1. kings of Mali in ancient times came to the Americas and traded with original people living here. this went on for hundreds of years before the Atlantic slave trade and Columbus. when Europeans inquired about it the original people said they traded with the black men from across the waters. Mali has records of sending thousands of boats to America hundreds of years before the English and Spanish arrived. This is why so many with native DNA also have Mali. it does not have to be from slavery

  2. Your dad was a mestizo at 51% Spanish. The rest Native. Mestizo is a person who is a half breed between the native and spanish. Since you're 76% European, that makes you a castizo(a) 70-90% European. A criollo is a full blooded European born out side of Europe.

  3. I think the Irish comes out in you – the high cheekbones. You kook like Grace Kelly!

  4. It's funny how a lot of people in the comment shun black genetics some are either prejudice or ignorant but one things for sure humanity started in Africa so if u got any black genetics in u which u all do that's your beginning. If u had none and something else that's Neanderthal DNA the whiter u get that's more Neanderthal DNA and even that usually doest go above 4 %. So African dna is the oldest and what we are today everything else was second or third to that be proud of your African roots.

  5. mexican ain't spanish … they claim to be Spanish haha. The spaniards don't even like mexicans and we take that as an insult including mexicans with us..
    but hey look on the bright side u and borat are related lol.

  6. Many Mexicans have European dna sometimes 50 percent many times they have Iberian and Italian/Greek they also have African and North African and middle eastern

    The middle east too must come from your father caucus region

  7. There is no particular look of a Mexican. The majority of Mexicans are mixed with Spanish Native American and African. Mexican is a culture, not a race. I’m Mexican and I get confused for middle eastern or south Asian my brother looks Irish, my dad looks Filipino and my mom looks Italian, all Mexican. We’re a colorful bunch.

  8. Nice very nice .. and you did it in a very nice manner … and don't forget to visit all that countries that you are genetically related to them…. all the Isatans are save just that Afghanistan is not.sorry for that one Istan….you will have a very nice journey if you can mange to go to Uzbekistan Tajikistan, Turkenamsitan Azarbaijan, Armenia Turkey, and IrAAAAn all of them were once the center of the modern human revolution and humanity started there even before Greeks cam down from the trees (i am just joking about the Greeks hahahah)…go for it and you will be astonished  …peace cheers…

  9. Your results are very interesting! Thanks for sharing! You are also very beautiful!

  10. you are nice!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. U look like one of my cousins and she is of 100 percent Mexican heritage from jalisco, to me u look like a light skinned Mexican u got that chicana look in your cheek bones and eyes…I'm Mexican and I look like your average mestizo Mexican, anyways I usto install cable , so I went to install cable to a Jewish girls house from Israel and she tripped out when I spoke Spanish with my coworker she was like your Mexican. I was like yeah, she was like your don't look Mexican your too tall and not dark your pretty good looking..I was like thanks, I was like what do Mexicans look like to you, she was like short, dark and kinda Asian looking…I was like wow..haha, just saying some people stereotype Mexicans too look like that

  12. U forget most Mexicans have Spanish blood, the Spanish blood is from your Mexican lineage

  13. Trump dna just reveal his a reptilian. Mix with orage orangutan. And 99.9 evil chromosome

  14. It's not a bad thing to be white, i don't get why people in these DNA results try to dispel their European side. In the US it seems like you're not white if you have slightly olive skin or dark hair and speak Spanish or non English, it makes no sense. It's mass ignorance in the US that people think Mexican, Puerto Rican and hispanics/latino are a race. You can literally be a a white, black, mixed or full blown native and be hispanic/latino as it refers to geography and language. In Europe (where i'm from at least), there'd be no question wether you were white or not.

    Sorry for venting, You're beautiful btw.

  15. Hey, Mexican was the first thing I thought you were because you look Mexican. I'm not good at guessing either so I'm glad I was right about it lol.

  16. The Spaniard component is composed of the Iberian, the Italian, the Caucus, and the Mali. All those were already mixed in Spain before Columbus. The substrate was Iberian, then Carthaginians brought Northern African (Mali), the Romans the Italian, and the Arab Invasion of Spain in the 8th Century brought Semitic and Caucus, followed by a further Islamic invasion of the Moors on the already invaded territories by the Arabs. Moors brought even more Mali.

  17. There's no such thing as full Mexican. Mexicans are a mix. There wouldn't be Mexicans if European people didn't mix with native American. People need to learn the blood line. Hispanics are racist they like to forget they are European. And I'm Hispanic my family always teaches are European roots proud to be Basque.

  18. All off these treats make you who you are and may I at you are beautifully

  19. cool results , i posted mine too , i'm Puertorrican 15% Native American like you with 72% Euro , thanks for sharing .

  20. I don’t care what ethnicity you are. Beauty transcends those boundaries and you have it in spades!

  21. Now unfortunately you MUST learn all of the native languages that your DNA consists of…better learn how to roll that tongue ?

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