Ancestry DNA update! It was my mom’s side, and my parents are cousins!

Ancestry DNA update! It was my mom’s side, and my parents are cousins!

This is an updated video on my continued journey into my ancestry. If you haven’t seen my 1st ancestry DNA video, check it out here:

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  1. you are so cool and a great example for closed minded people who believe just because the next person is racist means they have to grow up on that belief to be the same way. Can't wait to take the test and the low percentages are the most interesting/ Important so don't pay no mind to the haters.

  2. Wow. You guys. I have seen so many of these videos. Its amazing. And also how mixed America is all with different ethnic mix. So actually theres no white supremacist . Thats going to be interesting. You know all of you wonderful people you are still Gods creation. Your beautiful Soul doesn't know mixed races different blood lineage. I suppose for those that did know their lineage. It will great to find out where your lineage comes from. Love and Blessings to all of you.

  3. Your nose could be Italian or Iberian, like Spain or Portugal.

  4. So I just came across your video after randomly watching some others. I first heard you mention South Carolina and thought it'd be funny if you had family related to mine. THEN….I heard MIXON/MIXSON….. ? My mom's mother has Mixson on her side and both her parents are distant cousins as well, but was due to the fact it was bound to happen, unintentionally though, lol. Just was not everyone moved around too often back then. I had my grandmother and my oldest daughter's DNA done over the summer and would love to know if you are on their match lists. ?

  5. I came out 100% European with less than 1% Scandinavian. Was so sure I had some Viking and maybe African since my family came early to Virginia. Everyone else has interesting stuff lol

  6. Southern white people in America have the highest rate of African dna.

  7. My Grandma is pissed she found out she's 2% African as well.

  8. So my Ancestry DNA results were just updated and I am 1% Ivory Coast/Ghana and 99% European. What's weird about my results is that my Mother is also 1% African but her test and my sister's test said they are 1% Mali, my Dad is 100% European. Obviously my Mother and my sister and I can't all be 1%. Who knows what the difference was in the testing. It is all very fascinating. I think any family with a long history in the South is likely to have a small percentage of African heritage.

  9. From a fellow family researcher – I appreciate your fact based analysis and debunking of casual presumptions!

  10. South carolina whites tend to have more african dna on average as south Carolina (especially Charleston) were major shipping ports that were hubs of slavery since the 1700s … African culture hugely influenced that area .. In terms of food (Rice ,Okra,peanuts,yams) language (gullah language) and of course DNA ..

  11. It makes you unique embrace it. Mine is nothing special 55.5 German 34 Denmark 10.5 England And you have pretty eyes

  12. Black people eyes are usually deep green/green or brown she thought he was tanned hmmm!

  13. Your family doesn't want to be black and I'm debating on taking this test out of fear I am Russian or German… I don't know if I could live life the same…

  14. You are a nice person. I had a similar situation. My mother wanted to research her Grandfather who was mixed race and lived in South Carolina. Please research free inhabitants of South Carolina. Good Luck

  15. Hi Candy. The 4% means you could have, at the most recent generation, a full African-American ancestor at the great-great-great grandparent level, and since your DNA test results are mitochondrial (passed mothers to daughters only), it would be your mom's great-great grandmother most likely. Did you set up a tree in If not, you should do it. It will show you matches to your cousins and give you so much information to piece your tree together. The Mixon family was very prolific as most families were that have been in America since the 1600s. Also, as you know, humans began in Africa, so we all have an African ancestor, but yours seems recent enough that you could find some information and that is exciting for you. I have actually heard of Sena — she had seven daughters, right? If it is the same Sena, there is a huge amount of data about her and a large multiracial family reunion that is held each year that is quite famous and has been in the news before. Also, it is extremely common for parents to be distant cousins. As you probably already know it had to do with geography and not sexual perversion or incest. Back then it was very difficult to travel far distances and meet people outside of your family and friends. Especially in the pioneer days and with wilderness settlers, people tended to migrate in family groups with other families they were friends with and knew in the old country, and then descendants of these families only had the descendants around them to marry. That is why there are usually only about 10 dominant surnames in a given county in the 1600s and 1700s. Almost everyone who is European and has family who has been here since the 1600s is related. I would go as far to say, everyone. So, it is totally normal that you parents are 7x cousins as they were early settlers and limited by geography. People married young and died young and both men and women often had to marry again quickly to survive those early years, keep the farm going, take care of the children, etc., and they had to choose from single men who were in the general area, and this was probably a pretty small list at any given time. Congratulations on sharing your wonderful news with your family. If there is anything I can do to help you on Ancestry let me know. I have been on there a long time. Take care.

