1. I just started looking at your video and to me it looks like you got Jewish on your DNA

  2. I`m dominican I live in dr but I dont know how but I will have to do it .

  3. I'm half Dominican and half Austrian living in Austria though. I wanted to take the test too, but I kind of decided against it, because of the creepy clause that you have to agree to. Something about them being able to use the results? I don't know it really creeped me out ^^

  4. She is best defined as mixed race predominantly Caucasian. She is a typical Hispanic.

  5. I hate to break the bad news to you but you are northern European whether you like it or not.

  6. Nowadays, people are so desperate that everyone say "I am African". Relax Africans & people with inferiority complex. She is Dominican.

  7. i see no BLACK AMERICANS HERE …. saying " YOUR BLACK!" AND harassing us

  8. Hello! So I need some help here lol. I was adopted and my birth mother is Puerto Rican. She claims that my birth father is Dominican but I don’t think that’s accurate (She isn’t really sure WHO my birth father is…) I’m almost certain he was a white man lol. Anyway, take a look at my results and tell me what YOU think! Also, if you’re Dominican, what did your migrations come out to be? Thank you for the help!

    Ethnicity Estimate:
    Europe South: 23%
    Great Britain: 22%
    Iberian Peninsula: 21%
    Native American: 4%

    Low Confidence Regions:
    Middle East: 5%
    Africa North: 4%
    Ireland/Scotland/Wales: 4%
    Senegal: 3%
    Finland/Northwest Russia: 3%
    Africa Southeastern Bantu: 2%
    Benin/Togo: 2%
    Europe East: 2%
    Caucasus: 1%
    European Jewish: <1%
    Ivory Coast/Ghana: <1%
    Melanesia: <1%
    Scandinavia: <1%
    Mali: <1%

    Puerto Rico
    New England Settlers

  9. everyone in your comments keep saying 75% but you said 72% European , anyway great results , thanks for sharing

  10. Dominicans Are true european true African true europeans true native American……. We are mixed with everything including middle East and Asia

  11. The average Dominican is 60% European 25% African 15% Native American

  12. Wow, I’m Spaniard and you look fully Spanish. You could walk the streets of Spain and people would think you are a native of Spain. Your genotype says mixed race, but your phenotype says Native European/white race of Spain.

  13. Makes sense because the Irish accent is Gaelic

  14. Stop. Your not 20 percent African or Dominican. You are 100 percent white American.

  15. I am visiting a lot of channels about DNA results. For all of you, Thumbs up!! 😉

  16. No offense and us latinos we like to joke around with other light skinned latinos but they look latino could have fooled me you do not look latino at all I wish I looked like you so I could play dumb and act like I dont know spanish or like if im not latino and catch racist people

  17. i don't claim anyone that has Italy/Greece ancestry from North, Central, South America and the Caribbean. "Sicilianu Pride"

  18. All the region you mentioned in Africa is same , is west African,

  19. I'm Dominican and people always ask if I'm Puerto rican, I say no, not my greatgrand father was Puerto Rican so I guess I'm like 1/3 and 100%dominican

  20. On the Origins of “Dominican”

    The first recorded use of the word "Dominican" is found in a letter written by King Phillip IV of Spain in 1625 to the inhabitants of the Spanish colony of Hispaniola. In this letter, which was written before the arrival of French settlers on the Western side of the island, the King congratulates the "Dominicans" for their heroic efforts in defending the territory from an attack by the Dutch fleet. The term or demonym ("gentilicio") "Dominican" was used in reference to the Dominican Order – after their patron Saint Dominic – which had been a key institution and element in shaping the island's post-Columbian religious and civic identity for over a century. This letter can be found today in the "Archivo General de Indias" in Seville, Spain

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