AncestryDNA | Our Next-Generation Ethnicity Estimate | Ancestry

AncestryDNA | Our Next-Generation Ethnicity Estimate | Ancestry

Get a quick look at the exciting scientific evolution of AncestryDNA ethnicity estimates. Barry Starr from the Ancestry science team shows you how these new results are more precise, with more regions and detail than ever before. It’s the most powerful way yet to better understand who and where you come from.

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AncestryDNA | Our Next-Generation Ethnicity Estimate | Ancestry



  1. Ancestry’s DNA new estimates are now completely off for me and my mother and the results confirm what genetic genealogists have argued: ALL ancestry dna companies’ results are UNRELIABLE. The only two reliable methods of confirming ancestry are 1. Relatively close genetic cousin matches to learn about their ancestors which in turn you’ll learn about your ancestors and 2. Chromosome painting to “see” the ancestral makeup across all 22 autosomal chromosomes. I’m of mixed West African and European descent and my Portuguese, Spanish and Italian ancestry are not accounted for by the new “estimates” even though I have countless of cousin matches who are Portuguese, Spanish, and Sicilian. I even have cousin matches who are living in Spain. Also another genetic genealogist has argued that these results are “for entertainment purposes only.”

  2. Individuals in the African Diaspora who are taking ancestry or any other DNA test, please understand some of our African ancestors were highly migratory people, and/or the current colonial-imposed borders do not fully capture how the indigenous populations always self-identified. Some ethnic groups crosscut many of these borders (such as the Fula/Fulani). Some of these borders have even been reimagined in recent decades (the Eastern Nigerian-Western Cameroon border is an example). Tests like Ancestry may not fully reflect this.

    Furthermore, I’d encourage Ancestry to incorporate into future customer surveys if “cousin” is the most historically-appropriate verbiage to show ancestral connections between Diaspora African people and non-Africans, particularly of European heritage—considering the manner in which many diaspora African people inherited that ancestry.

    Just some food for thought.

  3. My results make no sense now. I my results are literally impossible as I can't be 62% Germanic as I am not German or Dutch (my dad's side is of Mexican descent with Spanish and Native American). I been trying to contact Ancestry and they won't listen to me or check my results. The old results were closer to my records, though still not quite perfect. Now they are way off.

  4. The range is non-existent for two groups. Does that mean I'm exactly 28% or 24%. The African DNA shift was dramatic. As I read the comments, it looks like Cameroon/Congo/Southern Bantu is the most confusing. It seems, to me, to be more vague and I wonder about the accuracy for the African estimates overall. I wish there was an explanation for the regrouping. As for the European estimates, the England, Wales & Northwestern Europe, it is just another merge of two regions regions of and makes my British skyrocket. I can make some sense of it, but that's me guessing why my estimates changed so much.

  5. Looks like Ancestry has lost its truthfulness. Guess Im suppose to divide 35% between Cameroon, Congo, and Southern Bantu. Very disappointed Ancestry.

  6. This update improved all four of our AncestryDNA accounts, getting rid of head-scratching trace results not found in our documented ancestry. One kit is now 68% Ireland&Scotland and 32% England, Wales&NW Europe. Another is 58% Ireland&Scotland and 42% England, Wales&NW Europe. Interesting that our substantial Wales ancestry (40% in the first account and 20% in the second) actually falls into Ireland&Scotland! (Wales falls into England, Wales&NW Europe as expected in the other two accounts.) The third account is 80% England, Wales&NW Europe and 20% Ireland&Scotland but compared to paper trail should be more like 70%-30%. The fourth kit looks good at 44% England, Wales&NW Europe, 25% Ireland&Scotland, 28% European Jewish, 2% Germanic Europe and 1% Norway. I know there are problems in Southern Europe/Iberia/Italy but this update works fine for our almost exclusive NW European ancestry. Great work, AncestryDNA but give Iberia another tweak soon!

  7. My update sounds more closer to what my family's been saying all my life, but still I'm a little disappointed that I have no Nigerian or Senegalese on my results anymore. However, my distant relatives still have a trace of it, so who knows?

  8. Hmmmm. I have an 100% Irish great grandfather, and Irish 4th cousins but no Irish DNA in the new update!? It claims all my 3% Scots/Irish is from Scotland, I do have a Scots 3xgrt grandparents though….also I have West of England ancestors going way back 1600s, 1500s on many lines and this is also not reflected in the new results…go figure!

  9. My new results are somewhat accurate from what I know about my background, but they vary a lot from my mom's results. For instance, my mom went from 33% Iberian Peninsula to 29% Portugal and 26% Spain. Meanwhile, I went from 19% Iberian Peninsula to 14% Portugal and 2% Spain. My Europe East also doubled from 15% to 31% making it my largest region, overtaking my 30% Europe South which is now 28% Italy. Again, pretty accurate in terms of my background, but the percentages (primarily Iberian Peninsula) seem a bit off.

