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AncestryDNA | AncestryDNA® Bring Neighbours Together | Ancestry



  1. That’s sweet but I like Irish and Scottish people I like a lot of people if there not ignorant

  2. This ad is very racist.

  3. That guy is such a prick to his neighbor ! Those are the kind of neighbours whose house is getting robbed and only then do you raise your coffee cup to the robbers when they clean out the house !

  4. The guy was a complete dick to the Irish dude until he found out 15 min later he was from Cork?! paid waaaay too much for the marketing team who designed this ad! The whole thing is bad

  5. So am I supposed to ignore my neighbours if they arent apart of my ethnicity? Or is it that if I show my Irish neighbour that I have a 15% Irish bloodline that they will instantly become friends with me?
    I have never seen anything more oblivious to the Canadian spirit of multiculturalism than this attempt at emotional pandering.

    Please do some research on the country you are trying to market to before releasing an ad.

  6. Lol this is a racist commercial, does matter if they're both Irish? What if his neighbour was German?

  7. These are the kind of people who will start acting like stereotypical gangster when they find out they’re 10% African

  8. I hate this commercial. It's the Irish guy who first tried to initiate a friendly conversation, and the Canadian guy basically ignored him. Then it makes the Canadian out to be the big hero by looking at a DNA test and finding a connection?

    Fuck that. The dude was already willing to be your friend, you gigantic asshole! You don't need common ancestry to be friends, you just need to respond to "It's our first Canadian winter" with literally anything other than the "Yeah, well, there you go"-shrug! Fuck you, random nameless Canadian who used Ancestry. On behalf of all other Canadians.

  9. Very poorly thought-out commercial. Looks like you're advertising to racists.

  10. So if he wasnt irish he wouldnt talk the irish guy fucking hate this ad

  11. What I'm getting from this is you don't think people should be nice to each other unless they're the same race…

  12. So the guy needed to make sure he had the same blood as his neighbour before he'd even talk to him?  That's the least Canadian thing I've ever seen!

  13. So these people are racist? Because they became friends when they figured out they r both Irish that makes no fekin sense

  14. That sweater the guy is wearing when he's at the computer is a 2006 GAP sweater. Guess they brought their own clothes to the shoot.

  15. … yes register your DNA with an unaccountable corporation or the government. And let them track your movements, aquaintances and very thoughts through an app. Put it all in a big database for when the machines take over.

  16. Race equity and GCSE scores (scientific fraud) are pushed like crazy by racists and advocates of European dispossession to try and gaslight you into thinking that the blacks and Pakistanis are a benefit to the UK. That European civilization doesn't need Europeans and that you can just bring any group of people in and they will do great. Don’t look at their criminality, don’t look at their welfare use, don’t look at their IQ scores or economic inactivity; no look at the GSCEs. Look at the data that they made in their own little fun house called the (((British public education system))) and oh look, in their little fun house they were able to make the race gaps go away, isn’t that cute? But the British people; the phrase ‘White British’ being redundant because that is the only British there are and the only British that will ever be; the British people were conned into accepting a bunch of Pakistanis’, Bangladeshis, Africans and Caribbeans being sold that these people will help the British economy. Of course the British never supported this, it was imposed, and the justification of this was that these people were going to be great for the economy and help with the looming budget issues. The complete falsity of that lie is manifest. These populations in the UK are fraudulent. They were brought in on fraudulent pretexts. Their citizenship is the result of a con job. How the hell does having more NEETs, welfare users and criminals help the British Economy? It doesn’t help. It was all a lie and now you have the British people being psy-oped into thinking that these non-British foreigners are better than them. That despite being a privileged class of foreigners in league with the ruling class against the British people, that they are “oh so put upon” and that if you oppose these foreign agents acting against the British people well then you’re just a racist because the Home office put a sticker on them and now they’re a ‘citizen’ and if you oppose it then off to the Gulag for you. ‘Look at me, I’m the Englishman now’; and that’s the biggest con of all.

    Niggas be runnin' from they family, what makes ya think realizing you are of the same tribe = y'all be gettin' along where ya wasn't before…yo?

  18. My mother was born in Ireland, I was born in Canada. If I tell someone from Ireland "I'm Irish" their response is "You're not feckin' Irish". Hate to see if I told them 15% Irish. Least realistic commercial ever haha.

  19. Good ad. I'd love to see more English-speaking people from Europe coming here to Canada. More likely to be Christian too, which makes integration into our Christian-based society easier. Why would we choose people from Africa or the middle east who are far less likely to know English or French, far less likely to be Christian, and more likely to be violent? No point in beating around the bush; the proof is in the pudding in the European nations who have welcomed FAR too many people from across the Mediterranean, meanwhile Poland welcomed none and have subsequently NOT suffered a spike in rape or terrorist attacks.

    There's a lot that can be learned simply by following truth, and I want truth to guide my life.

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