Ancestry DNA results (Tunisian – North Africa)

Ancestry DNA results (Tunisian – North Africa)

I took this test to see my ethnic background, as Tunisia is very diverse.
Result: 36% Middle East; 33% Europe (19% Iberian, 13% Italian/ Greek, 1% Jew); 31% African (24% North Africa, 6% Senegal, 1% Bantu)

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  1. I'm Sephardi Jew my parents immigrate to Israel in the late 50s from Algeria.

    My results:
    Middle East 36.7%
    North African 25.9%(Tunisia)
    Broadly Middle East & North African 8.4%

    European 26.2%(Italian 10.7% Ashkenazi Jewish 3.4% Iberian 2.9% Broadly Southern European 7.4% Broadly European 1.8%)

    We have much more in common 😉

  2. We are all Arabs from Arabia, and Makkeh is the cradle of prophethood, languages and civilizations, read this:

    Magazine: Le Point
    Civilisation : nous sommes tous des Arabes ! Tous les hommes descendraient d'ancêtres communs ayant peuplé la péninsule arabique selon les généticiens, écrit Frédéric Lewino.

    Voilà pourquoi nous sommes tous des Arabes et fiers de l'être. L'étude est parue dans “American Journal of Human Genetics.”

  3. Where Are The Billions of People with Arabic Genetic Heritage?

    BILLIONS OF PEOPLE around the world have an ancient ANCESTRY IN ARABIA? Yes Arabia, according to Professor Martin Richards (Leeds University) and Dr. Luisa Pereira (Porto University) based on their mitochondrial DNA research. According to these two independent and scientific institutions, the common ancestor (10,000 to 20,000 years back) was found in Arabia, and they have found an Arabic oldest ancestor that goes back as far as 60,000 years.

    How come no one has heard about this scientific discovery? Why do we have in the DNA results, Jewish %, Italian %, Greek, Spanish, Irish or British, French %, etc. but never ARABIC? Is Italian ancestry uniquely different from Greek compared to Arabic? Who's closer to Italian Arabic or Greek?

    Why Arabian, the ancient ancestor of billions of people, is not there or even mentioned in the DNA results? Who's behind all of this and what's their objective?

    Look at some Arab Bedouins today who live in remote, closed, isolated areas in the deserts of Saudi Arabia, Oman, Arab Emirates, and most interestingly in YEMEN, aren't their looks very, very uniquely rare?

    What happened to today's 500 million ARABS! Did they disappear?

    The DNA test is a TASTELESS JOKE. If you’re an Arab doing the DNA ancestry test you may find "Jewish" blood in your test, but never ARABIC blood. Wow! What a joke!

    How about Muslim blood? Why we have never found Muslim blood in the DNA test? There are millions of Muslims who have been totally isolated who live in the mountains of Pakistan, Afghanistan, Uzbekistan, etc. and have rarely mixed with other ethnic groups. How about their Muslim blood result?

    How about if you’re a Jewish Arab? What would your test show Jewish or Arabic blood?

    What a joke! Don't do the DNA test and waste your money and time.

    The DNA ancestry test is rubbish.

  4. Imti, has the recent update had any big impact on your earlier results?

  5. tunisians are amazigh,they are not arabica,arabs el irhabiyines you can find them in asia

  6. One more thing and I Don't want to keep bothering you. Please YOUTUBE shocking Moroccan DNA results! (Ancestry DNA) The Tiny Therapist. Please hear her from beginning to end. She hits on some powerful things while sharing her results!

  7. I guess at the end of the day you tried and believe what you want to about yourself, the dna of the people in North Africa and every other place threw out the world goes by the history and all the people who played a part in that history more so than not. I am sure you know that. Sorry you feel like you got cheated out of your money. ,Maybe they can give you your money back especially if there is such a discrepancy. Any who my dear, wish you the best and at the end of the day everyone is all apart of the human race deeply connected to one another. PEACE and Nammyohrengekyo!!

  8. I really don't know what to say on that!,Maybe you should try 2 more DNA company and compare all 4, all of them cannot be lying! I am grateful for ancestry dna, it blew it out of the water for me because it exposed my parents who raised me, that they were not my biological parents. It's been quite a journey for me for the last 2 yrs, so many different emotions!! Did connect to my biological family on both sides including my biological mother. I know for some north Africans they have a higher percentage of berber like 75percent or more and some like my biological family in Morocco are really a mix of Arab, berber, jewish, Spanish, mali, Senegal, Italian. I wish you the best with figuring that out.

  9. Its not surprising you have Senegal in your ancestry!! Don't be surprised!! Do your research on spain and all the people who played apart in the invasion and making spain a great country back in the day! It was not only the Arabs but also the almoravid the people from Senegal who also contribute to the artecture of buildings in Spain and morroco/ culture. All the people who contribute something and was around during that time was north Africans berbers, Arabs, Senegalese, Jews, Moors from Mali possibly other Africans from different parts of aftica. Please Google Black African Moors of the great Senegal empire pt 2/ Rasta Live wire. I believe what they are saying is the truth. I am not trying to be Afrocentric or white centric or any centric!! just searching for the truth!/ the real/ All the truth and not trying to leave any group of people out!!! Since I am half african american and half morrocan. I have what you have just different percentages and of course some things different with a african american father. I think that's beautiful that different races/ groups of people played a part with working together in the greatness of Spain during that time to help europe/ spain get out of the dark ages. I am proud to see people put there differences/ race aside for the greater good of humanity! I really hope the human race as a whole can get back to that type of unity and greater good!

