AncestryDNA | Accessing Your Next-Generation Ethnicity Estimate | Ancestry

AncestryDNA | Accessing Your Next-Generation Ethnicity Estimate | Ancestry

Ready to see your more precise AncestryDNA results? Barry Starr from the Ancestry science team walks you through the simple steps to explore your new ethnicity estimate. Learn how to compare your new update to your previous results, find answers to common questions, and more.

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AncestryDNA | Accessing Your Next-Generation Ethnicity Estimate | Ancestry



  1. Ancestry this is for you when is my next Ethnicity update ? some people have said here there Ethnicity has changed 3 times now as we say in Ireland "It is a bit Irish.

  2. Please make Denmark its own separate country like you did with Sweden and Norway.

  3. I fully agreed with the new percentages from ancestry. My iberian is what i know is my ethnicity….i hope in the future change i believe my other small percentages of 15% will give me more clearity…thanks ancestry

  4. I had a test last year.I haven't a clue how to understand the results.How does anyone access results. I would love to understand.Please help

  5. Ok…so I have england, Wales and northwestern european; however when I click on the regions for england and Wales it says no connection. However, Scottland,part of Ireland, north Ireland and NW France are highlighted. So does this mean no connection to england and wales? If so then it would be correct. Thanks for the help anyone

  6. Funny to read the comments and see how ppl are upset. Emotions and science are not compatible 🙂

  7. How is it possible I went from 33% Italian/Greek to none at all. Your equation for determining Ethnicity is very much in doubt with me.

  8. The previous version said I was 40% Scandinavian and now there isn’t a single trace of anything from the Scandinavian countries. Northwestern Europe went from 5% to 75%. Makes me question the accuracy in the first place.

  9. Mine stayed relatively similar except my Scottish/Irish went up from 4% to 18%, which made sense given my maternal Grandmother was apparently 100% Scottish/Irish. The original 4% seemed a bit low.

  10. My mother went from about 6-7 European nations to 100% English. How is that possible!?

  11. What happened to my Italian??? I was 20% but on my new “results” I have none, I don’t understand!

  12. I think the new estimates are more accurate. My father's side is from Italy and my mother's parents are from Lebanon. I went from 7 ethnicities to 4 — with 50% middle eastern and 46% Italian. My father's genetic community is Northern Italy and my mother's is Lebanon/Syria — both of which are correct.

  13. I hope in the next update tells me what part of the U.K I’m from like




  14. Mines still the same they just added British with northwestern European which is very accurate because of all the invaders that came to England and mixed with the Anglo Saxon and Celtics are in my results and I have 6% Norwegian and 5% Scottish

  15. I was half Nigerian now I’m not. I was Spanish now I’m not. Y’all playing with my saliva

  16. This new ethnicity is woefully inaccurate with my paper trails, my previous estimate fit the bill better and with other companies

  17. This is my third update and I've changed ethnicities three times. How can an entire country or ethnicity disappear completely?

  18. Before I was 21% Scandanavian, and NOW I'm not Scandanavian at all. I do know I am Irish, and Irish did cross their lines with settled Vikings, so who knows why these test results changed accuracy. But now I am over half Irish, and I know both mom and dad are mostly Irish. But the results changing like that makes me question accuracy all together.
    People find out what they have, then they do all kinds of research, maybe even go on vacation to where they are told their dna comes from. Then they find out it was inconclusive… not cool, guys… The Irish in me has one hell of a temper, lol
    When are yall gonna have alien dna results?! Lol JK

  19. My new updates are so drastically different you cannot reconcile the 2. I have 7 regions that are now gone and my majority category on the 1st one is now my least, and the new one doesn't even match it's own raw data uploads with other companies like the first one did. Lol!

  20. I really feel like my updated results aren't accurate, they just don't add up or make sense….

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