I received an update on my Ancestry DNA. Some of my regions have changed. I believe it’s more accurate now.
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  1. Ireland/ Scotland are lumped together as they are both Celtic people. If u know it's Scot then it's Scot, same for Ireland!

  2. My DNA results went from 36% Europe West, 33% Ireland, 10% Great Britain, 9% Iberian Peninsula, 7% Scandinavia, 3% Middle East, 2% Caucasus … to 70% England, 23% Ireland, 7% Norwegian. Before I had taken a DNA test I had been researching my family tree for a good 10 years and I've managed to trace it back to the 1700s on both my parents and the results I got out of that were that I'm Irish, Cherokee, (and tracing back far enough) Scottish on my dad's side and English on my mom's side. I'm completely confused as to what I am.

  3. To go from Nigeria 15% to 0% is a significant update. Everyone needs to bear in mind this is an evolving technology and these estimates are always subject to change. Thanks for sharing!

  4. well fact is that they no longer there is because ethnicgroups of a blood type are verry close and can be picking them up as that but cna also be but verry low and they just gave a bit high % of them when really is less then that or counts to not even be counted in you because you hole more of the biggest chunks in you more so the other one is like there but fading colors and is not even that counted really .. the most highest always be strong in you .. because even tho thing did pop up in you theres really bit more things in us but they to small to put them down because it lowers the % of the big chunks they really must analize and know the % or value of them first then the small ones you have and what they did tuck the lower ones and add them in the higher ones

  5. fact is the you dodnt descent from every thing you you hunny , the descentsy is only one and the next side is the second bigest and thats despending…but all you have in you makes you but that doent mean you descent from them because your descentsy is only one and to know what as the mixter we hold know you must look father blood line descentsy which what ever he will have most and his fam iswhat is will descent from then the rest blood types in them is what they got being in the americas from some time and got it from other white , black descent who got it the same you and so on and never gottend a one or both side of what you have the least in your DNA in your family . since most things thats low % you get them by other people that happend to hold abit and they got that bit also same way as you… and you grandma dodnt look nagive if anying she looks like you and she would of look same and have same as you or less native for more chance

  6. You need to click on each of the ethnicity estimate categories to look at the mapping for them. For example a portion of the Benin/Togo dna overlaps into Nigeria & a portion of the Cameroon/Congo & Southern Bantu peoples dna overlaps into Nigeria. Even the England, Wales, & Northwestern Europe dna extends all the way into southern Scotland, check it out, also called lowland Scotland.

  7. My husband has been changed from "Scandinavian" to "Norwegian" now, and I see that he is your 4th-6th cousin! It is truly a small world! If we truly believed we all come from the "same place," maybe we'd treat everyone else like family, instead of strangers!

  8. They categorized a lot of different stuff underneath the England, Wales & Northwestern Europe section. For example, I have quite a bit of German blood in me, but it updated to 4% Germanic Europe. The rest is probably included in the Northwestern Europe portion of the England, Wales & Northwestern Europe section. Same goes for my Irish and Scottish blood. It was at 21%, but it was brought down to 17%. I would imagine they will fix some of this in the next update.

  9. This shit is bs now…. because she has British/Scottish blood and she barely has any native so you can’t say” that’s where she gets her complexion from” mainly because I’m 54% NA and 4% African and 42% Spaniard/Portuguese/Basque and I’m white asf !?! ?

  10. What part of Scotland your grandfather's from? Usually if he's from the lowlands, it will show up on "England/Wales" rather than "Ireland/Scotland".

  11. This is so awesome to learn where your genes really come from. I have got to try This! 🙂

  12. Hi English Welsh Scots and Irish have a lot of Scandinavian Viking ancestry so that is where your Scandivanian went 🙂

  13. Yay! My ppl r benin/Togo camaroons too! My only problem with my ancestry results were they did not break down the native American regions for me. nevertheless, it was accurate.

  14. Are these companies really testing accurately? I'm wondering if this is just a money making business.

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