1. Fun fact, there’s more genetic variation within Africa than there in the whole rest of the world combined

  2. OMG you might be 100%. When the range includes 0% that means that in some of the test the run your DNA on did not show any European at all.

  3. My god, you're very beautiful. Before you revealed your results I was convinced you'd have A good percentage of either Europe West or Iberian. You look mixed race in features. I have heard that Ghanaian people are very beautiful.

  4. Cool! I became obsessed with these videos and finding out my own heritage. I just sent off my sample the othee day, can't wait for the results!? Also, it's really nice seeing you keep up with your videos all these years!

  5. I’m Antiguan too and I couldn’t find anyone who was Antiguan and took the test!!! I just bought the test and I’ll be doing a video as soon as I get my results…I subed too! Lol, maybe we’re cousins?

  6. I guessed right! I knew were 95% just by looking at you. most black people from the caribbean have a high percentage of African.

  7. Your Benin can actually include both Ghana and Nigerian Cameroon can include Nigeria mainly east Nigeria it can even mean Chad

  8. the last thing you're looking at is just every region they have data for. you don't have ancestors from all those places.

  9. You got your results so quick I ordered mines the same day and my sample is t even being processed yet

  10. How interesting! Btw it’s Ghanaian, not ‘Ghanan’ 🙂

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