1. Great results and I'm happy with you!! 

    Something you may not have realized.  Your mom said she was black on your birth certificate; however, she was probably just as mixed as you which increased some of the other than African results.  Your dad probably had some African as well and the only way to tell is to get their tests and their parents' tests which I know is impossible. 

    I consider myself black even though I have a tremendous amount of European ethnicities.  Actually, my parents had no idea how my siblings and I would turn out because of their multiple ethnic, ethnic European mixtures with mother Africa (their words).

    You look and act like my brother's youngest son.

    I'm proud to call you cousin for we have the same mixtures.  Enjoy your life you are quite deserving 🙂

  2. Awesome bro I'm 26% native American too but 21% andean and 5% north central South, but I'm only 4% west African lol I'm mostly Spanish and Portuguese but awesome results bro

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