In this video we find out what Andres is! I purchased the Ancestry DNA kit for him because we literally had no clue what he was! We thought European and Latin. The results were pretty shocking to us! Have you ever taken the test? If so, what are you?! It is so cool to know where you come from!

Andres: Osnapitsdre
Kimberly: _Yourstrulykimberly
Youtube Instagram: thecouple.est10

Kimberly: Kimberlykaayy

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  1. guy in the Video, DO NOT marry that women she is already controlling you ! And you are too Young, you still have to discover yourself and travel the world and experiment more if you know What I mean? I am a seer and can see right through both sooo well?

  2. I got 41% Africa SouthEastern Bantu, 38% Nigerian, 5% Mali, 3% European Jewish, 2% Great Britain, 1% Caucasus, 1% North African, <1% Europe West, and <1% Melanesia

  3. Forgot 4% – Ireland, 3% -European Jewish, 1% – Eastern European.

  4. she's controlling you sure you want to get married. your probably scillian their Scandinavian

  5. Portugal not Spanish they are Portuguese different lingo,

  6. I’m guessing your kids will be about 89% European (mostly Spanish/Greek/English), 8% Native American, 2% African, & 1% West Asian. Great results!! ?? I’m pretty sure he is part Latino! That Native American and little bit of African shows it right there!

  7. ?The Guatemala people in there minds they from England ??????????????????????just caused they were given English names ????????????????

  8. People of Guatemala like to name there new borns with all kind of English names -???it get to the point that they think they R from England ???

  9. You look French to me lol with a mix of Italian

  10. What's wrong with marrying your own cousin? It's not against the law or God. Read Leviticus 18.

  11. Just a cautionary note: Greek/Italian has recently been changed to Southern European in Ancestry because it also can signify Spanish blood. Given that your boyfriend has Guatemalan ancestry, this is most likely the case since Spaniards intermixed with the natives there. So add his Southern European to his Iberian peninsula percentages plus his native american and that all signifies Latin American descent.

  12. He could still be some type of Latino. Latinos today are a mixture of European (typically Iberian and or Italian) and Native American. Because of percentages he recieved it's almost like he has a parent that was Latino. They are now able to be a more specific and can find migrations within your specific regions. My brother in law is Mexican and only gas 32% NA but has 4 migrations all from Mexico. I also have one pinpointing where some of my Irish ancestors specifically came from in Ireland.

  13. 80% european is higher than the average latino. I would guess he has one parent fully white and the other is latino

  14. Why do Latinos tend to have Greek and Italian in their genes? I get why they have Iberian Peninsula.

  15. Love your parents reactions especially with the Native American and African. Thanx for posting.

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