AncestryDNA | CNN’s: Finding Kamau Bell Episode 1 | Ancestry

AncestryDNA | CNN’s: Finding Kamau Bell Episode 1 | Ancestry

CNN’s Kamau Bell is on a mission to better understand himself. He asks, “Hey myself, where are you from?”

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AncestryDNA | CNN’s: Finding Kamau Bell Episode 1 | Ancestry



  1. My Mom thought she was part Native American because of how she looks, lighter skinned African American, more wavy hair etc but she came back 96% African and 4% European. That’s more African than some Africans! It’s already lighter Native Africans with wavy hair, people just assume all Africans are one type.

  2. Off topic, but the ancestry lady resembles Melissa McCarthy ☺️. O, and I love this segment also ?.

  3. You are darker then your parents !

  4. Kamau that is a Kenyan name.. to be precise among the biggest tribes here called Kikuyu. They (we) are generally found in the Kenyan Highlands I hope you discovered more about us in the recent episodes.

  5. We are people. United, and our genetics will cross one way or another.

  6. His parents look like that cute couple that grew old together. Sad to know they never even got married!

  7. Kamau, your hands sound like sandpaper.

  8. Hahaha the name sounds Kenyan. There was a cardiologist I met yrs back from USA. By that name he was kamaou

  9. kamau- is a kenyan name.. very common in kikuyu tribe

  10. Am kenyan and i would think your parents got the name kamau from johnstone kamau (Jomo kenyatta) , kenya’s first president, some of african american parents named their kids from african freedom fighters who fought the british rule in the 40’s , 50’s , 60’s , anyway good to know your DNA is part kenyan, btw the name kamau is one of the most common name in kenya, any kenyan on this planet knows somebody called kamau

  11. hé Has kenya nàme.cómé bck dude i will help u Find ur roots

  12. Lol, I'm white, super white but my grandpa was almost full blown Cherokee ?

  13. Lady, your children are not "mixed race." Both you and their father are from the human race.

  14. I have dun my dna test and it change me. Now i am a new person.yes i now how i am. Yes

  15. I have just done my test, waiting on my results. Sooo excited. I definitely know that I am Tanzanian but I also know my paternal side migrated from somewhere. It will be fun to find out more.

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