1. Neither one of you guys have wool like hair and y'all definitely look mixed / biracial

  2. The DNA you get from your mother and father is RANDOM. Each of you got 50% from your father and 50% from your mother. There is a very small probability that any of your siblings have got the same DNA from your parents as you have. If any of them have the same DNA, the two of you would be IDENTICAL.

    So you got 1% American indigenous DNA from your father. How much he has and how much your brother has… can only be seen if they get their DNA tested.
    All of you have the same Y chromosome. Your sisters do not have that. They got the same X chromosome from your mother that you got. Your children will all get that chromosome from their mother.

  3. He said they have a dark skin brother as if he was light skin. jajajaja

  4. But y'all will pull different results! Just cuz you share the same parents don't mean you share the same DNA unless you're identical twins. All the siblings should take DNA test and watch the results differ.

  5. Black people Asian is not really a Race they're Africans all Asians are mixed with Mongols which is not a race

  6. The only black people that I've seen with 100% African DNA results are Africans. There are plenty of them here on YouTube. Other than Africans, I've never seen any other black with 100% African results. The closest was a Haitian with 90 or 93% African dna. You and your little brother obviously look mixed. It is very apparent. The only thing that looks remotely African about you is shape of your head which looks Ghanaian (from the Akhan people to be exact) and your lips. Other than that, I don't see any pure blood African features in you. I'm astounding that you managed to retain over 60% of African dna, which is probably due to the dominance of the African blood.

  7. ignorant shit Bernin Togo. #i don't know what that is#. y'all just dumb-ass

  8. You guys are funny! I'm so glad young people like yourselves are taking the test and doing your research to figure out where you come from. You've never heard of some of the countries on your test well maybe now you can learn about them and even visit someday. Funny comments tho, Ireland people be getting lit! Lmao and I dont know how white got there oh yes I do know lol. Yup we all know! I was expecting African dna myself being italian and Mexican because I have some kinky hairs in my head of straight hair. I learned I don't I have Polynesian dna and some of them do have the kinky hair. I did a dna video too check mine out. You guys are great.

  9. That's south eastern Bantu. Not Western….
    And bantu are a massive people Who are predominantly in the South and east and practically share same language. More or less.

  10. Taj Mawry look alike! great video my Brotha!

  11. What do you mean 'WE'? Everyone is different, even brothers and sisters! You all take different percentages from your parents. My sister and I are full sisters, but she is 91% British and I am 61% British.

  12. You aint got no Nigerian in you? Bummer. Just joking. Togo is close enough to Nigeria.

  13. West europe probably germany or france depending on where in the US you're from

  14. Each of you will have different amounts of different things from each of your parents. You and your syblings will not have exactly the same dna.

  15. Wow this guy's are Ghana gens look at the head the are black light skin af black gens are strong more than any shit tf

  16. My guess is that you're 40% native american, 50% african, 8% iberian, 2% other. Now ill listen to thevresults.

  17. Wow what a sexy handsome white boy you are!! On St. Patrick's day I hope.you say 'Kiss Me, I'm Irish! ' 🙂 What a great mix your family is.

  18. Just found out my mom is 2.4 % North african and 0.7% Nigerian on the My Heritage test. All tests so far showed some Nor African but this is the first to show Nigeria. Interesting your not Nigerian but I am. Only a few people have picked up or mentioned that I am African throughout my life. I didnt really expect it though I have some crispy hair on the sides. Look a little like Beethoven and Im German like him, about a quarter and half Irish through geneology.

  19. Why do blacks keep posting dna titles saying they are white . Like duh..its embarrassing..we were slaves raped by whites…its not something to be proud of posting it all as titles. And just bc u got a small percentage of something..dont MEAN your apart of that race..u got a few drops here and there. But sad to say ppl just gonna look at what u look like on the outside.

  20. Your results aren't you siblings results. Not how DNA works. Your dad could give you 50 percent and a different 50 to your siblings so if they wanna know what they are the need their own.

  21. For an African you are not black! But mixed!

  22. You look mixed to me "mulatto" as others black latin american…

  23. I haven't watched the video but I'm guessing you guys have some sort of Khoisan ancestry

  24. I'm African-American 89 % African thank God and the rest is European 17 % I know who ancestors was the house nigga lol

  25. The thought of getting dressed before doing this video did not occur to you…?

  26. I thought you were at least going to have some Oceanic in you….. And when you didn't say that I thought your European would be Eastern Europe.

  27. Everyone keep saying in the comments you look like there is some Asian in your mixture. People forget there are Africans who aren’t mix that hold the genetics to what we call Asian. lol

  28. Sorry but these results are a sham if their from DNA ancestry.waste of money

  29. Black Vinking ? Blood from scandinavian xD

  30. That's your DNA your brothers may be different in %.

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