all about the ancestry dna test and my results! so cool!
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  1. Mine came back 55% west Europe 34.5 Scandinavia 11.5 England. I had hoped for something exotic LOL.

  2. Hej från Sverige! 🙂 jag är svensk med lite walloon.

  3. Did you happen to do the 23 and me genetic cancer screen?

  4. I hate how Ancestry migration routes are set up, because ancestry gave me 1 migration route for my African American heritage & I’m only 33% African!! I’m wondering why ancestry excluded my European migration routes, because European indeed dominated my genetic makeup…

  5. Preston, I loved the video!  How interesting and not surprising at all that you're a European mutt!  =)  Tell us about some of that delicious french food, coffee, wine!  Places to go in Paris that are off the beaten tourist path, as well!  It's always great to see your videos.  Big hugs!

  6. oh my god ! unbelievable ! I was randomly watching videos of people testing their DNA and then you came up in my suggestions ! I go to class with you at the Sorbonne !
    I also watched your other videos and i hope this doesnt sound awkward but you are one brave human being. you truly are. Keep up with the videos Preston 😉

  7. There are no ethnic groups in Europe by countries, we Europeans are all mixed, there is more proportion in each country, but if you test a Spanish, a Frenchman, a German, an Englishman, he will tell you that he is from many parts of Europe.

  8. Preston, you bear a strong very resemblance to some of my Northern Maine family!

  9. Oh that is just so wonderful, Preston! You are obviously so excited by it all too. I am English BUT I have French Huguenot ancestry probably from the late 18th Century. We English are indeed a very mixed race of Celts, Picts, Romans, Saxons (German), Vikings (Danes), Normans(French), Jews, Germans (our Royal Family is German) etc. So yes, wow!! Future videos? More of this and ? English Linguistics, Preston possibly?

  10. We tend to not think about the fact that before people emigrated from their “home” countries to America there were thousands of years of movement before them as well, as means of survival. So even though we know our families came from here and there, their ancestors more than likely moved around as well. My husband thought for sure that he was 50% Spanish, his grandparents on his fathers side were immigrants from Spain and spoke only Spanish, but that isn’t the case at all!! Although his belief of being 50% Irish was exact, his grandparents on his mother’s side were immigrants from Ireland and that’s really truly all they were LOL It’s just all so fascinating!!!!

  11. Really liked your video and thanks so much for sharing! You sound so interesting and I just subscribed to your channel. Like you, I also took my Ancestry test and I am waiting for my results which I hope come in soon!!!

  12. Fascinating. The British element may have left Britain under a cloud, which could explain why the story hasn’t been passed on. If you can get any information about where your British ancestors came from, you may be able to trace them through parish registers, which would have been quite comprehensive up to 1700.

  13. You are as French as you are Middle East (Caucasus) … strange :/

  14. C'est trop trop bien et trop intéressant ! J'adorerais le faire moi aussi !

  15. Hi friend, it’s sooo good to see you’re really back and okay with new projects as this one, it’s so interesting for you to know your family story, i was surprised to see how precise this test is. Thanks for sharing!
    It would be cool to know about your master, how is it going on ? Hugs to you and Charlie ?❤️

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