AncestryDNA and An Apology (African & European)

AncestryDNA and An Apology (African & European)

My results begin at 7:47
I’m sorry I look like a hot mess in this video, I was busy with my children but this video has needed to be made for a year now. Please let me know what your ethnicity is below! Subscribe for videos every Monday and Thursday!

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  1. UPDATE: My husband talked me into making the previous video public again, so if you want to know what I am talking about in this video, you are welcome to go back and see the old one!

  2. Sad you have to apologize but I do understand. To admit your family is racist is funny and really honest. We need more people like you. To have African DNA and have your kind of family must be hilarious for you at thanksgiving. That racist 1% drop rule has come back to bite racist whites in their ass. Lmao Thanks for your honesty❤️

  3. I'm north African from Tunisia and my DNA results are :

    35% Middle East
    25% Africa North
    17% Iberian Peninsula
    7% European Jewish (I never knew this I WAS SHOCKED!)
    5% Nigerian
    5% South Europe
    3% Senegal
    1% Ivory Coast/ Ghana
    1% Africa South-Eastern Bantu
    Less that 1% Mali

    These results were kind of shocking!

  4. My dad is Puerto Rican. Mixed with everything under the sun. And he is a bigot. He is around a 30% Sub Saharan African 55% European, 10% Native American and around a few percentage points Middle Eastern.

  5. You don’t have to apologize to anyone. Internets full of snowflakes. Dont feel bad or have guilt for being white lol or mostly white

  6. You still av black in you black mix and africans quiet mixed too and all over the world no is a poor breed.

  7. Thank you for making this video. You're very genuine and sincere and the world needs a lot more of these two qualities.

  8. There is no such thing as mixed!
    You are what your father is,the sperm comes from the father.

    Numbers 1:18


    “And they assembled all the congregation together on the first dayof the second month, and they declared their pedigrees after their families, by the house of their fathers, according to the number of the names, from twenty years old and upward, by their polls.” 
    King James Version (KJV)

  9. ill be doing a video soon i just got my results ,i wanted to let you know great video and also we share drum roll please .. Netherlands,Switzerland ,France,Germany,Belgium, Denmark xoxo

  10. Girl, it's 5%… I thought it was gonna be like 30% or sumthin. ?

  11. North "Africans" are not Black People. They are smething called Berbers who are descended from arabs and white people from the iberian peninsula

  12. You're a Mulatto or what's referred to as an Octoroon. Also called "High Yellow" in the negro community.

  13. Tbh I have North African in my Dna too but was surprised I don’t have no Spaniard in me xD

  14. What hurts you so much is the old saying Whites said, "If you have one drop of Black Blood in you, you are Black and not White". If you have African DNA shakes so many Whites up. Moors were Black and from Africa. Some were light and others were dark. The Sahara is burning hot because it is the desert so the people there are dark complexion. The Moors once controlled parts of Europe and Sicily was conquered by Africans. People migrated from Africa to other places.

  15. the African in you is Hebrew, remember we were taken into slavery your story is in the Bible welcome to the Family.
    If you don't believe me read the Bible, be proud of all that you are.

  16. What was so wrong about you having your DNA results showing you have a percentage of black blood in you? Thanks for sharing.

  17. Your comment, "my family is very racist… i was excited to find out that I was African". Beautiful! Love your transparency and honesty. A beautiful soul.

  18. Ancestry does 14 day free trials.
    I'm 98% European and 2% Sub Saharan African. My ancestors were Afro Portuguese.

  19. DNA tests in the United States,
    Are like buying snake oil, from
    A salesman in a covered wagon,
    In the old west, to cure ego issues.
    I took a DNA test in los angeles, CA. And found 3 per cent, african,
    Then I took two tests, in mexico,
    And found no african DNA. How
    Could that be!

  20. The North African region is not considered "black". They are rather olive to pale skin (white) of Berber or Amazigh ethnicity and also Arab. According to the US Census, North Africa and the Middle East are considered "White" because of their light skin color and some features that do not match that of Sub-Saharan or 'Black' African. If you visit those places, you'll see that the majority of them have light skin color because the desert gets very cold during the night, but hot and dry during the day.

  21. From what I can see you looks white to me so that's what you are, but then again in about 20% African, with 5% native American from Portugal and the rest European, my mother is mixed but I look southern European just a little lighter and have a brown/blondish beard, I don't care about being proud or not proud about being "mixed" or "diverse" but in an extreme realist i just tell the teuth i much rather live in europw far away from blacks and my mother's racist anti – white family that also hate me because I look white, they only don't hate me when it benefits them in terms of money and all that shit even my mother is the same.

  22. Should not be proud of African blood from Arab/north African Muslims with their black slaves trying to conquer Europe raping, killing and enslaving over 60 million European.

  23. You obviously havent seen the 1000 plus videos of blacks openly saying that they were disappointed when seeing results of white. No one says shit to them and they use slavery as an excuse to be bigots, so no need to apologize.

  24. No need to apologise. PS: North Africans are Arabs that came into the continent much later. They are no moors, google moors and see how they were portrayed.

  25. You have Black African blood in you. White Africans came later.

  26. I didn't see the other video, however, from what you described some chose to take the negative route. I wish you didn't take down the other video because it seems that you have a very good sense of self. It takes a big person to apologize, even if they are not wrong. This video compared to one I saw which had so much negativity in it, that that young woman still not understand where she was wrong. So great job on being a great human.

  27. It's good to apologize if you feel you inadvertently offended someone. That's integrity.

  28. You do look a little bit Jewish and Portuguese. North Africans are mixed but mainly indigenous Amazigh. Some Amazigh along with other Africans and Arabs were part of the Moorish conquest of Spain. You can upload your raw DNA to GEDmatch (they have several DNA calculators) get more specific. You can also look up family records using Family Search which are a Mormon based research site.

  29. When people passed they mixed with white after slavery now they white mostly

  30. North africans are technically White, so you are little to no african

  31. You don't have to apologise about anything, watched your previous video in question and I would've been shocked too if I were you. The internet is full of shit, you have to learn to ignore them. Some people just sit here and make people feel bad for no reason.

  32. This was from the heart and very moving. I do not know you personally, however from watching this video I can see that the negative comments came from people who clearly misconstrue your expressions. I think you are a great person and wish you all the best in your upcoming video releases.

  33. What proof do you have (solid) proof, that he is racist???. You, yourself have been accused of being a racist, and now your begging People for understanding, and saying your not racist, how can you prove that???? You are doing the same exact thing everyone has done to the President, you should really take a long look at his background, he has put more diverse people in position and jobs than any other business Man in America…..He no Saint, but no one is. Look I didn't vote for him, because I felt he would get chewed up by those career politicians, But I wonted someone like his strong business sense in the White House, you see America needs to be running like a business. It's my Opinion, when you go around pointing your finger and calling other racist, you are the same thing…. Hating someone for who they are. Can't you see that?…. He's the President elect. You should respect the process and the office. That's the American way. Shake hands and get off the field. Please do yourself a big favor, be more open minded and a little more excepting of others….

  34. Never apologize for who you are – I never saw your original video, but you seem to have a level head on your shoulders. One of my best friends of 30 years always insisted she was Native American and was FURIOUS when she found out that she wasn't, at all (like a lot of people) ??

  35. Just dont go around saying your 5% black because North Africa is basically caucasian lol

  36. I have to say that your apology to me seems very real and I appreciate it. Because I don't have to look at you as a racist. Just remember everybody on this planet has Black in them because Black people were the first people on the planet. Good video!!!

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