Ancestry DNA Results – North Africa (Algeria)

Ancestry DNA Results – North Africa (Algeria)

Hello there, I’m Manel, I was born and raised in Algiers (Alger) in northern Algeria, but my family comes from different parts of the country.
My mother’s family is from Cherchell, a coastal city on the mediterranean shore (both her parents are from there). As for my dad, his father is from Tiaret (south east algeria) . We only speak arabic, no member of my family speaks amazigh.

My results on Ancestry DNA:
36% North African (Berber or Amazigh)
27% Middle Eastern
19% Iberian
11% Sub Saharan African
4% Italy/Greece
2% European Jewish
1% Melanesian

DNA Land Results:
51% North African
4.5% East African
14% Arab/egyptian
11% Southwestern European
1.6% Sardinian
11% Ashkenazi/Levantine: 9.9 Mediterranean Islander (?) and 1.2% Ashkenazi
3% South/central European
1.1% Native Oceanian

I did the test with Ancestry Dna:

I don’t live in Algeria so I don’t know if the test can be done there.

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  1. After uploading my Ancestry DNA results into MyHeritage calculator, I came out as:
    76.2% North African
    3.9% Kenya
    14.7% Iberian
    7.5% Italian
    1.6% Ashkenazi
    It seems that most north africans (algerians, moroccans and tunisians) are getting these kind of results.

    Link to MyHeritage DNA:

  2. All the Arabs who are open-minded believe their origins are European. African and Indian geneticists are right as the common man's ancestor is the African, but Europeans and white-haired white-haired Westerners believe they do not have African origins.

  3. Look my father was born in saudi arabia and he used to say that comes from speciall family his parents where from algeria origanally but my parents parents were moors from spain. And my mother is saudi. When i did the dna test i got 35% north africa and 20% middle east and 36% europe crazy

  4. Manel, any big changes to your ethnicity after the interesting update?

  5. North African Berber beauty you are! You're a North African princess Manel O!

  6. 3:11 Oh okay look, As I heard there are like %20-30 of the algeria still says that they have partly turkish ancestry. and as you know our results have the average of %10.5 (up to %20) East asian&siberian and oceanican dna even tho we are mixed with the local population here. So its probable you have %1-2 percent asian dna oceanican dna from Turcs. Just a prediction, have a nice day

  7. Is ancestry dna more accurate than myheritage when it comes to North African / Middle East differentiation ?

  8. Is my ancestry dna more accurate than myheritage ?

  9. BILLIONS OF PEOPLE around the world have an ancient ANCESTRY IN ARABIA? Yes Arabia, according to Professor Martin Richards (Leeds University) and Dr. Luisa Pereira (Porto University) based on their mitochondrial DNA research. According to these two independent and scientific institutions, the common ancestor (10,000 to 20,000 years back) was found in Arabia, and astonishingly (to them not to me) they have found an Arabic oldest ancestor that goes back as far as 60,000 years.

  10. Magazine: Le Point:
    Civilisation : nous sommes tous des Arabes ! Tous les hommes descendraient d'ancêtres communs ayant peuplé la péninsule arabique selon les généticiens, écrit Frédéric Lewino. Voilà pourquoi nous sommes tous des Arabes et fiers de l'être. L'étude est parue dans “American Journal of Human Genetics.”

  11. Hey Manel, Ancestry & 23&me updated their results, please post your updated ones.

  12. I’m algerian 38 % North Africa, 33 % Middle East, 15 % Iberian Peninsula, 10 % Italy, 4 % Turkey

  13. Salut Manel félicitations pour les 1000 abos, c'est quoi les pourcentages de t'a nouvelle mise à jour ?

  14. Im mexican and got 5% north african so I’ve been curious to know their history

  15. Hi, I am originally from Tunisia in North Africa and these are my Ancestory DNA results:

    36% Middle East
    25% Africa North
    17% Iberian Peninsula
    7% European Jewish (I was extremely surprised I never knew!!!)
    5% Nigeria
    5% Europe South
    3% Senegal
    1% Ivory Coast/ Ghana
    1% Africa south-eastern bantu
    less than 1% Mali

    I thought I would be way more middle eastern than africans as I am 36% African and 35% middle easterns o I am more African than middle eastern. Also I don't know where European jewish came! I was surprised! I thought I would have more Europe south as Italy and Tunisia are really close to each other and share a lot of history together.

  16. Manel thank you for having such a good attitude about ALL of your results, and remaining objective. I have seen people use these comments sections as platforms to project ethnocentrism. I like that you did not respond to the stupidity. Take care.

  17. You are beautiful!

    Test from AncestryDNA, I am about 5% mixed Central, West and North Africa and my Haplogroup is E-M183. Which means my oldest paternal ancestor was a North African Berber. But I am 64% Amerindian, most like Mexican Maya and 15% French, 6% Spanish, 3% Portuguese and then some Middle East, West Asia and Eastern Europe.

  18. i think you have some Turkish mangolian heritage that explains your eyes shape

  19. Manel, I am sorry to say, you have opened this channel to some extremely hateful and racist fellow Algerians who have a phobia of anything Arab… All they have to do is have their DNA analysed and then shut up once and for all.

  20. The 1% Melanesian, could be a New Caledonian connection, remember, many Algerians were exiled to New Caledonia after the 1870 rebellion against French occupation. Some may have returned after a while or even their descendants.

  21. You look great, you could be confused as a Brazilian girl easily. I'm Brazilian and my North African on AncestryDNA is 1% and MyHerytage 10.6%. The rest is 5% Native North American, 15-20% Subsaharan African Benin, Bantu, Nigeria. European 65-75% Iberian, Italian, German, Scandinavian, British, Irish, Ashkenazi Jewish, Finnish/North Russian.

  22. Maghreb have mixed blood : Berber, Arab, European, African, Jew, Turkish…..

  23. If i can enlightened individual of how genetics work to clear a few misunderstanding up that I have read from the comments. I noticed a few comments referring to subsaharan Africans as black (black African) which in a way was an excuse for those whose genetic results pointed to their heritage being north African. And in the process forgetting how the science of genetics works. Black is not a gene, or genotype of you will. The color black is a result of an environmental influence on a specific gene that result in a pigmentation that can be black, white brown or whatever. i.e Phenotype. Which is completely different from genotype. An example. We don't refer to Indians or native Australian that in some cases are blacker then Africans as black. Because black is not a gene but the result of an environmental influence on a specific gene. Genotype is what's inside. The information in a DNA of where your ancestors come from. Phenotype is the appearance that one can see as a result of an influence on the gene that controls pigmentation. Like curly hair, or straight. Tall or short. Slim or muscular. Blue eyes or dark eyes. All and I mean all including Africans have these genes in their DNA. The only thing that makes a difference is the influence on that gene. What genes are turned off or what genes are turned on. So judging or basing your appearance on phenotype is only 1% of what our genes are capable of. If your north African you have, quote (black) unquote, African genes. If I can put it in an understandable way. All humans have the genes for all color eyes, all color skin, all types of hair, and all types of body style. Those are phenotypes (appearance) influenced by our environment (behavior falls under this category too) which is completely different from genotype. (I.e what makes us humans. And what makes wolves, or lions a different genius). I hope I explained the best way most can understand. And thank you.

  24. اغلب الجزائرين طلعلهم الفحص مثلك

  25. Je viens de recevoir mes résulat beaucoup moins diversifiés que les tiens, je suis marocaine:
    92,2% Nord africaine 4,4% Ibérique 3,4% Nigerienne

  26. I guess u live in germany? Or netherlands. Because the accent

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