Ancestry DNA Test Results!

Ancestry DNA Test Results!

ok guys..after years of wondering where my beard genes came from, the wait is over!

My twin Brother did the ancestry DNA test and the results where pretty surprising,,

since we are twin brothers we carry the same genetic make up so i have exactly the same amount of acestry DNA in me, freaky huh.

so here it is! this is what i am in genetic form!!

hope you enjoy and please like if you do!

and as always!

Keep on Bearding!!

DNA test



  1. Quiet amusing dna results presentation :))
    You're funny guys… Not surprising, coming from 100% AC/DC fans 🙂

  2. You probably get it from the Scottish and Spaniard side ….. just look up (conquistadors) they mostly all have thick beards

  3. I'm confused, how does this test get broken down? British IS Scotland, as is England and Wales. Very entertaining video BTW.

  4. you boys are edomites…..esau is your 4 father…if u read your bible then you know whats up…

  5. Neat video. However, these results don't mean you're not French. If you look at the map they provide, the "Great Britain" footprint extends into Northern France. And the "Iberian" footprint extends into Southern France. I think what your results show is how the French people were made up of various ethnicities, way back when, when the country was formed. Because these tests go back 1,000-2,000 years.

  6. Very interesting. I don't think I've EVER seen that much European in anyone!?! I mean I've seen some people with 100% European but never a European mix like yourselves! Amazing! Your ancestors got about! They must have been traders or something!!! lol

  7. It was so funny how in every percentage you would raise your eyebrow. Don Quijote!

  8. Of course Europe West is: Germany, France, Netherland, Belgium, Swiss. Europe East is: Poland, Belarus, Ukraine, Slovakia, Hungary etc.

  9. I did the ancestryDNA test and I was 100% european. No trace african regions in my blood… weird!

  10. 5 pc Native American is quite high for non Native Americans

  11. I'm adopted and did the DNA testing to find my ethnic heritage. Within 6 months of testing I know both of my birth parents and my ethnic makeup. I'm 99% European and 1% native American. I am also an Acadian Cajun by blood that just happened to be adopted by a Cajun so I was blessed enough to be raised in my own heritage without ever knowing.
    59% British
    17% Greek/Italian
    15% Norwegian
    5% Irish
    3% Europe West
    1% native American
    My genetic communities are Acadian Louisiana Cajuns ( highest probability) and early settlers of Alabama. My birth father is Cajun from Louisiana and birth mother is from Bayou La Batre Alabama (Forrest Gump) lol. I am so amazed at results.

  12. He looks like he could play a General or a Conquistador

  13. The singapore chinese should purchase this DNA tester, cos their ancestor were all raped by japanese soldier. many are walking with japanese DNA in them. disgraceful?

  14. I think it would've been even more interesting if you both did the test, then we could see if the DNA test actually works, or even if there is chance for random error

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