  10. People need to understand that all genetics companies are offering you an ESTIMATE of your ancestry composition that is more accurate when broadly stated and more speculative when specifically stated. Thus, continental percentage estimates like African, European, Asian etc. will be more accurate and country specific estimates like Spain, England, etc. will be more speculative and have a lower level of confidence.

  11. The new update? OOoh no. Totally off and does not match my mtDNA and other DNA test results. Dramatic decreases or eliminations all together. You lumped the Congo, Cameroon and Bantu regions-areas altogether–WHY? I have my tests and my Uncles. My mother took another one. Now–nothing makes sense. Why did my Nigerian disappear–went from 38 percent to 1? None of the family results had Benin Togo. Now that's the top one. When I noticed in the last years my former "matches" disappeared, but could find them on GEDMatch, I had serious doubts. Now I don't trust the science even though your pool sample increased.

  12. Love the changes. Breaking down Europe into French, German, Italian and Spanish DNA is a great idea. My father's ancestors are from Northern Italy (right where several DNA zones converge) so it is interesting to see the breakdown as applied to my father's DNA.

  13. It has no sense that you differentiate between "Spain" and "Basque", the Basque Country is in Spain. If you want to be more precise and differentiate between Basques and not Basques Spaniards, that is great, but you can't tag them like different countries because you are lying.

  14. I'm even more confused now. "Cameroon, Congo, and Southern Bantu Peoples" at 36% is too broad of a result; it got less specific. Not to mention that my Nigeria 18% is now non-existent but 23andme says I'm 32% Nigerian. I don't know what to believe currently. The only good thing is see is that me and my grandmothers results are much more similar then before.

  15. My entire family’s ethnicity changed. I feel like our previous results made more sense giving everything I knew about my family. The only thing that didn’t change was the Native American part of me which increases from 38% to 41%. (Which is the only part that makes sense to me.) I was 1/4th from Southern Europe which is now at 0%? Spain increased by more than half. And all other ethnicities that were once there are completely gone. I. Am. Confused.

  16. AncestryDNA is overestimating my "Norway DNA" at 27% and underestimating my "Swedish DNA" at 57%. I have no Norwegians in my family tree (at least after 1700). Most of the Norway DNA should be in the Swedish DNA category.

  17. Before I was 7% Scandinavian and 7% Great Britain now all you did was take away the Scandinavian and put the other 7% European in wat u call now England,Wales and Northern Europe I feel like u guys r just throwing random things around.Also you took about My Asian heritage which is wrong cuz most of my moms side looks Asian also I have a great grandma who was half Scottish and I didn’t get Scotland as a result either time

  18. It seems estimates have skewed heavily British to correct false Iberian or Southern European positives without considering maybe some have legitimate Spanish or Italian/Greek positives. It seems especially apparent in mixed race backgrounds. I’ve talked to a bunch of people on Reddit today who’ve felt it didn’t add up. Maybe next time it will refine and scale it back

  19. I'm upset now. My results before the update were: 98% Eastern Europe, <1% Ireland/Scotland/Wales and <1% Africa North. I'm Polish so I was confused why Ireland and North Africa. But now I have 27% Baltic State (I had family in Lithuania before WWII but in that time this part of Lithuania was Poland and my family was Polish family) 71% East Europe and Russia (the same situation as with my family in LT was with my family in Ukraine – before WWII it was Poland) but Poland is located in Central Europe, not East. Also Hungarians, Romanians (they aren't even Slavs) Western Slavs (Poles, Czechs and Slovakians) and Eastern Slavs (Russians, Ukrainians, Belarusians) are different (appearance, language, culture, DNA ect.). Now I have also European Jewish 1% and Turkey and the Caucasus 1% but don't have any North African or Irish in my DNA. My questions are: 1) when do you divided Eastern Europe into smaller and more accurate parts? 2) how can I belive you and your science when at the beginning you told me that I had ancestors from Ireland and North Africa but now you tell my that I didn't have? 3) And show me that I had ancestors in Caucas region and Israel/European Jewish? 4) Which results is true? 5) How can you make such a big mistake?

  20. Disappointed with my update. I was very excited to be a mishmosh of European and to be way more Irish than I thought. Even though my grandfather was half. I'm now 97% French and 3% Irish. Even though my results say I'm no longer a mutt, and the new results corresponds to my family history more, being purebred French feels very bland.

  21. The update is terrible. The old results more accurately represented my family history documented for 10 generations. For example, my great grandmother is French Canadian. The old results had Western European and Iberian peninsula. Yes I do have some German ancestry too. So 27% makes sense. Now it says 3% french and 3% German. And British is dramatically increased. No way the new estimate is accurate. Also I have a great grandparent from Serbia area (was Hungary). So the old estimate showed eastern and Southern European totaling about 11% which makes since. That just about disappeared too. Then I had 2% Asian. This also showed up in FTDNA, myheritage and GEDmatch and all at 2%. This has also completely disappeared. So no, the “update” is terrible. There is no way I’m that much British and all the other ethnicities severely diminished or disappeared. It makes me wonder if the new “british” pool/database didn’t have vetted ancestry before being assigned to the database.

