Ancestry DNA Test Results (Follow Up)

Ancestry DNA Test Results (Follow Up)

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Ancestry DNA test is pretty easy to take, but reading the results threw me off. We read the results cold and I misinterpreted one of the graphs. So we just wanted to clarify a few things. Thanks again to everyone who chimed in. I hope our video has inspired you to learn about your genealogy.

Ancestry DNA Test Surprising Results!

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  1. I'm checking out your channel, because of the title. But.. I'm going to subscribe, because I interested in watching more of your videos.

  2. I loved watching your first video, very interesting results. i was wondering though if you could clarify what your 1% European was labeled by Ancestry?

  3. I applaud you two for honestly and openly sharing your results "on the fly" with no phoney scripted reactions. Your first video did inspire me to take the test for myself, and to be honest if you aren't a geography or anthropology nerd (like me) it can be a little overwhelming to interpret the results .So thanks for the follow up video.
    Peace and Love.

  4. I'm going to get DNA kits for my wife and I. I already know I am mostly Norwegian with a splash of American Indian and Irish. But I'm guessing she will also have American Indian.

  5. You two are just another example of us getting back to God's people! Between my Hubie and myself, we have 6 nationalities.

  6. You two make a beautiful couple I love your channel….

  7. You guys should be praised for being forthright and "on the spot." Too much of the media content that we endure has been treated in various ways so it is nice to have something that has not been spun and treated. Additionally, in my opinion, if enough people go through the DNA testing you guys went through then we in the human race might get the idea that we are a lot more mixed than we may have realized.

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