao. Her mom is bi-racial from the south in the US. Great video!

  10. Alot of AA i seen got melanesia or polynesia very interesting

  11. Whatever you are, I know one thing. You finer than a baby girls eye lashes. LOL

  12. Ireland is made up of DNA from Scandinavian Iberian Greek French English African and Irish. Through the last thousand years plus.

  13. Your DNA makeup has made you a very lovely young woman. Celebrate each gene cuz it is distinctly YOU, girl.

  14. so the word black must be a culture thing for african american because the dark melanin is also share by none african people with different DNA.the only thing african american can claim is the hair texture.

  15. Slant eyes are also found in West Africa. African Americans need to do research

  16. I was the way with my results. That 7.3% Iberian still have me telling people I’m the original Spaniard lol. But I was so hyped to know that I was 49.1% Nigerian ??

  17. You're a Beautiful Woman Maleesa , Porto Rican women are so gorgeous .

  18. So you kinda hit 53% on the nose for Africa if you add it up. That crazzzzy. Can you read my future? Lml

  19. Damm your restaurant full of different foods lol cool video doe New subscriber

  20. Yeah see if you can talk your other family members into doing it. maybe be long and hard battle but you never know you might win. heck get dna kits when they be on sale and keep em handy just incase eh?? lol

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