  10. Im Tunsian and these are My Ancestry DNA results:

    35% Middle East
    25% Africa North
    17% Iberian Peninsula
    and to my surprise 7% European Jewish!!
    5% Nigeria
    5% Italy/Greece
    3% Senegal
    1% Ivory Coast/ Ghana
    1% Africa South-Eastern Bantu
    Less than 1% Mali

    THESE DNA RESULTS WERE SHOCKING! First and foremost I thought I would be more North African. AND ALSO IM 7% EUROPEAN JEWISH!! My parents don't know anyone who is a European Jew in my family for generations. I expected me to be at least 10% Italy/Greece as the Italians and Tunisians had a lot of conflicts and mixing together so I expected me to be higher. Also I NEVER KNEW I WAS 5% NIGERIAN! HOW! I knew I was Senegalese and Mali due to when the Berbers and Wolof people mixed to created the Moorish people who attack Spain and Portugal but were later kicked out of the peninsula only to have already married with the native Spanish people so they bought there Spanish blood to North Africa.

  11. A high number of European DNA ist absolute plausible. Roman Empire, Osmanic Empire, England, France…..

  12. You are drop dead gorgeous, a wonderful combination of ethnic diversity. The mixture that is you produced a beautiful representative of the Human Race.

  13. My results are 40% North African 30% Middle East 20% Iberian 10% Jewish Sefardish. These results confirm that we North Africans are mixed people, it's the best way to fight these Amazigh supremacists because they claim we're all pure Amazigh people which is obviously bullshit. We are mixed people with both Arab and Amazigh ancestry, we can be proud Arabs and DNA tests have shown us that we have Arab blood in our veins. I'm a Moroccan Arabist and proud, I love my country and I'm a proud Arab patriot and believe in Arab nationalism.

  14. Salam I am moroccan, from the rif (north of Morocco) and I did the myheritage test and i got these results : 73,4% North African, 25%, Iberian (Spain/Portugal) and 1,6% Italian. I did not have a single percent from the Middle-East area and I was a little bit suprised.

  15. This may be then. The most beautiful women I’ve ever set my eyes on…..for reals

  16. Excuse me I am looking forward to know my DNA results, could you tell where in Tunisia I can go to get them?

  17. You are very beautiful and from my honest opinion the women who have some black African DNA are very beautiful. Specially the latinas.

  18. I’m algerian from the north east of algeria my results were 33% Africa north ,22%middle east 15% south europe italy greece 14% ibiria peninsula 5% west and south africa bantu ,5% mali ,3% senegal ,3%europe jewish

  19. Which DNA company was that? Was it Middle East or West Asian? The former implies probably an Arabian connection and if it was the latter, an Ottoman one.

    Which is which?

  20. Why North Africans want to be seen as "white" and deny the fact they have black subsaharian African too . Most of them have have black from west Africa or central Africa . North Africans are just mixed race like in South America.

  21. Been playing with gedmatch for a while and getting a grasp of the varius calculators would need your GEDMATCH number though…

  22. You're a mix of all the regions surrounding your country. Why are people acting so surprised especially considered Tunisia's history of being a major gateway between the Mediterranean and Africa since antiquity.

  23. يا عمو، ويا بنتو! كبرّوا عقولكم هذا الفحص كله خرافات وسخافات، البصمة الوراثية أو أصل الأنسان كله مبني على الأكاذيب ولا يعني أي شيء بل البيئة والثقافة والبلد والتربية واللغة والمبادئ والقيم والأفكار هي التي تصنع الانسان فقط. وهذا الفحص لا شك ورائه أعداء العرب لأنهم يقولون لك مثلاً أنت شرق أوسطي ٨٠ % ولست عربي ولكن أنت يهودي٢٠% وكأن اليهودية عرقاً وليس ديناً.

    One girl did the DNA at Ancestry DNA and at 23And Me. The results were according to Ancestry DNA the girl was 97% from Europe, and 43% Jewish of her 97%. According to 23 And Me the girl was 70% from Black Africa? Wow! The girl called Ancestry DNA and screamed at them by saying: “I am not Jewish”. You see, it’s all rubbish because we all know that being Jewish is following a religion and it is not a race!

    اذاً هذه وسيلة جديدة للضحك على الناس وتخديرهم من أجل السيطرة عليهم. أما كلامك عن الاديان فإن الغرب هو الذي بدأ الحرب على العرب والمسلمين بدءً بأوربة وانهاءً بالويلات المتحدة قد أعلنوّها منذ سقوط طليطلة والأندلس. أمّا العرب فقد نقلوا العلوم والحضارة لهم بعد أن إبتكروا ووجدوا العلوم

  24. DNA Results
    Hi guys I would like to share my DNA results im from the Arabian peninsula originally from Yemen my DNA results is 85% WEST ASIA 15% NORTH AFRIICA. Also west Asia includes Iran and turkey Israel and some other non Arabic countries which is prove there are no such thing called arab race.
    I would like to make something very clear based on my knowledge and History and the evidence that im aware of there is no something called Arab race except Yemen and correct me if im wrong please, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Bahrain Kuwait what is known to be the original Arabs they are all been ARABNIZED by the culture and the influence at the time. We all know that prophet Muhammad his grand father prophet Ismail came from Iraq to Makah and did not eve speak Arabic, But what happened is that he marry from an Arabian tribe from Yemen called jurham and learned Arabic from them. Moreover the countries that known to be Arabic such as Egypt, Iraq, Syria, morocco, Tunisia ETC they all have been Arabnized as I mentioned throw the by the influence Trads culture, relgion Also there are Christian and Jews that are Arabs.When we say we are arab because our countries of orgines known to be arabic they speak arabic, education system is arabic cult, relgion etc thats why we say we are arabs. correct me Pleae and feel free to discuss this further im here to learn?….. ☺

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