Ancestry DNA Results! | Mexican

Ancestry DNA Results! | Mexican

Hi guys! I received my ancestry DNA results!

I hope you enjoy this short video and if you also took an Ancestry DNA test let me know what you got on your results in the comment section down below. Byee! ^.^



  1. You should check if your dna updated

  2. Cool results my sister you are soo beautiful I'm boricua I'm 28%Spanish 21%Native 3%African

  3. Michoacan Mexico:
    41% iberian peninsula spain&Portugal, Spain I was expecting forsure. 28% native American of central&western Mexico colima and western michoacan. 9% middle East, 8% Senegal Africa which there is black Mexican communities in michoacan.

  4. Well, you look very Sinaloan to me. Your eyes and skin color.

  5. All Native Americans come from East Asia or central asia like Siberia is where all so called Native Americans originally come from…her results are mostly spain, she look mostly Spanish then native, most american indians have copper tone skin…

  6. Most Mexicans have high percentage of Indian aka Asian

  7. Good video for all the racist haters who say mexicans arent even native. This girl who looks very white/european has 50% native blood now imagine all the raza thats a lil darker we are indigenous

  8. No wonder you're cute Laura! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  9. I do not care what u are YOU ARE ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS!!!!!

  10. Got my results I’m 40 percent indigenous 20 Spaniard 10 portugués 5 percent Italian another 10 from Asia and 5 percent Jew

  11. It always goes back to the father that determines your heritage lineage

  12. She is half and Hola Comadre I am Flores too. I can see the Native American in you and your European side. Your a half Mestiza no surprise here you carry half and half of the Mexican Ancestry Depending on who your father was if he was native or if he was European you will know if you are ISrealite Lineage or a Heathen

  13. So, you are a true Meztiso. Most Mexicans are NOT truly Meztiso, they are MestiLATTO. A mixture of Mestizo and Mulatto. Congratulations.

  14. ??IF U Super Mix ??UR A Super Mexican?❤️?U R the Envy??of the people who have little or no Mix??❤️☝️☝️☝️☝️☝️☝️☝️☝️☝️❤️??I tell U ❤️ U R A Wonder Women❤️???????❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  15. I got my results yesturday, it took me 3 weeks. I’m Mexican-American. I got 43% Native, 16% Europe South, 13% Iberian Peninsula, 8% Great Britain. Low Confidence 6% Middle East, 3% Asia Central, 2% European Jewish, 3% Europe West, 3% Africa North, 1% Benin/Togo, <1% Cameroon/Congo, <1% Finland/Northwest Russia.

  16. The spaniards really fuckedd up our bloodline now we are mutts with foreign last names

  17. Good video!  I wonder about the DNA companies authenticity.  If you have a certain surname do they just wait a few weeks and send you some canned result?  Life if I pay with credit card and say my name is Dominguez do they go "ah Mexican"   send them this report?  Or if surname is Feinstein, send them this Jewish report?   I'd like to pay for one of these tests with no mention of my name and see if they are legit.

  18. Now do 23andMe and see if there are any differences. They have better presentation of the data and update your data every month according to their updated database.


  20. Argentina:
    Spain: 40%
    Italy 42%
    German 8%
    French 5%
    British and Irish 3,2%
    Balkans 2,5%

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