Ancestry DNA vs 23andMe: Full Comparison

Ancestry DNA vs 23andMe: Full Comparison

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Not sure which DNA kit to purchase? This video will give you an inside look on both Ancestry DNA & 23andMe. you’ll see the pros, cons, and real cost of siding with both companies.

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Alison’s 23andMe DNA Reaction Video!!!

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  1. This is the best video over. So detailed and so much effort was put into it. Thanks a lot.

  2. Almost 3 years after your upload, its still a very thorough analysis. Thank you!!!

  3. Not here to comment on the video. Didn't even watch it. I'm just very concerned that this niche video popped up in my feed. My Dad recently did this whole 23 and Me stuff and I may have looked into it on google chrome via my email browser for a bit. But I never searched it on YouTube yet here I am on a video about exactly that.

    I think it's strange that this is happening after major websites like Facebook, Google and other SM sites have been brought up on charges of collecting browser information from users and sharing it with other websites in order to better market a product. Red flag.

  4. My grandpa was stolen as a kid so my family has absolutely no idea what he is. He currently lives in a different country though so I can’t even get him to do a dna test with me :((

  5. Nice to know that Ancestry just gives my data to whoever wants it, while 23andMe at least gives me a box to check.

  6. My daughter took the 23 & Me and after viewing hers I’m really interested as I am adopted and would like to now more of my medical make up.

  7. Alison Ryce, I have heard the mention about black folks not having ANY Neandertthal DNA, I have read about that Black folks having Neanderthal DNA because they have been intergrated into the white bloodlines from mixing of races.

  8. If you would not consider selling your soul then please do not consider paying someone to do it.

  9. I did Ancestry. It was pretty accurate in my opinion. I found out I'm 37% Irish, Welsh and Scott. It actually was able to tell that exact location from Ireland (West Kerry) which lines up exactly to where my Grandmother is from. I'm also 30% British which was the surprise for me (although not super surprising), I've been able to trace to the people who were British and it became very interesting. It also recognized that I'm 7% Jewish, which sounds about right to me because my grandfather's family was Jewish. It said I was 6% European West, which is where my Dad's German/French side comes from. I was surprised that it was only 6% since it was my dad. But his side mixes with Irish as well.
    So, I'm not sure why the percentages are the way they are. The downside has been that I can't seem to go real far back with the Jewish side of my family. I can't figure out where they originated, although it's looking like Eastern Russia maybe.

  10. If you are Rh- or Rhesus Negative Blood types…. You are gonna have a hard time getting your DNA done or done right because we are only 10% of the population and 23 and Me and Helix don't have enough subjects giving their DNA spit to make a connection. Please consider not doing the DNA testing if you have AB-, A-, B-, or Type O Negative.

  11. I choose Ancestry before I saw your tube. Not sure why.

  12. I took a DNA test and got contacted by Blockbusters , they wanted their copy of Toxic Avenger back or pay them 1,523 in late fees. I am still on the run. DNA testing, is a cookbook!!!

  13. I went with 23 and me because of what appears to me to be a more extensive analysis of the dna. In my research of my family history there were/are claims of Native American ancestry but no documentation to verify it. I have yet to get my test results so here's hoping for an answer one way or another 🙂

  14. Just wait when the government seizes all of this data, then can use ur DNA on anything…& you paid for it, no thanks

  15. Why do you even spend time on your DNA test, look your skin color is enough.

  16. Britain relocated people to West African from different places  which may be why people are showing up in several places.  It is not difficult to find out. They left that information out.

  17. I would stay away from 23 and Me because they are owned by Google. They already watch us. I would be nervous with 23 and me selling my medical history to my insurance company. Preexisting conditions may bar you from certain jobs too.

  18. thanks for the video, exactly what I was wondering ??

  19. Ancestry DNA is most accurate. The rest are crap.

  20. 23andme is crap. Not only did they get my ancestry wrong, after about a year they actually changed my results. You should not put too much faith in this whole ancestry DNA test because it is still a new science.

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