AncestryDNA | Activating and Managing AncestryDNA Kits | Ancestry

AncestryDNA | Activating and Managing AncestryDNA Kits | Ancestry

Join Crista Cowan for a quick look at how to activate your AncestryDNA kit. She’ll also explain the new roles of manager, collaborator, and viewer.

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AncestryDNA | Activating and Managing AncestryDNA Kits | Ancestry



  1. How would you go about finding out what kind of Indian and the percentage of each kind of Indian you have if any? Also if you need to know the percentage of if any of being or having German, Irish, Italian, and Mexican in you can anyone help me find out or tell me where I need to go or what I can or need to do to find out please and thank you so much for your cooperation and time. Kelly Moore Dixon

  2. I have been unsuccessfully trying multiple times over 2-3 weeks to create an account for my 83 year old mother so that I can activate the kit I got her for her Birthday. Very frustrated with the Ancestry website tried every witch way to create an account even tried like I was going to purchase a kit that even didn’t work. Is there a secret way to create an account?

  3. If I want my DNA in my dad's family tree do I have to get him to send a email to me?

  4. If you send an invitation to someone and they agree to make you the manager, do they still need to set up an Ancestry account or does the manager do the set up?

  5. A little help, my wife and I each took the test. Mine is on my paid account, hers went to a trial account. How can I pull her results into mine?

  6. My wife and I use the same email account and ancestry will not let me register her, gives block for child, but no spose…what's up…… do I get around this without setting up another account ??????? I've watched videos and tried contacting Ancestry,
    NO help………………………..

  7. I have just activated my DNA Kit on my free account. How to I now link this to the paid account? We have a paid account with 2 trees and I would like to have my results on the paid account. My husband has done his activation on the paid account. Or how do I unlink the DNA on the free account and have it activated on the paid account?

  8. Please tell me how I can get the screen to come up to  activate my kit.

  9. If I have the account and I have my DNA results linked to my family tree and my Husband decides to take a test can he link his results to his family tree on my account please?

  10. iam trying to register my kit number but am having difficulty finding were to go to do it

  11. Brushing my teeth after coffee, then waiting 30 minutes… will toothpaste foul the saliva sample?

  12. My husband has an Ancestry subscription and he has his family tree there. He recently did a DNA test (he has not gotten the results back yet). I use his Ancestry subscription to do searches etc. but I do not have my family in a tree. If I do a DNA test and make him the manager, how would I put my people into a tree to link to my DNA results? Can he have 2 different trees and get the 2 different DNA results linked to the correct tree? I'm confused as to how this would work.

  13. I'm the spitter. Settings option takes me to the page where I can assign collab rights to a paid account where a tree has already been created, but I didn't know there would be a "view another test" option for that account once those rights were accepted. Might be better to have a "manage results" or "view other DNA" option under the settings menu, or at least make it clear that managing looks a tad different from granting access.

  14. Hello! I have one problem, I ordered the test on an account I made, and I'm under 18. Will I have to put the [My child] option in or somehow move the kit to my mom's account?

  15. I got 25% Iberian peninsula my grandmother on my father's side is french Canadian and on my mother's side my grandfather is french Canadian I was wondering if the 25% is my french. My genetic community is french settlers along the st Lawrence.

  16. When is it best to do the saliva test? First thing in the morning?? After a meal??? When is it best to do?

  17. What do you click on to view accounts that you're managing? Am I only able to see the accounts I manage when they get their DNA results? Also, when the results come in is the manager going to get an email?

  18. Hi Crista. Do you have a copy of the email that the recipient receives stating that someone has asked to be the manager of their kit? I want to pre-warm my elderly relative what to expect.

  19. This requirement to have adult's submit approval via their own email is totally unreasonable in cases such as my mother in law who is 92 and living in an facility without internet access or a computer. I could simply fake an email account but that is simply against my ethics. There needs to be an alternative solution such as written permission that I could have notarized and sent via my email address.

  20. I have various family trees, depending it is my maternal or paternal sides.It looks that I can only put my DNA onto one tree and not several. I emailed Ancestry regarding this several months ago and they were going to look at the idea, but had no plans at present. I've been spending hours trying to merge people onto one tree, which I feel is now making the number of people unmanageable and difficult to find.

  21. HELP- I got a kit for my sister-in-law I was ready to help her activate her kit (it will be on one of my trees) She can't get her e-mail account to work. What can we do she is ready to mail the kit.

