1. My closest tribe on single population is the Hausa, from Northern Nigeria.

  2. Well done with your presentation…you're. Concised, articulate…and no nonsense dramatic.Inspiring to see a sister who is highly intelligent, resourceful and factual.I hope you can take it another letter and come home to see your people in the the land of your forebear..might be Bamileke; the Mafa; both of Cameroon, the Igbo land, and the indefatigable Yoruba land.Come home and sample your culture, the food, the spiritualism, the African sun shine, the land, the forest, the elders, the city life, the towns and village life. Come and see us and we can reminiscent with you what the missing link created.Come home sis.

  3. Too much tribes in Africa ya'll billion lots of work for African American they have to find their tribes lol

  4. I been looking through these DNA video all day trying to find the information you provided. Thank you, now I can actually take this test myself now that I know where to read my African ethnic groups.

  5. One should be very careful when trusting too much on these "African tribes" lineage. Don't ever take these numbers as face value.

  6. I just tried the same project and we share almost the same distance with fulani. My closest ethnic groups were alittle different though. My 2nd closest ethnic group was Moroccan, 3-8 was a bunch of Ethiopian, 9 was somoli and 10 was mozabite whatever that is. No igbo or bantu surprisingly in my top 10

  7. Does it give percentage of the tribes?

  8. Your results and my results prove that we are not just from West Africa. LMAO.

  9. That is when compared to 1 population only. Run your raw data comparing it to two and four populations and your relationships and mixes get closer. The other thing I suspect is that you have an older European type (BLACK) Iberian for example is black so what you will find is that recombinds back into Ancient Egyptians. Try it. You are Actually closer related to Hausa, Ancient Egyptian, Fulani etc…

  10. Igbo are Hebrews aka Israelites. Most of the slaves that came here were Igbo.

  11. I'm waiting on my results to come back from Ancestry DNA, and I would really REALLY be interested in learning how to use GED match!!

  12. Hello Lailla.I am Nigerian born and living in Britain and precisely from the Yoruba tribe and i must say that you look Ibo.A Nigerian born and bred in Nigeria and whose family for generations are from the Niger/Delta part of Nigeria decided to do the ancestry dna test for fun sake and was shocked by the result.The result came out that he was 66% Benin/Togo and Cameroon.This is a shocking result because the Delta state is situated in Niger Delta region and is miles away from Benin and Togo,if he were a Yoruba man then that would have been a bit understandable since the Yoruba tribe spread into Benin and Togo.Being extremely shocked and surprised he decided to load his Dna into Dna land and then he got the right result the result was that he was 95% from the Niger/Delta area.I strongly suggest that you do use Dna land.The ancestry Dna could be a big scam.

  13. I don't know how true the results are for tribes from gedmatch. I actually used the dna tribes snp test, they told me which tribes I'm closest/most similar too and it also estimated how much of my DNA I got from certain tribes. My results differ than those of gedmatch. I find gedmatch to be the most inaccurate of the many I have done

  14. You notice they always give African Americans the same results? I think they scamming us ! ! ! !

  15. Thank you soooo much. I look forward to seeing that tutorial!

  16. Thank you for this! My ancestry DNA results are processing right now and I will definitely try uploading them to this when they come out!

  17. interesting video. I think I I'll try it too.

  18. Great video! I'm also looking forward to your GEDMATCH tutorial.. thanks for sharing…

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