ANCESTRY DNA UPDATE | African American Ancestry Next Generation Estimate | KWSHOPS

ANCESTRY DNA UPDATE | African American Ancestry Next Generation Estimate | KWSHOPS

Here’s an update on my dna results! SPOILER: I’m still black!
A few days ago one of my subbies let me know about the new update and I was completely shocked! As you can see from the video, my results are very different. I think this is mostly due to them updating some of the borders on their end but I ended up getting a few new and different categories.
They’re calling it the Next-Generation Ethnicity Update and it has a sample size that is 5x longer than the previous one.
I love watching these videos and I hope you guys enjoyed this one! Ancestry has helped me discover more about my family history and put me in touch with long-lost cousins from all over the country! If you haven’t already, I really do recommend getting this test done. For me, I did not have much of any family history to make any type of connection to my heritage so this really was my only available option. has released more information about the “Next-Generation Ethnicity Estimate” here

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  1. When you do your research , you will find ancient Guinea, one land, included Benin, Togo, Nigeria, Ghana, and parts of Cameroon. Thats probably why it's so back and forth. Over 85% of those people were the same people/ family. A map of Africa from the 1700s will show this. Just fyi

  2. This is fascinating to me Katherine. I still don’t understand how it changes but it’s still incredible to research your background. I did the 23&me. But I think I’d like to do the Ancestry. Com too. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Mine has drastically changed too. No more Nigeria 35% but a high percentage of Cameroon /Congo, Southern Bantu people 42%, Benin/Togo was low it’s now 22%, now have England, Wales, NW Europe 18%, Mali was 18% is now 5%, Ireland was 16% now 4%, now have Ghana 5%, Germanic Europe 2%, Eastern Africa 1%. Senegal was 9% now 1%. No more less than percentages.

  4. Yes, my country percentages changed as well. The most significant (minor) change is that before I had zero% Native American ancestry. I'm an AA btw. Of course, I was told that I had some native ancestry by my relatives. Now it shows 1% Native American. I thought that was surprising. Who knows, it might go back to zero% in the future.

  5. I thought the same thing about Norway, but it seems like they are different.

  6. Mine changed quite a bit in some regions as well. Now I am a lot more Cameroon/Congo, a lot less Ghana, a lot more Mali and Benin/Togo, less Bantu, a lot less Nigeria, Senegal doesn't show up anymore. Sweden has been included, I'm less Ireland, Germanic Europe showed up, a little more English, a little more Native American (thanks to my great grandmother on my dad's side), and Melanesia is also gone. I'm interested to se how the estimates will continue to change as they get more participation.

  7. I wrote this right after the new update rolled out:

    A lot of African Americans (and even some Native Nigerians ??) are complaining that their Nigeria region is falling to 0% sometimes from as much as 40%. Meanwhile, their Benin/Togo percentages; and their Cameroon/Congo/Southeast Bantu is increasing.

    So I tell them that Ancestry, with increased African samples (they now have 1,395 African samples), Ancestry is seeing that the amount of shared/similar DNA across ethnic groups, between the Bight of Benin, and the Bight of Biafra, is more wide scale than they originally thought, so the widening of the Benin/Togo category, to encompass Nigeria, is reflective of this.
    It doesn’t mean that their Nigerian went away. It’s just now absorbed into a broader Benin/Togo Category.

    it seems as if it’s only meant to show genetic overlap, at this point.
    Test results show that both Igbo and Yoruba have high amounts of shared DNA with eachother, and those in Benin/ Togo/Ghana…
    So this kinda now reflects that. And there are Igbo in Cameroon.

    But it also looks like they merged/incorporated some areas, due to overlapping DNA.

    Ancestry is having a lot of trouble with the call rate of predicting Nigeria, with their new algorithm. ~28% call rate.

    Here is their White Paper, which explains the trouble…

    Also they have more DNA samples from Cameroon, Congo, Southeastern Bantu; and Benin/Togo…than any other regions.

    This could be skewing the numbers a bit.

    It should be worth noting that changing DNA reference panels, is the reason Genealogist tell people to take their DNA Ethnicity Estimates with a grain of salt; and to only take their DNA cousin matches, the most seriously. ?

    This is why looking for those african DNA Cousin matches…is CRUCIAL.

    Another interesting analysis, that sheds more light on the issues, with the new update, for those of African Descent. Including the before/after results/analysis of several continental Africans, across regions, countries, and ethnic groups, if Fonte Felipe’s blog post –

  8. Thanks for the update Katherine!

  9. My own AncestryDNA test was old (circa 2015), the update pushed my "Ireland/Scotland" to 100% (from ~89%), likewise my father came back as 100% "Ireland/Scotland" and my mother as 98% "Ireland/Scotland" ⁊ 2% "England/Wales/NW European".

    I should note though that I'm Irish living in Ireland as are both of my parents. It would seem they have considerably larger sample-set compared to when I first did the test that's for sure!

  10. I see you as beautiful lady ❤️

  11. My Nigerian percentage dropped from 22% to 2%…but 23andme still has me at 20% Nigerian. I also had a higher Native American percentage with the update. Pretty interesting!

  12. Same thing happened to me. I lost lots of the Nigerian Heritage. I prefer You can upload your raw dna from to Have you tried that? It’s clearer for me.

  13. It's so interesting how much it changed! Thanks for sharing!

  14. Mine are totally turned upside down. I was English Irish Spanish Jewish France Italy NOW IM ONLY FRENCH IRISH. AND MY MOM IS 100 PERCENT FRENCH NOBODY IS 100 PERCENT I THINK THEY ARE BULLSHIT

  15. Hmmm their system is bugging. This has me questioning their motives.

  16. As long as the live Jesus with the Melanin as science has proven, then they can change their science all they want.

  17. Our updates are drastic too! The most insane is knowing my mom’s ancestry because all four of her grandparents were born in Italy…to getting her initial results that she was only 45%…to now reading she’s 14%! Biggest surprise: she’s 66% French?!?! And myself, who initially thought I was half Italian, found out I was a mere 18%, and am now ZERO! ??‍♀️

    It’s like our whole lives have been a lie! ?

  18. Thanks for the interesting update Katherine. Kind of funny that as technology advances the original ancestral place changes. I wonder if it will change again in the future?

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