  16. Great post. Thanks for sharing. No reactions on the 2% African? Weird!
    Love your post. You're for real and straight forward. 2 Thumbs up.
    My BIG surprise was that there was less Chinese heritage. My father's dad came from Hong Kong, so I expected I'd have 25% Chinese. Nope,
    *Asian 19,8%.
    The big surprise was: 6,9% Balkan & 12,9 Greece;
    Probably Marco Polo took Southern Europeans with him during his travels to China…?
    I expected a high Iberian percentage. My mom's ancestors were Portuguese jews who fled to Brazil and then travelled to Surinam in the beginning of the 1700's. North-West-Europe: 5,7%.
    *{Europe total: 25,5%}.
    * West; East & North African 54,7%. No surprise there. My father's mom was an unmixed black woman. Her grandmother was born during slavery.
    In my mom's family there are lots of mixed (black/white) people. In my country of birth we call them Creole/Mulattoes; and she's got a Belgian great grand dad, plus the he Portuguese jewish branch; which does NOT show in her DNA results. She's very light skinned. If she's on holidays in Southern Europe she's blends in totally. People there think she's; Spanish; Portuguese & Greek.
    I was born in Surinam (Dutch Guyana)/South-America; Been living in Amsterdam for 52 years.

  17. It does bother you, that is why you delete some comments. You can learn a lot from negative comments. Own it and you will love it. If you learn nothing else, you will learn more of the ignorance of people. They are hiding behind pixels.Idiots. I guess their spelling is not up to crack. The trolls that is. I'll give you some crumbs of comfort, I am related to one of the worst families on earth. I really mean that , they want to own the earth. leave it at that.

  18. I have taken a couple of DNA tests not though. In doing research on DNA companies the indications were that their results are just not that accurate. I did upload my raw data to GED Match and I really like the info there. I don't know if "African Americans" don't use Family Tree, Living DNA, or My Heritage that much but I have thousands of DNA cousins most of them from 95% -100% European.. Very interesting, I love genealogy and DNA what I have learned prior to testing and after testing is that we are all connected. Peace and Love.

  19. I am african american and found out that I am 2% Asian! Now we know where we get our eyes!

  20. I took a DNA test, I am still waiting for my results, and my nose, I think is kind of like yours (like divided in the middle?), so tell me where all your results are, and maybe we can compare them when I get mine… see if there is a place in common… and one of my aunts did too, but she passed away… so it is on my dad's side and on their mom side (they had different fathers)… I wish my boss would take a test… because his nose looks kind of like mine…

  21. On your mother's side the small percentage of African comes from 8-10 generations back. Prior to the
    migration into Europe. The further back in your mother's line the higher percentage of African DNA. It
    is not a bad thing, just part of who you are.

  22. I traced back a direct descendant from barbados (slave) who married a native american. It is exciting to discover this long forgotten history and i can't wait to do my dna test to help solve some more mysteries

  23. The Joyce's are pure Irish there travellers and settled there from Galway in Ireland our family the lynchs to look it up

  24. My issue is, well it's not that I'm scared to find out that I'm African since I was born, raised and STILL living in Hickory, Ms. but more afraid of finding out that I could be German. For years I was told that my maiden name was Polish. And that my grandparents met each other on the boat while fleeing Poland to escape Hitler, fell in love on the boat and married in New York on Ellis Island the minute they got there. But, don't you hate the word but, I have recently been told that may not be completely accurate. They may have fled some other country, not quite sure which, because their families were Nazis. WHAT THE HOLY HELL?!?!?! I'm at a loss and don't know what to do. I REALLY do not want to find out that I come from people that could those kind of things. Help?! Input anyone?!

  25. "People who define themselves by thier DNA is just so weird"… Thats funny… Almost all of human kind unconsciously do it by default… Whomever made that statement is the real weirdo just saying

  26. I think it is just interesting to know the importance of Southern families ties to slavery?

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