1. Wow! I can see how being half Irish was a surprise. I don't think I have any Irish ancestry either judging by what my family know but now I'm concerned I might have, haha. It's not that I don't like the Irish, but I feel very, very English lol. I should get the results in a few weeks, definitely going to be some Scandinavian in there since my great grandad was Norwegian. TBH, I'm hoping I'm 100% Great Britain, or at least 90%… that would be cool! Nice to watch your video BTW, one of the few people who didn't act crazy over-excited about their ancestry.

  2. Hi Hattie
    Found this broadcast very informative! You have a lovely natural manner and great presentation:-) Good Luck Julzx

  3. Seriously has anyone found any *real* value in these DNA tests? I understand finding relatives, etc. but the ethnicity seems like a bunch of bullshit. I mean, for example, on a forum about these DNA tests someone basically said that the ethnicity is good if you don't know jackshit about your ancestry [his exact words were, if you can't trace past your great-grandparents it might "clue you in"]. Pathetic.

  4. I was told I'm 1/8 polish and the rest British, however I am obsessed with the Mediterranean culture, i. Also olive skinned with dark hair and some Mediterranean features, I always thought my dad had some Mediterranean form his mums side (she could even pass as middle eastern). I received my results today to find 0% Iberian and 0% Italian/Greek. I was however 1% Caucasus. I am now devastated and don't really know what to think. I don't get it, you are 10% Mediterranean and you are so British looking. Where's mine!?! I don't know where I belong. My results came back 37% Western European, 32% Irish, 18% British, 6% Sdandinavian, 4% Finaland/NW Russia, 2% Eastern European and 1% Caucasus.

  5. I had similar results. I live in the US. I had a 2nd great-grandfather that was from england. & a great-grandmother that was an irish orphan. I'm a 1/4 german that's y i have a higher europe west result.

    my results: 45% ireland, 26%europe west, 15% scandinavia, 6% british
    trace regions: 4% iberian peninsula, 2% italy/greece, <1% europe east, <1% middle east

    thanks for your video!

  6. Very interesting. I'm surprised you had no Europe West for being British. I turned up with a lot of Europe West (with only small amounts of actual paper-trail ancestry from Germany & France) thinking it was an Anglo-Saxon connection. I just figured, incorrectly I guess, that most modern Brits would also have some decent percentages of Europe West. I'm American but most all of my ancestry is British & Irish.

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