  22. Crista, I am amazed at the arrogance of Ancestry management who have made the assumption that all family members, regardless of age or circumstance have an email address, or are technically savvy to be able to follow the new steps required by Ancestry for the management of their DNA results. I am the manager for nine family members who have agreed to have their DNA tested and managed by me. Two of these family members are very elderly and do not understand, let alone use emails. Two further members also do not use emails. So, to comply with your new rules, I have four members who would not have had their DNA tested by Ancestry, and their data would be denied to me as the Family Genealogist and the genealogy community at large. This is absurd. I recognise and acknowledge the importance of privacy and approval when dealing with DNA. But, commonsense does not seemed to have played a part in Ancestry's new rules. It seems to me that if I have been given approval, verbally by family members to collect and manage their DNA (it is still possible internationally, at least outside the USA, for verbal agreements or contracts to have the force of law) they, and I as their DNA manager, should not be forced to take the new steps imposed by Ancestry. Unless Ancestry reverts back to the old rules, or puts in place a process for those who do not have access to or use email technology (including those in remote areas of this world who do not have regular or reliable mail or communications facilities), Ancestry and Family Genealogists will all be the losers.

  23. my mom recently ordered a test from myheritage DNA, we activated the code on her account at my heritage. My question is, is there any way to tie her results to my tree? I have done a little research and there doesn't seem to be a clear answer. I thought myheritage was a sister co. of ancestry.

  24. I have several people that have shared their DNA with me. I am no longer in need of that access, but I can't seem to get them to take away my access. Is there a way that I can revoke the access that they have given me?

  25. Are ye ever going to add Iceland to the genetic communities?

  26. So disappointed that we were only given a few days to adjust to this change. While I appreciate this video – millions of tests have been activated previously, so we're capable of doing that. Yet again, Ancestry is sidestepping the issue (like the FTM saga.) I love Ancestry, but my research has now been changed irrevocably. Just a bit of open and honest communication would have gone a long way.

  27. How will subsequent generations access the DNA results? After all that is why we do this.

  28. How do we change the access to existing DNA accounts?

  29. What happens to the access to DNA of someone who dies?

  30. I share the DNA, not own the DNA. This should be a sharing option not a ownership issue. Did all of Christa's relatives have an email?

  31. I bought kits for my adult children several years ago. I can see their results as matches, but I cannot access their raw DNA, so I'm not a manager. Neither child knows how to access their own Ancestry DNA results, so neither feels able to make me the manager. Is there a solution for this?

  32. Another question is why would a manager be allowed to delete the DNA test? Shouldn't that be only for the owner? If the test is deleted wouldn't that remove the owner of the kit if it's deleted?

  33. Can we move other kits to an account for them? I've bought and managed a bunch of DNA kits but I would like them to have their own access with me as the manager.

  34. This was very informative, but I am still confused.  What if I wanted to test my great-great aunts over in the rural Romanian countryside where there is no access to internet or computers?  I guess creating a bunch of new email addresses for other people I want to test wouldn't be too bad, but what if they live in the middle of nowhere?  Thank you

  35. can people buy it from morocco ?

  36. Crista – Can you record at a higher volume?  I can hardly hear you with both YouTube and my computer volume at 100%.   I have been having this issue with all your recent videos and have to turn them off b/c I  can't understand what is being said.

  37. And when the owner dies? No one no longer owns it?

  38. I manage my families tree. I know that most of my older relatives would not be able to be tested since they do not use a computer or a smart phone. These relatives have been critical to the family search using DNA. So what is the work around for family members without email? I have never needed to test a child, my relatives are over 80.

  39. Hi Christa, thank you for another excellent video. I'm wondering what happens if you test an older relative and they don't have an email address to give permission for you to be the administrator?

  40. Im very disappointed I have to wait yet again for my results. My test came back inconclusive and therefore I have to take the test again. I followed the instructions step by step. What can I do to make sure this time around my test is successful?

  41. This video should have come out with the announcement this weekend. This clarifies a lot, as always, thank you Christa for doing such an excellent job being an ambassador for Ancestry.
    I think Ancestry did a lousy job rolling out this change; I am glad I waited before I made a comment.

  42. I have gym. my daughter and her 18 and 20 yr old sons did their DNA . cane uh n and asked me to activate on out tree. she has her results, her 20 yr old did not receive email but results showed on our tree. The 18 yr old has not received email or results. I can reach anyone to help with my questions. did the new system not recognize he was already 18?

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