AncestryDNA | How to Activate your AncestryDNA Test | Ancestry

AncestryDNA | How to Activate your AncestryDNA Test | Ancestry

Follow the instructions contained in the video to learn how to activate your AncestryDNA test.

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AncestryDNA | How to Activate your AncestryDNA Test | Ancestry



  1. Yeah I got the kit fast . I got it in just under a week …although when I sent it in to them then they said they “tried multiple times “ ..but couldn’t test my dna or something …so now I am waiting for another kit to come in the mail

  2. I thought Ancestry was so nice but with the new update it’s a piece of crap. I went from 43% Nigerian to 0% and 5% Cameroon Congo to 41%. I had the highest % of Nigerian of my family to zero. Not only that, there were some areas that were tossed. Ancestry wasn’t able to pick up my Asian Ancestry. On 23andMe Nigerian is my major ethnicity. Smdh. To be honest, looking at Ancestry results now they look like a different person. I called Ancestry and the best they can do is allow you to toggle back and forth. The problem is when you have DNA matches they will view the dna summary of the update which is wrong. Nice going Ancestry. snark

  3. Interesting I was expecting 4-6 weeks but got my results in 3 weeks??.

  4. Have an account. How do I activate it the number.? It doesn't give me an opportunity. Where do I enter the number? Waiting on customer service response.

  5. I had a heck of a time getting the cap screwed on. It just would not catch on the threads no matter how straight I kept it. However, I finally got it on & not all of the blue liquid dropped down into the tube. Max Teky's comment about loosening the cap just a bit & screwing back on was very helpful & worked. But when I then shook the tube, some of the fluid, now mixed w saliva, went back up into the top of the tube. I again untwisted a bit & screwed back on & all the fluid dropped back down. My concern is that the box is going to get all jostled during mailing & the fluid goes back up into the top again.
    Will this affect test results since all the fluid may not be mixed together for the whole time? If there is fluid in top of the cap when they do the analyzation, will they first release all the fluid back into the tube & let it sit for long enough to get accurate results? I hope the testers are cognizant about this. I hope the test results are better quality than these cheap plastic tubes & tops that feel like they'll crack if you breathe on them too hard. The rest of the packaging was great quality, why skimp on the tubes? I really hope Ancestry answers each of my questions. Thank you

  6. I finally convinced my husband to get a DNA test. I purchased it in my name and thru my Ancestry account (He doesn't do Ancestry.) How do I get it put into his name?

  7. I got my kit today and just registered it online, now I have to do my sample and send it of in the morning, cant wait for the results, should be interesting! 🙂

  8. I purchased the DNA kit for my sister who doesn't have an email address. Do I use my email address to activate her DNA?

  9. I ordered on April 20 said it was delivered by USPS, never got it. Filed and requested that it be resent, still don't have it, they can't tell me how it was sent. Very frustrated

  10. I bought my father and I dna kits. Can I activate my dads kit with my same account or does he have to make one for himself?

  11. Well here goes nothing I am born Costa Rica but I hear we are Chinese Italian now for sure I will find out! Lol can’t wait to do my kids. Father side is Spain, Cuba, Puerto Rico and born America. Lol

  12. Can I do these to my 1 year old I saw I have to fill a whole tube of spit how do I do that

  13. Just ordered several kits for my family and so excited to get them and find out our results!

  14. I purchased a DNA test for my husband, but he had trouble setting up an email account, and we are worried that he will not receive the results from his test. Also, he used his legal name on the DNA test, and when he set up his ancestry account, he used his nickname…. help!

  15. how do you prevent bubbles when doing your test. I always have bubbles in my saliva.

  16. they had to send me another kit since they lost the one I mailed to them.

  17. I would like to activate my Ancestry DNA kit online.  I  would also add my brothers DNA results to my family tree.HELP .

  18. I want to clarify … I have a kit for my mother, but she doesn't have an email account.
    Are you saying I need to create an email account for her or she needs her own user name and can still use my email?

    Thank you

  19. I've activated my test, and sent off the sample, but I'm paranoid I've got the code wrong and would like to be able to double check what code I have activated. Is there any way of doing this on my ancestry account? Or, if not, are the activation codes created in such a way that it would be unlikely that a mistyped code would happen to match a different test kit's code?

  20. I ordered yesterday can’t wait to get my test kit. I hope I don’t mess up.

  21. I cannot Activate my Test, It is for a Friend. He is John william Thomas and is listed on my Page under his Name Help

  22. My son is 42 and uses my E-mail address and… Ancestry won't let me activate kit I bought for him, HELP!!

  23. I can't enter my activation code. I continue getting "Not Secure" for your cite.

  24. Your instructions are unclear: I do not receive text messages nor do I understand any of your instructions.

  25. I submitted my kit but have not received the results. Frank Leydens

  26. If you are having trouble with the activation code, remember you have to be 18 years old for it to work, try selecting the "My Child" option if you are younger.

  27. The fluid at the tip of the tube will not go into the saliva tube when it is screwed tightly. What can I do to make this happen?

  28. I can't get the results of my DNA.  I click "Results" and get an advertisement.  I have spent money to learn about my ancestry and so far NO help.  Please advise.
    Thank you,
    Rita Baum

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