Ancestry DNA Results & Review | African American / Black ??✊?

Ancestry DNA Results & Review | African American / Black ??✊?

Ancestry DNA Results & Review | African American / Black –
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In this video, I share my Ancestry DNA results, describe the ordering and unboxing process, and give my honest thoughts and opinions regarding this experience. While my results were not shocking, they were still insightful. I encourage you to take the Ancestry DNA test if you can to learn more about your ancestry from a quantitative perspective.

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  1. I got my results yesterday if you use the App ik that's what you do I think it works on the website also

  2. Nice video review. I must order my DNA kit soon.

  3. I love that you said 'not so shocking', made me laugh ???. Every DNA Ancestry Test on Youtube is 'shocking' according to their titles hehe! 🙂

  4. The genetic communities feature is a gem. It really shows how ones people have travelled or stayed after a time. Nice results.

  5. don't those places in Africa have ebola? be careful. also , you ever seen that movie DJANGO?

  6. Hi. Aren't the results amazing? I've had mine for a few months and I'm still like 'Really'??? But again who knew. My results came in at nearly 40% Euro. I was beyond shocked! I knew there would be a certain percentage of Euro but to that extent???

  7. Hey Naquan! My family also had our DNA tested (mom's side) and our results were very similar to yours. I'd have to assume that this is because most slaves were kidnapped from these regions. I'd like to touch on one thing you mentioned and that is having "white folks" in one's family. I for one am guilty of claiming to be part white, Irish in fact because it's what my dad used to tell me. What I notice is that most people who claim this have no pictures to prove the lineage. i guess that part comes from you know what. Also, I'm not sure if you've ever heard or experienced this, but growing up most people claimed to be from one native american tribe or another. I think I said I was Cherokee lol. What I've learned is that majority of African Americans hold no native blood. Have you watched Finding Your Roots with Henry Louis Gates?

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