Ancestry DNA Results | My Honduran Roots

Ancestry DNA Results | My Honduran Roots

UPDATE (9/23/2018): Ancestry DNA recently updated their DNA to a more specific percentage and also region. I will list below by region:

Native America combined: 45%
Native America (North/Central) 39%
Native America (South) 6%

Europe combined: 38%
Spain 29%
Italy 3%
Basque 2%
Ireland 1%
Portugal 1%
Sardinia 1%
Greece 1%

Africa combined: 11%
Cameroon, Congo, Southern Bantu 6%
Mali 3%
Nigeria 1%
Senegal 1%

Middle East: 6%

So as you can see, there are some differences in the percentage, nothing major but at least they specified the region a tad bit more as I was stating that was something I didn’t like as much in the old one. It’s also good that they update on the website alone with no extra charge, as it is not your DNA that changes, it’s the scientific equipment and date they use to calculate it that evolves.



  1. Let me just tell you that when Spain colonize you guys They did not come in here to rape the indigenous women. This is what they teach you in school not every Spaniard is not a rapist… or that stupid idea that they took everything from you guys like they didn’t built a beautiful city for you guys with the gold that the native Indians didn’t know what to do with it was just sitting there. I mean Spaniards are pretty good looking I’m sure a lot of native American women were out there throwing them set themselves at them. And just so that you know after Spain colonized Mexico, Central America and South America when they got kicked out back into their countries they had 400 years of poverty… All of their Doctors lawyers and philosophers stayed in the Americans so you cannot tell me that they came up from the Americas because they did not they invested it in Americas to make it nicer because the native Americans Amazonian‘s did not know what to do with their resources. I am just so sick and tired to hear this.. investigate read your history outside of whatever the schools tell you.

  2. Good stuff ! Thank you for sharing !

  3. I’m Honduran but I look middle eastern and i have pale white skin

  4. My results were almost the same as yours. Honduras has some native tribes left now. A good rule of thumb is hair type and skin tone. All are derivatives of the Mayans. Hope this helps.

  5. My names is
    Axel flores and all I can possibly say is thank you I absolutely needed this
    I’m from hunduras and at this very moment lost and trying deeply too find my roots
    I wish you the best love ?

  6. Hola, Jsoceana me gusto tu resultado fue distinto al mio, ahora dejame decirte que yo soy de nacido en Nicaragua, y la parte navita en mi resultado si, especifica que de donde soy y dice "Nicaragua & Costa Rica". Ahora algo que me lleva la antencion es que los mayas no llegaron a esas zonas , sino que eran otras tribus. Hubiese sido deslumbrante de que tribu eras vos, pero yo pienso que a ustedes les toco los Mayas al igual que mexico. pienso yo.

  7. Hi jsoceana, i too I'm Honduran from Las Islas de Roatan, what part of Honduras are you from?and its nice to see some of my catrachos getting testing for dna..i enjoyed this video hopefully more of us will get ancestral dna tested so w'ell maybe have more info about our i think u may be Lenca (one of the indigenous ethnic groups in Honduras) 🙂

  8. SPAIN Greece and Italy have specific traits in their blood like Thallasemia,,,Native American blood does not differ it has the same structure thats why the do not separate what part

  9. they can't sepate us. not enough dna testing has been done on our indigenous peoples. you could be lenca, pipil, miskito not so much maya,… but possible. it is more possible you are a mix of many "tribes "

  10. My husband from Honduras and the curly hair.. we have two children together one got his curly hair and other straight hair from me.. lol most Honduras people has curly hair lol

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