AncestryDNA | DNA Dining – Discover Your Past Through Food | Ancestry

AncestryDNA | DNA Dining – Discover Your Past Through Food | Ancestry

What could be more personal than food inspired by your DNA? See what happened when we gave 8 strangers AncestryDNA tests, then served them a meal based on the places in their past. #DNAdining

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AncestryDNA | DNA Dining – Discover Your Past Through Food | Ancestry



  1. Her ancestor was not likely Finnish/Russian. It's Finno-Ugric DNA (Y-DNA likely N1c?) of people who have most likely lived in Finland, Finnish Karelia (which belong now to Russia), another mostly ethnically Finnish area surrounding city of Sankt Petersburg (former Leningrad) called Ingria. Mainstream Russians, Slavs are on other category grouped as "East Europe".

  2. I like how you guys knowingly undermine the millions of family trees created on your own site by promoting the garbage noise results of your piss-poor DNA tests. Just be honest and tell people your tests are only accurate for continental-level ancestry, and are noisy pieces if crap for within-continent ancestry. Jesus Christ.

  3. This is rather misleading in my opinion…the last guy gets 1% Italian as a Brit and yet in an article in The Telegraph regarding average Ancestry scores for Brits, the Italy and Greece average is 1.98% so this guy is thinking he has Italian (and maybe he does) but actually it could just be noise.

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