Ancestry DNA Results (My experience)

Ancestry DNA Results (My experience)

Don’t worry you don’t have to wait for the results, they’re right here in this video! I’ll show you when I recieved the box and what is inside the ancestry box! Along with the results and what I thought I was before recieving the results.
I was definitely surprised and now so interested and determined in learning about the history of my heritage!

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  1. I thought you Arab lol Arab migrated into Mexico during the 1940s

  2. I do not know why you are so surprised to have 53 percent Native American being of Mexican origin? It's just the mix of the most the people in Mexico, Native American, European and some a little African

  3. Honestly before you read your results I thought you were gonna be mostly European.

  4. This tells me one thing, the human race really is one big family. Variations of features can look so similar to other 'races', really we are only one race and that's the beauty of it.
    You're a beautiful young lady, you inherited the best DNA mix that could ever have been passed on for you. ?

  5. You are a wonderful combination of ethnic diversity. The mixture that is you produced a Beautiful Human Being.

  6. First off, you look like most of the girls around here in California. I can’t see any Filipino, and there’s plenty of them around here to compare you to. Since I don’t know you I have to guess Eric is your husband, but didn’t get the connection until the end. What you left out in you excitement in your intro was you’re impatience. As for the Native American blood, now that was a given. You want in-depth of your genealogy give GEDmatch a try. Send in your raw data to them and they’ll give you an in-depth break down of you genetic make up. Lastly at any given time Ancestry will have a promotional discount. Father’s Day was huge to make sure people in your will belongs there. I was in El Paso over a decade ago and was directed to see a billboard with the caption stating “Do you know who’s your daddy?” Mexicans were the people shown on it. Hmmm?!! A bit harsh even if it’s true. So Ancestry has a built in clientele of a racial community’s who has the same desire as you had. Curiosity killed the cat, but satisfaction brought him back! So wait for a promotional discount from them and others, but if you choose a different test company their test focus varies. I find the northern and Western European traits surprising if anything.

  7. Filipinos don’t have your features. Your nose is Hispanic. You look Mexican and that is beautiful.

  8. I'm not surprised cos I can see Iberian and South American in you. I'd have said more Iberian before the results. You're a beautiful mix of rich heritages. Enjoy your life!

  9. My dna:
    50% Native American
    29% spanish/Portuguese
    9% Italian/Greek
    3% Mali
    2% Jewish
    1% Asian Indian
    1% West European
    3% East European

  10. Try Dna tribes for what kind of tribes you are from. It will tell you where they are from possible migration routes. It doesn't just show you for Native American tribes but for a lot of people who have traveled. DNA Land is also very good but DNA Tribes will tell you specifics even possibly a rough estimate of dates.

  11. We have the exact results… are you my cousin/sister? People think I am Filipina.

  12. @TheMontess Did the testing results show you how beautiful you are? or where you got that from?

  13. You look Very Native American actually. Obviously looked mixed… but definently appear Native

  14. Gorgeous face!!!
    ~46% Native American
    ~32% Iberian Peninsula
    ~6% Caucasus
    ~5% European Jewish
    ~4% Scandinavian
    ~3% Middle East
    ~2% Europe South
    ~2% Benin/Togo

  15. This was so fascinating seeing how your expectations aren't always what it truly turned out to be…you see unlike me since I'm adopted I don't know anything about my heritage so my DNA results came as a total surprise but it's interesting seeing it from the perspective of someone like you!

  16. you have 1% East Asian. could be Filipino or Chinese. there were Chinese in Leon. just be who you want to be. dont listen to haters

  17. I was shocked that I was 76% Native American so I understand haha. My parents are from Mexico. I didn’t think it would’ve been that high. I was at least thinking 50%

  18. Ancestry & 23andme have admitted adding African blood to their kits… if you have African in your blood no problem, be proud but they don't have to lie about it. in todays world "black is in", so they find it convenient to do this. Interesting that hardly any of these people have any other blood besides European or African, BULLSHIT.!!!

  19. wonder what she thought she was if not Iberian Pennisula and Native American.. that is the mix of just about every single Mexican (unless they are full-native). Wonder if she considered herself prior to DNA test .. Mexican?

  20. Agua Caliente Indians are from California, not Mexico

  21. dna test are not a real science you are native american mexicans central american south american are indians native american have asian roots but 60k to 100k years ago

  22. You definitely have a little bit of an Iberian look to you

  23. Yo guys Central Americans, South Americans we should be taking these tests so that we can know more about the Native American heritage.
    The more data these companies can collect the more info they give you!

  24. What did you think you were? You were surprised with both Native and european, which is what Mexicans primarily are

  25. Thank you for posting this video.

  26. You look absolutely NO Filipino/Asian! You look mostly Native American!! I’m shocked that you were so surprised that you were Native [Mexican] American.

  27. I would say mostly North African, with some East Indian

  28. Might should not speak on places you don't no those trace elements are what makes American Indians

  29. Pareces mas bien nativa americana o de oriente medio.

  30. How does one look Hispanic? You go to Argentina and you will see a bunch of white people and they are Hispanic. Argentina (The whitest country in South America and the Americas) 90%-98% white. So… how on earth does one look Hispanic? Hispanic is not a race nor a look.

  31. I knew you would be Native American and European before hearing it!

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