Ancestry DNA results! What’s really my ethnicity? DNA TEST!

Ancestry DNA results! What’s really my ethnicity? DNA TEST!

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Hey guys! In today’s video, I will be sharing with you my Ancestry DNA results! I am super excited to learn more about my family’s history! I also was really impressed by ancestryDNA’s website and how it allows you to go deeper into your result and learn more about the different regions. Give me a huge thumbs up and subscribe! Comment “the motherland” in the comment section if you are reading this!


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  1. You are a beautiful woman. Finding out about your DNA from 100 of years ago doesn't mean you are from those countries. You were born in the US right .Just saying.!!. If I strictly went with my DNA i wouldn't have a country to call my own. ?

  2. Your lips are every then lipped white woman's fantasy! Beauty-lipcious!

  3. ok, the results are she's essentially 1/3 rd white. Yeah, that looks accurate.

  4. She cant be east african. The horn of africa had nothing to do with slavery.

  5. Senegal YEAAAAYYY?? You gorgeous gurrrrllll♥️

  6. Love ur hair.. ur very pretty.. is crazy that u are 34% European And it shows in ur nose and hair. I am 34% Native American and I can see it in my eyes and high cheek bone.. 34% is a big percentage

  7. Africa ruled for thousands upon thousands of years while Europeans were living in the ice age.

  8. I have always been in love with the name that you have. Since one time in distant past I met a very interesting beautiful girl of Armenian descent with this name. This name is popular all over in the Middle East, North Africa, among all the Middle Eastern nations, countries like Egypt, Morocco, some West Asian countries like Turkey, Armenia, Georgia. So I thought that you were half black, and maybe half Arabic or Jewish because of the name

  9. A Child of Yeshua, Jesus Christ..The Son of Man that's the most important..

  10. If you have Norse/English blood because the Saxon and later the Norse, then later the Norman (Northmen of France- VIKINGS that were granted the north of France to keep other Vikings out) you may have a version of CCR5… Genetics that will make your immune system SUPERIOR to that of someone with only Sub Saharan Africa ancestory..  To give you a clue, the CCR5 gene was responsible for the majority of those that survived 2 different plagues in Europe.. You hit the "F"ing lotto..  Oh and CCR5 also is resistant to H.I.V. and other viruses, this is all documeneted and they are starting to use CCR5 therapy to stop H.I.V. and other viruses..  Sista, you will survive what your African brothers cannot, much like the Spanish wiping out and the Mayans and Aztecs with small pox…   2+2=4 , why do you think that a small population of those white people conquered and created the world as you know it..??  Learn your history.

  11. You’re stunning! Giving me hair and lips!! I thought you’d have more African dna though and -1% NA is not a lot, but shows that some generations ago there was a Native American ancestor who had a whole Native American family (which is your extended family). Anyways, check out my dna results as well!

  12. no girl what it is telling you is that African people move around Africa and they where organized and traded…. they mixed. like all other peoples did

  13. African american is your culture not your DNA that is a different story

  14. Which dna test did you use? Great video.

  15. if you got less than one percent native american, that means you do have native american in you because it showed up in your DNA

  16. I was born and raised in West Africa, I am light skin, my parents, grand and great grand are all raised and Born in Africa

  17. Girl! you from the Benin Kingdom, just like all of us from the Americas came from some Kingdom

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