1. But some siblings do it together and theirs come up a little bit different so he might want to do his own.

  2. NO… What every you are Your Brother is not. I seen one test where a brother was 35% Nigerian and the sister was like 1% So yes your brother should get his own done. Even twins have SMALL differences in them.

  3. I watched your video only because you’re Jamaican… but Not nice soft hair. Anyone can have nice soft hair and light skinned, it doesn’t make them any type of mixture.

    Oh I love that you don’t have European or Native American.
    Just African & Asian, which is pretty unique.

  4. Your results are fascinating. Especially being less than 1% European considering you’re Caribbean. Very interesting.

  5. AaaaHahahaha haahhhhhhhhaaaaaahhhhaas……….fa show……….im waiting on mine……..

  6. Why do you straighten your hair? Moreover, many Asians prefer light Brown to White. Many are very color prejudice! This is a very ignorant female. Take Jamaica out of your title please!

  7. Can people down blow stop calling her racist for celebrating her results? Unless many of you forgot, the slave trade happened in north and south America as well as the Caribbean. We all know how the white most likely got there through raping of our ancestors. No one hates white people, we just don't want to celebrate a rapist ancestor if that is what they were unfortunately since many of us were prevented from speaking our languages we were unable to tell our story.

  8. She's a Coolie or Indian still , we don't have the 1 drop Jim Crow rule in the islands!

  9. we don't call ourselves Caribbean, West Indians are from Jamaica, Trinidad, Guyana, Belieze, Dominica, St Croix, Antigua, etc regardless of race! Caribbean are all the islands in the West Indies !

  10. you are biggity brown guuurl! go head. lucky less than 1%

  11. ure beautiful because of your south asian and black blood. still can be stamped an exotic

  12. I enjoyed this. This was definitely entertaining. You're pretty & hilarious; and kind of remind me of Kerry Washington, and Ayesha Curry. I think your results are unique, because I haven't seen many that came out less than 1% European.

  13. poor thing she looked very disappointed being less than 1% European. ….

  14. I know this off the subject but I just want to say I'm big fan of your brother and was really saddened when he died, I also want to say that no matter what your DNA results turn out to be I just want you and your sister Janet to keep Michael's legacy alive (Long live the king!)

  15. When you showed the picture of your father, I thought,"he looks Indian" but I didn't think anything of it until you showed your results. You're beautiful !LOVE the video! I'm awaiting my results patiently.

  16. I like how you're wearing a dashiki for the reveal lol.

  17. Has had to be one of the most satisfying DNA result videos I've ever seen lol

  18. I can totally see you being an Indonesian and African

  19. Just by looking at you, I said she is Dougla… Very nice video

  20. Give me a break! You have straigthened your hair and appear to use some sort of whithening product (I have seen your old videos) and want us to believe that you are proud not to have any European blood. I think you are proving the opposite. Your video is a cry our for not having any white blood. You were even wishing for white ancestry when casually suggesting that your maternal grandad was fair skinned. Sort out your internal conflicts and try again!

  21. when you revealed your European percentage girrllll u had me cracking up!

  22. Dougla power ?? lol nice results …I am half Puerto Rican and black American my results were 66% African 22%European 6% native American and 6% middle eastern

  23. Cool results. Haha don't say the last part too loud just kidding 😀 don't worry about those who might feel offended
    Will you do more genealogy?

  24. You are so cool. Love your hair…I want that cut. Your reaction cracked me up.

  25. your last name is Singh. very East Indian. I think it means Lion

  26. She's so stupid. White people are genetic mutation of Indians.

  27. I want to take this test to see if I'm more than European. I mean obviously, it will be the majority

  28. Don't know why you would think you need European to be beautiful?  But is sounds very racist.

  29. Um yeah, if you rejoice over not having much white, that's racist. Think about it. As a mostly white person, I am offended.
    If a white person rejoiced over not having African, you'd be calling them a racist and screaming they were KKK….
    And FYI, you can have white ancestors and not have a large percentage in a test. Longer DNA strands get chopped up and unrecognizeable, from more recent ancestors continually marrying people of color. And if we go back far enough in time, we all had the same ancestors. The reason we have different colors and features is because we spread out and continually married from our small groups. Genetic mutations became stronger. Look up selective breeding, that's how they develop new breeds of dogs and other animals. Thumbs down for the racist.

  30. someone really needs to break it down to me – as far as I am aware a woman can not a full spectrum of her dna because it will just shows her mother side (mtDNA is inherited from the mother) not her father side (Y-dna) … so I am confused about this video. Plus most european share central and south west asian dna also carried by the brahman indians …

  31. its funny because one of my fears in doing DNA is seeing European ancestry especially since my family has never claimed any. loved hearing your results.

  32. You weren't seriously confused and lost..were you?

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