Eating larva – taking family pictures with not my real family – Jordan River Temple open house – Ben’s Ancestry DNA results. A huge thanks to Ancestry for sending us a kit!

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  1. Great video!!! I was sad when your daughter started crying but I am glad you got in later. You have a great family!!! I am a convert, 34 years now. Been married 34 years too. Sealed in the Mesa, az temple 32 1/2 years. We had 7 children and 5 almost 6 grandkids now.

  2. Just subscribed! Started reading your book and found your channel. So happy to continue your story!

  3. Good video! I have tested several test and the most complete in ancestry is 24Genetics with more than 400 regions. it is very specific and you can do it. Hope it helps 🙂

  4. I honestly felt your message❤️?.
    You’re so blessed to live close to the temple!
    We live in Alaska and have to drive 6 to 8 hours to Anchorage.

  5. How didn’t you mention the middle eastern?

  6. Those pictures are at the Waterside club in Daybreak! I live in Daybreak!

  7. Your shirt is so cute! i love it. Where did you get it???? 🙂

  8. Do we still get entered if we’ve been already subscribed to you?

  9. You are such a gem. Your genuineness and your attitude and the way you glow when you talk about Christ and your family is a true inspiration. I am forever grateful for having found you. To read your writings and watch your vlogs, thank you for sharing your pure love.

  10. It is always cool to learn about your background. You just never know what you will find and where your ancestors came from.

  11. Ahh, I love that y'all are giving one away, I have always wanted one so so bad just to know all about my ancestry! ? Love you guys and your cute family.

  12. Already subscribed, look forward to your vlogs weekly. Note I ame adopted, so would like to know where I possibly could be from.

  13. You guys are so inspiring!! I’ve recently been looking at the ancestry dna and I think that would be soooo amazing!! I’m a temple and family history consultant for my ward and I love doing family history and I think that would help me learn about myself and my ancestors even more!

  14. These ancestry tests look so cool! It’s fascinating to see how your family history matches (or not ?) your DNA.
    Thanks for another vlog, I am really enjoying these!

  15. Gracie when the temple was closed oh my hearrrrrt!!!! Also I live for your montages 🙂

  16. Ooooooo please please please!!!! I want to try that sooo bad!!!! Also you and your family are so dang cute!!!

  17. Al!! I can not describe in words how thankful I am to have you share these messages with all of us!! Seeing how close your family is makes me smile! Everytime you post a video, a notification comes up on my homescreen and I just grow this big smile on my face! You are a huge inspiration to me!!❤??

  18. I’ve always been told I’m mainly from Germany.. it would be cool to see if that’s true! love the video and Christian was so cute during the video at the beginning of the tour. “Woooow” ❤️❤️

  19. I've been following you several (5+) years now and always wished and hoped to your firesight live. And I just found out that you're coming to festinord!!! So. so. happy!!! ??? Can't believe it! It totally made my day! ? Hugs from a very stoked swed, who may have just done a totally crazy jump up and down dance in the car ???

  20. Beautiful message ? thanks for posting ?

  21. the DNA result is absurd though… It said 62% GB (which means from england, scotland, northern ireland and wales) and then 24% from ireland and scotland…??

  22. I love you guys so much! I love that Gracie was so excited to go the temple and I think everyone should be like that when they attend the temple! I would love to win the chance to win the ancestry kit!! I'm from Russia and I don't know anything of my heritage! I think it would be so cool to know but more so to find who I am! Love you Al and thank you for your inspiring messages you share!!!!

  23. You are amazingly awesome!!! I absolutely love watching what your beautiful family is up too, and the message and montage at the end gives me the best feels!!!?

  24. Hey, the Matson’s are my cousins!! Not even surprised at Nick and Aaron just popping those bugs in their mouths. I love them.

  25. Oh my gosh I wanna do the ancestry DNA kit so bad! It looks so cool

  26. Gracie was so sad, that melted my heart! What a great testament as parents y'all are doing an excellent job!

  27. I found some happiness today <3

  28. I already am subscribed. Thank you so much for these vlogs and especially the simple, sweet, inspirational messages at the end. They uplift me and help me so much

  29. I loved you're Montage for this week! ♡♡ I too would really love to win that DNA kit I'm Jamaican and would love to know more about my roots :).

  30. I LOVE your vlogs because they are so uplifting!!! I love you and your family! ???

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