1. very interesting indeed do you know any of your or your families haplogroups? ☺

  2. You had a full African ancestor 5 generation back, 3%, 6%,12%,25,50,100…. YOU HAVE EVERY RIGHT TO CLAIM YOUR AFRICAN ANCESTRY PROUDLY, Let the haters be haters, DNA test should be applied the way you do it, to verify records, they cannot tell you – you are this percent and that percent of anything, within what context as their test decrease DNA by half after each generation, after 8 generation according to this test if you did not have kids in the race group of a particular ancestor the test wont even show it, they give merely but a snipet of your genetics, we have so much in our gene pool then ethnicity that is based over 8 generation – and you dont need to explain yourself to selfish people, as a South African of color I am proud of you, and i see many more people following in your footsteps bloody well done, FROM A CAPE COLORED, Having one Ancestor means a whole bunch of African 4th to 5th cousins that are alive and related to you, what idiots would even argue with you,,,,,,,, your mom sister being 7 percent means your probably have 4th cousins running around here that are non white…. let them go fly a kite and keep on doing what your heart tells you to,,,,, No one can deny who they are, and no one choose who they are, let every person enjoy their themselves for who
    they are….. thats it

  3. I'm American black and I didn't take offense to the word coloured but I already knew that some countries use that word in a non- offensive way.

  4. Amazing investigative work! Great research.. question I have for you, how does your family feel about your journey into ur past?

  5. wow, so well documented. I'm jealous of people from countries that had documentation like that.

  6. I don't see anything wrong with the word colored. Aren't most of us a string of colors? People get over it.

    And as far as I can see sir, you have real African roots and you lived in South Africa. Literally, you are African. Amazing??. Great vid.

  7. That's awesome that you can trace back so far! Very interesting video!

  8. Very interesting! I just posted my results on my channel. I'm 70% Europe West & 11% Irish! Twins!

  9. wow you are also black and I'm happy you embrace it . nobody can take that away from you. any percent proves that at one point you had a full blood African ancestor.

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