1. I checked my Y-DNA haplogroup N1c (father lineage), very rare in rest of Europe (much less than 1%) extremely common in Finland (60-72%). Most of matches of that accurate clan number found in Finland, few in Sweden, Russia. But there was one Scott named Afleck born in cirka1590 and one Mexican in early 1800's.

  2. Finland/Northwest Russia = Finno-Ugric people, not Slavic Russian. What is interesting here is that genetic experts are claiming that when ever that Finno-Ugric result is found its reliability is 96% truth. It's not fake result. Some 150-200 years ago you have had likely Finnish, Karelian, Kven or Ingrian ancestor.

  3. Lucky you. I got 55% African and 45 % European. Both of my parents, grand parents and great grandparents are Black.

  4. please don't tell me….. you're white, german and queen's cousin…. that explains the fact that every time i see you i see fit russian woman……did i just wrote it?

  5. I've got it! A Russian/Finish sailor. Sailed to Jamaica. Saw the land, felt the weather and met people and said. I'm home! That is where the 2 percent came from. 🙂 I can not wait to do mine. I'm waiting to put some science behind the 'Nana/Memo' stories. Or the stories as I remember them LOL!

  6. You are 98% African/Black, that is very good. Be proud of it, it shows how resilient your ancestors were and most likely were spared, unlike many African descendants in the New World who ancestors were victims of constant rape by European colonialists. Your Finland/Northwest Russia admixture comes from the Scottish colonialists & slave-owners who are also British, remember a long time ago, Scotland was invaded by Vikings from Scandinavia and they settled there, many Vikings also had a Finland/Northwest Russian component. I hope that will help you.

  7. Kinda useless to look at countries, when what defines genetic makup is haplogroups.

  8. I need to do one of these. See how much black's in me?

  9. a caribbean person having european blood doesnt necessarily means it comes from being raped by slavemasters bob marleys dad was white and alot of irish went to the caribbean as indentured servants

  10. I have no idea why you thought this video – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mrL5kdohb9k – would be full of hate speech…. I am sure you are aware that generalizing based on a few instances does not make sense in reality. We, in Poland, accept everyone who accepts us, respects our traditions and our law. Of course, you can find idiots in every country.
    Anyway, you're georgeus 🙂

  11. Different DNA test will show you different time frames of your DNA.

  12. Jeśli znasz polski nagrywaj po polsku kochana będziesz miała wielu fanów <333333333

  13. The 2% is from the boy from Sweden – 1 hour was not enough. Be proud, you are 100% African

  14. This white 2% comes from Haiti. You`re Polish.

  15. I love your reaction it's so real that's exactly how I felt

  16. I only got 91% african and top two regions are 46% Nigerian and 14% Cameroon/Congo

  17. Actually, I have seen a couple people from the Caribbean that was 100%. Now I never have seen an African-American being 100%.

  18. Damn sis I hope I get that high percentage too because I'm born Jamaica too straight too kingston…great video tho

  19. My African queen 🙂 Love the video and I need to do this asap too.

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