Ancestry DNA Testing Unites African American w/African Native Born Wolof Distant Cousin

Ancestry DNA Testing Unites African American w/African Native Born Wolof Distant Cousin

This rare footage was taken in Dakar Senegal of an native born African American on film with her found native West African born cousin from Senegal. Their families were back separated from Transatlantic Slave Trade & have been reunited test kits. Special thanks to Deadria Farmer-Paellman’s non-profit organization Restitution Study Group ( for providing absolutely free test kits to native born Africans like Moussa so that dispersed members of the African Diaspora community such as my wife can be in a position to connect with their family members through their accounts!



  1. I'm AFRICAN, I'm taking this test because I want to find my people. Waiting on my results. I can't wait to find my KUNTA (tobe) OR FANTA (magie)relatives in AMERICA. I will hug u so tight with uncontrollable cries and I will never let go of you because I'm taking you home. willie I think I might be related you. I see lot of resemblances and my brother looks so much like you.

  2. Omg their noses are similar. I am you, you are me. ONE BLOOD.

  3. Always love your reconnect to distant African cousins abroad videos!!! Wow!!!….that’s cool Wolof,..I’ve studied a great deal about them,…Na nga def?? ?. During the Atlantic Slave Trade,…slave traders and New World planters stereotyped them as great linguists, and intellectually sharp. These qualities were so esteemed in them until Louisiana planters paid a premium to have them, and thought they were more fit to work in the house during slavery opposed to the fields.

  4. I’m definitely going to be taking the test soon. The kit is on the way. I want to meet more distant cousins. But what has flustered me is that some of my 1st and 2nd cousins live close to me yet are so distant with me and it seems like they have no interest in wanting to see me.

  5. Just a note. The camera man asked him to say it in Wolof. He said "I am very happy. Very happy." Just because he said it in Wolof does not mean he is Wolof or that is his native tongue. He could be Seereer, Jola, Fulani, Toucouleur, or whatever. That is a lot of assumption on your part which you have not clarified in the video. I need to know Musa's surname to tell you exactly his ethnicity. Most people can speak Wolof in Senegal and Gambia but that does not mean they are Wolof. For your info, in reality, Wolof is not a true tribe or ethnicity. It is mainly a culture. Wolofs are a mixture of various Senegambian tribes (and they have a high Seereer percentage) who only became an ethnicity about a 1000 years ago. They are the newest "ethnicity". The only true and old ethnicities are Seereer, Jola, Mandinka, etc.

  6. Please give your online update of the last 6 month and future.

  7. If you tested at Ancestry go to the search on top of your DNA put in the name of African countries that show up on your Ethnicity you might find a African match that's how a find a match from Ghana from the Fante people

  8. You represent the warmth and personality of our people across the atlantic that history told us about your harrowing journey and confronted by the inhumane brutality of the europeans in the diasporas.
    Your personality is infectious. Welcome home sis and brother.

  9. Wow. I've never heard of Restitution Study Group and that they were testing Africans from Africa. That would really be interesting to see if not only would they be able to link the Africans tested to testers of the diaspora, but also of importance is would those samples be added to the ethnicity reference panels to provide more adequate population data for those of African descent, in other words, make the African ethnicity predictions more specific and accurate…

  10. Very interesting! Beautiful family by the way! Hope you guys get to turn up in '' Almadie '' during this Summer!

  11. The actually look alike. There is a lot of resemblance

  12. African Americans u should return home to ur lands we love u all we ve been disconnected for a long time come come come we love u more than anybody so don't listen to the lies they tell u much love from ghana

  13. your wife n her cousin look alike!! they have the same noise… just that she's a bit light skin!!! good job, welldone!!

  14. Why does he talk like that…like he's on the News lol But I do like the concept though

  15. I know for sure looking at my sister and her cousin that they have the same noses……and same cheeks……And I know my people when I see them…….CONGRATULATIONS and Welcome Home…….your Home..!
    You Never are a Foreigner or a Stranger…….To us, you are just like Another of us Returning to his or her Grand Family Home where they Fully Belong……??????✌???

  16. Amazing video and great concept. I applaud you my brother. Much blessings to you. I subscribed to ur channel.. keep us all Informed, especially many of us from the Caribbean.. we are searching to connect to mother Africa.

  17. How did you find an African cousin. I have 204 DNA cousin at present and counting. I keep searching. Can you give me some hints?

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