Ancestry DNA Update Explanation 2018 || DNA/Region Percentage Changes

Ancestry DNA Update Explanation 2018  || DNA/Region Percentage Changes

After reading and researching as well as Ancestry DNA providing a full explanation at this link – — I’m doing a fairly quick run through of what happened and how to grasp what is going on with our Ancestry DNA results.

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Here is my previous video right after I got the Ancestry DNA update —

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  1. Great video!! DNA is very interesting and I can't wait to see what comes in another update.

  2. There weren’t really a lot of nomads in the portion of West and West Central Africa where the bulk of Afro descendants came from in the New World except there was the major Bantu migration in Central & Southern Africa, the Africa South Central Hunter gatherers. The Fulani and Tuareg were pretty much the only nomadic people in West Africa, & there were even some Fulani subgroups that were sedentary. Yes, people were not wholly stagnant, and did move & intermarry. What I don’t like about the update of September 2018 is the African categorizations did not become more specific, they even combined Cameroon/Congo & Africa Southeastern Bantu. The European & Asian categories only became more specific. What is bothering me with the Afro-American updates is they have become much more generic or uniform. I don't trust the over exageration in the Mali category versus the Senegal.

  3. you are right….The reason they are updating and changing results is because more people are taking the tests thus showing the DNA markers and strands being more similar to that region,,,.now with more data they are able to pinpoint the actual region where your DNA markers exists.

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