1. Que bello eres ..mis Padres son de Puerto rico I'm 100% Puerto Rican I plan on doing my dna as well ..?

  2. Desperate self hating claiming black Americans below!! Watch out!!!

  3. This is why he is so handsome cos have latin ancestry !!!!! yeahhhhhh

  4. Not Indian mate …. Don’t disrespect native Americans

  5. Whoah dude. Only 63% European and you look way whitter than me (75%) I thought for sure you were around the same percentage as me. Can't judge a book by it's cover.

  6. He's something average of Latino and Caribbean. Mexican people have average 6% African ancestry but in Puerto Rico, Cuba and Dominican Republic its much higher.

  7. I know you is not. but you look like you are 100% middle Eastern it only goes to show you everything that glitters is not gold

  8. That 2% isn't a chance number. These numbers are not probabilities strictly

  9. 100% Black = Great Grand Father
    1/2=50% Black = Grand Mother
    1/4=25% Black = Mother/Father
    1/8=12.5% Black = Robert

  10. You should date with 100% asian like me to fulfill your DNA race hahaha ?

  11. Interesting, based on your looks I was expecting much more European, 80% perharps. Not always the looks is similar to the ancestry.

  12. He so stupid of course that you have african all latinamerican have ? asian from who ????
    Other. Thing this people is not taino this people disapear alot year ago we have more african than taino in our genes. Of course the people from the caribbean

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