1. I wanna know whats the web site or what do i do know my true background

  2. Hey i was researching DNA stories and i stumbled upon yours and we actually share the same last name so I think that’s pretty cool! ??

  3. Basically we Haitian think we pure but when I found out I have 10 Persian Asian I'm confuse men.I know I'm 85 percent African Asian woww

  4. Gigi, that’s a cute name! Do we pronounce it by saying. ‘Ji ji’ or ‘Gi gi’?

  5. Respect to the Haitian for fucking up the whitey thru the revolution ?? y'all are badass!

  6. Ancestry DNA results are only .01% accurate. Please everyone look up DNA hoax revisited. There was a "60 Minutes" special on it some years ago.

  7. Africans stand up!!!!Caribbeans stand up!!!??????

  8. Hi I did my DNA too came out about the same. Check it again they changed some stuff. North Africa became Europe.

  9. I even expected more Cameroon/ Congo because a lot of them during slavery where sent there and some other Caribbean countries too I’m Congolese btw ❤️

  10. The people from Benin Togo are the Yoruba people. In the New Scientist recently they found that these people have DNA from an unknown hominid and also they have Neanderthal DNA. They calculated that the return to Africa of these people was about 3000 years ago. In the Cameroon, there is a large number of people with R1b genes. They cannot date when these people entered Africa but it was a long time ago (maybe 10000). This gene is common in Europe but the Cameroon gene came from west asia. The Cameroon people, like Europeans, love soccer. Mali was the center of learning and science hundreds of years ago.

  11. Haitians and Congolese arre basically the same people. Language, Music, Food etc

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