  22. I just checked my new DNA ethnicity update, and my husband's test, and my mother's test. Ancestry nailed it. It's very accurate now and is in sync with our family's history and the research I've done for over 30 years. Absolutely pinpointed where my mother is from in Italy now, and the percentage was right on the money… "100% Southern Italian, Umbria, Abruzzo & Lazio region of Italy". She and her family are from a tiny village in the Lazio region with deep roots there for many centuries in the same village. Before it was 57% Italian, which was baffling.

  23. The New Update is Amazing! To See Spain 29%, Portugal 23%, France 5%, Basque, Native American and More Awesome! Very Happy with the Refined Updated Ancestry! Thank you Ancestry! ?

  24. So my Nigerian dropped from 36 percent to 4 and was reallocated to Benin/Togo and Cameroon/Congo. My ivory coast and ghana dropped too. I gained two percent African overall and lost two percent European. Im actually pretty shocked because i was convinced I was pretty Nigerian because it was highest estimate now its my lowest. This update is extremely different im very confused lol. The only explanation i can think of is my ancestors lived along the border of cameroon and Nigeria as they are right next to eachother.

  25. Putting England, Wales and Europe into one group is totally unhelpful. I'm getting more disillusioned with Ancestry the longer I pay out to them.

  26. In the earlier version, I had no German DNA. But my father and hu=is side was traced back to the Rhineland of Germany when they immigrated in the 1850's. My father was one of three brothers. He was the oldest. The other two never had any children. I was starting to think that my grandfather was not my father's father. Maybe that will now change because the new upgrade shows German Ancestry. And I have n idea where the Scandinavian ancestry comes from. Unless they are going back when the Vikings were in Scotland.

  27. Hmm im 39 percent Cameroon/Congo but my Nigerian disappears? Even though my mother and brother have a significant amount…my Melanesian and Polynesian, that disappeared not surprised, I'm only 16 percent white now and now Asian is showing up, don't know what to believe because Family tree DNA is different it says I'm 77 percent African and Ancestry says 89 percent and Family tree DNA includes native American, and Southeastern Asian, and Chinese, these estimates are crazy never makes sense

  28. Sounds like a good update but in my case the results became less specific.

  29. I was disappointed because originally I was part British and TOLD everyone. Then it switched to Spanish which I'm not going to claim.

  30. Everyone below keeps saying the new results are more accurate. That is incorrect – they are more selective, meaning they pinpoint smaller areas than before. The accuracy (meaning how correct the selections are) probably has decreased somewhat, but hopefully not as much as the selectivity increased on the average.

  31. I don’t understand what update? Where do I find that information?

  32. Very confused with the new update…

  33. One issue I see with the new update is that it dramatically underestimates ancestry from the Iberian Peninsula. My 20% Iberian Peninsula went down to 3% Spain, with the rest getting absorbed into England, Wales, and Northwest Europe. The same thing happened to my dad's results, his 25% Iberian Peninsula went down to 9% Spain and 1% Basque. His mother, my grandmother, was from Honduras and was mostly of Amerindian and Spanish descent.

    At the same time, the new update much better represents his French ancestry, increasing his percentage dramatically. His father's side was mostly Acadian/Cajun and Canadian French, with some Scottish, Irish, German, and Louisiana French mixed in. His new estimate was 44%French and that matches my research perfectly.

    But it looks like all of my French ancestry got lumped into England, Wales, and Northwest Europe, with my estimate being put at just 4% French. Even if I inherited all of both of my parent's English, Welsh, and Northwest European DNA I could not even hit half of the what was estimated, so I guess the new system drastically overestimates English, Welsh, and Northwest European ancestry as well.

  34. I do not like the new Ancestry DNA ethnicity update 12 Sep 2018 which DNA result are true now? I will never buy any more DNA kits what a waste of money after today

  35. You should also include our parent's genetic communities in our results if they've taken the test.

  36. I was surprised that my early Pennsylvania Ancestors are still not showing up under my migrations. I have just as many of those as I do early New England and early New York ancestors. Really a shame.

  37. Thanks Ancestry, every update gets us closer to an accurate world tree! identifying everyone and there will be no escaping the long arm of the law or having privacy. Good or bad thing I believe somewhat of a grey area

  38. Okay, so I know I have German ancestors, as I did the family tree, but with the new update, it doesn’t show up at all. It’s now showing “England, Wales, and Northern Europe”. Please help!

  39. I got 76% italian but neither my father or mother comes from there on almost 5 generations (approved from my family tree).
    I'm pretty sure they are my parents as I look like my father and my mother is, well…my mother.
    I think, as I am French, that you need more people tested from there (my origins are south of France near Toulouse) to improve this origins results…

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