Ancestry DNA Results (Madeira islands)

Ancestry DNA Results (Madeira islands)

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  1. Moroccan people are so nice and good looking especially the women nothing to be ashamed of at all

  2. The Roman occupied the Iberian peninsula. That’s where the Italian comes from. Also the moors from North Africa occupied the peninsula.

  3. #ancestrydna Has Updated It Self & I Feel Mine Is More Accurate Now

    If you check Ancestry their is now an update…

    This is what mine looks like now:

    Portugal 48% (Iberian Peninsula)
    Spain 12%

    Senegal 30% (Africa)

    Italy (Sardinia) 6% (Southern Europe)

    England & Wales 1%
    Ireland and Scotland 3%

    And in addition It Says Family Migrated From Madeira to Hawaii Amazing Truly An island boy, I Feel This Is More Accurate….

    Check Your Update …..

    #dna #africa #hawaii #island #islands #islandlife #iberian #iberianpeninsula #sardinia #senegal #portugal #spain #ireland #scotland

  4. They just did a review on people’s results sign back in and check I’m pist they change my countries and percentages

  5. Now I know where they got the accent for the Belters in The Expanse!

  6. Interesting the result! I am Portuguese. These percentages are shared by a large part of the Portuguese, although the percentage relative to sub-Saharan Africa is generally smaller, but it also exists from north to south of the country and islands. In relation to the North African and European percentage is similar to the majority of Portuguese. And you have the face of a typical Portuguese!

  7. Most of these results are not correct, these are extremely speculative. We inherit 50% of each parent ( 2 people) , 25% of each grandparent (4 people), 12,% of each second grandparent ( 8), 6,5% of each third grandparent ( 16), and so on. In order to have more than 25% of a given ethnicity, one must have had a grandparent that was 100% from that given region or at least second grandparents from both mother and father side. What I basically mean is that is is almost impossible to have a person that close in your ancestry results, and never having heard of it. Did your parents not know who their parents were? Or their grandparents? I had a test of this kind, by 23 and me, and initially, my ancestry pointed to 19%, or so, of French and German ancestry. That was weird precisely because I never heard of anyone from those regions as being part of the family. When my mother was the results were, I believe, more accurate, since those have been corrected. As such I ended up with approx 8% French and German, 3,1% from my mother and 4,1% from my father, which is a more reliable result since French people were stationed in Portugal during the French Invasions 200 years ago, which would correctly point to an ancestry of around 4, 5 or 6%. , five generations ago or more.
    I am more French and German than my mother, which is 3,7%, and even more than my father, he was never tested since he already passed away. Since he passed on to me 4%, he might have been "less" than the combined result that is present in my genetic markings, which is 7,3%. This means that one can be more from a given ethnicity than their parents, but never more than the combined results

  8. Check out Cape Verde DNA, Inc on Facebook, I've meet thousands of cousins?

  9. the north of portugal is alot diferent than the south and also the islands

  10. You don't look Ethnic Portuguese, you look Moroccan. Mixed with Middle-Eastern/Arab, and African-Berber. 15% Africa North is from Arabic side, and the Berber side is 5% West-African, and 10% Mali.

  11. I was gonna say that you look North African, usually North Africans will only get like 60-70% and the rest of their DNA as Italian, Iberian and French. As you got 15% you most likely had a Great Grandparent or Great Great Grandparent who was 100% North African!

  12. u are hella funny!! Come and visit the Americas bro!! ?✌

  13. I love you're accent and personality!???? u got a new subsc. beautiful mix and thanks for sharing bro

  14. I'm Ecuadorian and Cuban and I got 30% Iberian, 26% native American, 20% Italian/southern European

  15. The madeira and azores islands belongs to Portugal! So if you go there you go to Portugal! I'm portuguese btw. If you like Jamaica and reggae you should see the musics from richie campbell he is portuguese and our best reggae singer 😉

  16. Yo, Italian/Greek shows up for ever Portuguese and Spaniard. Its just a marker for Southern European. Your not even 1/4 African. North Africans are not black africans, they are mostly european and have 5-25% sub saharan african. Im as dark as you and I am Madeiran Portuguese, 8% North African, 1% south african.

  17. I’m half Portuguese (from the azores) and I got 16% italian

  18. I have several DNA matches identifying their origin in Portugal, Azores, Madeira and Brasil. The interesting thing is that I am Puerto Rican and I can track my ancestors living in Puerto Rico back to 1850's. No DNA match from Spain, not a single one. Weird. I am not adopted and I am sure all those that I can identify as my ancestors are really my real family.

  19. Ancestry dna lol? Another guy fooled by an amateur kit company that rips off people money and honest interest about their origins. Just to give you an hint (I could give several more): to represent Iberian, in, they use modern people from Spain, they don´t use genetic data from ancient Iberians. LOL

  20. No offense, but you need to study history a bit more. Partically all people of Iberian ancestry have Italian in them, because the Romans conquered and settled the Iberian penisula, what's more, Italians have always moved around. Italy is like Spain and Portugal a Mediterranean country and Spaniards, Portuguese and Italians are neighbors, so your Italian could come in from post-Roman migrations.

  21. Some of you North African might represent Sephardic background. Check Gedmatch fo more breakdowns.

  22. Your Italian blood comes from Genoa as they helped colonize Madeira.

  23. Iberian Peninsula 32%
    Nigeria 14%
    Great Britain 9%
    Ireland/Scotland/Wales 6%
    Native American 6% Low Confidence Regions
    Asia South 6%
    Mali 4%
    Europe West 3%
    Scandinavia 3%
    Benin/Togo 3%
    Ivory Coast/Ghana 2%
    Europe South 2%
    Caucasus 2%
    Asia Central 1%
    European Jewish 1%
    Senegal 1%
    Middle East <1%
    Finland/Northwest Russia <1%
    Asia East <1%
    Cameroon/Congo <1%
    Africa Southeastern Bantu <1%
    A little bit of everything..

  24. I have tested several test and the most complete in ancestry to me is 24Genetics with more than 400 regions. You could upload your Ancestry DNA raw data

  25. I'm portuguese and your looks are pretty common here… your italian, north and west african, scandinavian, Irish and britain dna may come from de portuguese side itself, beacause of roman, moors, african slaves, celts and other etnic groups that have conquer Iberian Peninsula. Anyway, You've got intersting results! If you want go check my results 😉

  26. Bro I love your accent so much!!! It reminds me of my Bermudian family's accent! ? Really cool results!!!!

  27. Bro! The atlantic slave trade was for real tho!! Last week i had my heritagedna results and i'm a black woman with 27% European genes (12% North- West Europe, 8% East Europe? and 4% Iberin Pens. ) and 73% African ( 37% West Africa, 26% Nigeria, 5% Sierra Leoner, 3% North Africa and 1% Africa Central). My mom is from Cape Verde, so i definitaly got these European genes from my mom's side. But i was shooked when i saw that i've East European in me??..

  28. There are many Cape Verdeans in the mainland United States, not just Hawaii.

  29. Wait you're not Trinidadian? Swear I saw it in the thumbnail lol. Your're 15% black tho (Mali & West Africa) congrats!!

  30. Dude, your personality is so funny! 🙂 How come your accent keep switching from Britsh to Caribbean to Afro-american? Love this video man, and great results!

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