Ancestry DNA- Uploading RAW DNA To Other Sites- Make The Most Of Raw DNA

Ancestry DNA- Uploading RAW DNA To Other Sites- Make The Most Of Raw DNA

After you take the time to get to know the website and start sorting your matches. Like shown here.
You may want to widen your search. There are other testing sites that allow you to upload your raw DNA and have access to others that have done the same.

These are all awesome resources.

My Ancestry DNA Story.



  1. Ancestry can upload to my heritage but not the other way around. My heritage can upload to family tree and it's free

  2. Family Tree DNA is telling me I need to pay $19. Is this correct as I thought you mentioned that it was free?

  3. I have done 23&me and Ancestry dna, can you upload both of them to these other sites?

  4. the 4 companies we tested dad with gave him greek . Albanian middle eastern, shephardic jew and upon numerous raw data analyses with different ones revealed druze, Lebanese Christian and a spec of Lebanese Muslim always he shows West Asian and upon further analyses it showed Armenian and gagauz I have never heard of these peoples native to turkey It seems

  5. You talk just like and resemble Joan Cusack. Anyway, thank you for sharing your story?

  6. Just submitted my sample to Ancestry a week ago but now know what I'm going to do with my raw data, when I get it. Thank's for the informative video. I hope that I can view it again when I need it. Wish that I had a friend to help me, like you do.

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