Ancestry DNA Results! What am I Mixed With?

Ancestry DNA Results! What am I Mixed With?

Welcome to my channel! This video is all about my Ancestry DNA results and finding out what I am REALLY mixed with! This was a very informative experience and I was so excited to see my final results! Hope you enjoy finding out what I’m mixed with!

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  1. You look Dominican , Somali , Moroccan , Eritrean frrrrrrrr ???????? you deadass look like all of em LMFAO I don’t even know how that’s possible you really looking like all those ethnicities individually

  2. If you have Norse/English blood because the Saxon and later the Norse, then later the Norman (Northmen of France- VIKINGS that were granted the north of France to keep other Vikings out) you may have a version of CCR5… Genetics that will make your immune system SUPERIOR to that of someone with only Sub Saharan Africa ancestory..  To give you a clue, the CCR5 gene was responsible for the majority of those that survived 2 different plagues in Europe.. You hit the "F"ing lotto..  Oh and CCR5 also is resistant to H.I.V. and other viruses, this is all documeneted and they are starting to use CCR5 therapy to stop H.I.V. and other viruses..  Sista, you will survive what your African brothers cannot, much like the Spanish wiping out and the Mayans and Aztecs with small pox…   2+2=4 , why do you think that a small population of those white people conquered and created the world as you know it..??  Learn your history.

  3. Maybe what you were told were Native American roots from your Black side was actually European DNA from slavery, and that's what added that 7% to the 50% you have from your Dad. By the looks of your ethnicity estimate, it seems like your mom was 86% African and 14% European. Also, my paternal grandfather's family is from NC and his largest was Cameroon/Congo as well! My dad is a light skinned Black man with freckles and he also had reddish/brown hair when he was young. He thought he was like 15% Cherokee, but that was actually Scottish DNA!

  4. Look at all those curls, very beautiful. I don’t think Black Americans understand how little Natives were procreating with Africans. Some Balcks joined certain tribes, some were enslaved by other tribes and there wasn’t a whole lot of mixing, event though Blacks moves to those area. I also did the test, so you can check out my results.

  5. Wow… Respectfully, At 57% European you could easily say that you are "European American" and be even more accurate than the 43% African… I am just saying…

  6. Oh wow your results continental wise are really similar to mines! I got 56% European, 43% African, and 1% Native American

  7. All Black ppl thing we have Native American ? Interesting video!

  8. BabbyKissy Saadiq says:

    Most of my dna is 33% European, and 46% African descent. The rest 2% Indian or Native blood, and 18% Asian. The Asian really kicked in because my eyes says it all, and the curly hair I have came from my black side.

    ~Greetings from Honolulu, Hawaii??❣️

  9. Did you know Africans had slaves too? Races have been mixing back when Moses led slaves out of Egypt and maybe further back than that

  10. I seen loads of people with a high percentage of Cameroon/Congo

  11. You are extremely gorgeous and you look very European /White to me! Be sure to say Kiss Me I'm Irish next St. Patrick's day 🙂 Take care cute lady!

  12. You are dropdead gorgeous, a wonderful combination of ethnic diversity. The mixture that is you produced a Beautiful example of the Human Race.

  13. If you didn’t say west African and White I would have guessed either Moroccan or Somali

  14. Im going to guess 55% Euro and 45% African. Lets see…

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