1. Lol, your mother's funny. I just sent mine to Ancestry should be interesting

  2. Cool!
    Your mother is biracial, mulatta. Her black parent was pretty mixed, maybe African American Creole who are usually quite mixed. And one of her parents were white.

  3. actually you need not have a "white" parent per say. here's how it could have gone back slavery white men impregnated black women this produced mulattos now these mulattos if women in turn also had children with white men in some areas. these mixed people made sure to only choose mates with relatively low african ancestry the highest they ever let it get to was about. 60% and they accomplished this by only having children with those members of the "black" community who had keen noses or looser hair or light eyes and skin this practice being especially prevalent in places like new orleans.

  4. Amazing story and great results! Your mom looks similar to my mom. My mom is 31% African, 17% Native American and 48% European.. (my mom is Caribbean) I could see how people would think ur mom is Hispanic.. your mom looks very much Latina.. thanks for sharing and tell ur mom to enjoy her journey of self discovery..

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