AncestryDNA | Binky and Proudlock Discover Their AncestryDNA Results | Ancestry

AncestryDNA | Binky and Proudlock Discover Their AncestryDNA Results | Ancestry

Reality TV stars Binky Felstead and Oliver Proudlock are London locals through and through, but do they really know where in the world they’re from? We challenged them to take an AncestryDNA test to find out if they know themselves as well as they think they do.

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AncestryDNA | Binky and Proudlock Discover Their AncestryDNA Results | Ancestry



  1. I like that you have included Gibraltar in the Iberian Peninsula and not England hahah

  2. that nose on the guy tho… and no jewish??

  3. My family has been in North America for over 300 years and I'm 83% Great Britain (and 10% Europe West) on Ancestry DNA. Seems strange I'm so much more genetically British than many/most British people.

  4. 19% Sweden + 6% Finland = 25% so it's 25% !

  5. I'm American AND I know where MY FAMILY COMES FROM, why don't these Brits know about where they're from.
    Just SAYING.

  6. For goodness sake, the Vikings invaded a large part of Northern England and Ireland. At one point the north of England was called "Danelaw" because the Vikings held that land. The south had Wessex and King Alfred of the Anglo-Saxons.

  7. Different sets of Vikings. Some pillaged and left, some invaded and remained. I believe the pillagers came second and the invaders first. We are talking like 700 years.

  8. No one is a Viking. You MIGHT be related to one Scandinavian which was a Viking back in that era, but you're not a Viking since you don't go raiding. Viking is a rank, and not an ethnicity.

  9. Dayum. I am more British and Viking than he is and I am an a "Murikan! :-O

  10. It is just ridiculous how they are saying "I am a Viking". Viking is not an ethnicity. The word Viking comes from the old norse word víkingr wich translates as seawarrior. Vikings were members of northern germanic tribes. Saying that you are Viking because you have some Scandinavian in you is as dumb as saying that you are a pirate because you got some British in you.

    Greetings from a northern German with Scandinavian ancestry

  11. The Vikings pillaged Ireland/Scotland, bonked lassies over the head and brought them back to Viking-land to reproduce. I bet there is a lot of Celtic in Scandinavia for just that reason. When the conquered ultimately win the genetic war, then who conquered whom?

  12. Such an ignorant person! She lives in Europe and doesn't know what the Iberian peninsula is!!!! Damn ignorant millenials!

  13. So sad that you can't go into the comment section of a video related to ethnicity and not see people complain over the simplest of things.

  14. So, they're mostly Irish! – they're good looking, the Irish are good looking….. Ipso facto….

  15. I did mine from a local company, but it didn't work out so well. Turns out: 34% from a lost tribe of Gypsies noted for stealing wagon wheels; 29% Albanian sewer workers, and 42% Washington D.C. politicians. It's that last part that really bothers me..

  16. So cringey when people overreact to having a tiny bit of Scandinanvia.. especially when they shout "OHH IM VIKING".. sure you are love hahah

  17. She’s European and she doesn’t’ know what Iberian Peninsula is? Seriously? And They talk about Americans being ignorant.

  18. Ignorance is bliss. I guess money can't buy intelligence.

  19. Most intelligent people can just look at a person to see whether they have desirable DNA.

  20. And now the latest DNA results are suggesting that Vikings were not really Scandinavians, but their origin was two groups: one from Central Europe and the other Finland/Northwest Russia. So there were go.

  21. WTF, I''m 20% Scandinavian, from being Scottish… He's actually half Swedish and is less Scandinavian than me…

  22. You are not a "Viking".
    That's a job description, like "pirate" or "janitor."
    It can also be a verb, as in "We Norsemen are going a Viking to club some sedentary English blokes senseless and take their bloody stupid BOGS !!!"

    "Vikings" are Norsemen, but Norsemen aren't necessarily vikings!

  23. 1:38 "Wot's Iberian penninsula?!" And Brits always like to claim Americans are ignorant.

  24. They have some Scandinavian DNA but are more Celtic than anything. They certainly cannot be considered Viking and certainly not Germanic. Celts with higher than usual Scando and traces of Germanic from the Anglo Saxons. Thats it.

  25. Just because your Scandinavian doesn't mean your a viking:(

  26. Please stop telling uneducated people that your noisy as hell results are ancestral facts.

  27. this is cool to see..what would be even more cooler if the rest of the cast members did so too..i'd love to know jamie's…binky you are so fit…continue looking beautiful naturally..pleeeease..don't fall into the the cosmetic surgery trap….

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