I got coaxed into taking a DNA test by my mom and wasn’t prepared for the creepy rabbit hole we ended up down. What shocking family discoveries have you uncovered??

Creepypasta post-mortem photo story starts at 5:02 if you’re only here for that.

Also, if you’re interested in reading the article I mentioned, here ya go:

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  1. The Celts originated in the Steppes of Russia and
    migrated across Europe to the British Isles.

  2. The thing awful is don't especify your country, it's frustating that you cannot know the country of your father, I think is horrible for a person. For example in my country, Spain, you know exactly if you are spanish or not because the Iberian Peninsula,so I understand you if you don't get in. A lot of support from Spain 🙂

  3. Germans North French Belgians and Dutch are basically indistinguishable genetically.
    Lots of people with Celtic roots have some Spanish as there are ancient celtic links.

  4. You must have skipped school for a free makeup and make over at your local department store, likely Macy's, instead of attending a world history class where all of this is common knowledge. The same happened with the "Prussian Empire" as well as Armenia and Turkey. A good grasp of history will help you understand all of this.

  5. 69% British here…I was so excited because I’m such an Anglophile!

  6. The area between Germany and France may be near Saarland, Germany. I think they call it little France and it switched from being part of Germany and France, as you mentioned. It's weird to listen to you on your video cuz my ancestry is very similar to yours. I have ancestors who lived in Saarland, and my DNA showed that I am Scandinavian, Iberian, and British, 2.

  7. wow what a video – went from your DNA to a dead girl – Oh my

  8. Keep in mind the lines changed over time….especially between France & Germany!

  9. As far as a post-mortem photo is concerned you have to know that having a photo taken in the Victorian time period was very expensive for the average family. So, in a person's lifetime they , more than likely, never had their photo taken unless it was a super special occassion (wedding or death) and even then it might not have happened. So having a post-mortem photo was a last chance by the family to have a picture to remember the dead person. Seems creepy to us but to them it was the only thing they had sometimes.

  10. That "great authority" does NOT know what he is talking about!

    I invite you to look at the numerous post-mortem photos on YouTube. (And incidentally, the lady in the photo WAS dead.) So many people in the 1800s could not afford the services of the traveling photographers who would go from town to town, taking group photographs of families. So, when a member of the family died, the mortician would obligingly position the "dear, dead one" in a lifelike pose – in a family grouping – so that the family could have at least one image of their loved one – even if it were after he or she had died.

    If you Google the phrase "post-mortem photography," you will find that there 6.4 million
    results! (A love for any aspect of death or funerary concerns, called "taphophilia," generates 92,300 results. Death is a lot more popular subject than one would realize.)

    Just thank Heaven that you don't have a collection of relatives in their coffins, as I do.
    One of them is a creepy as it gets. It's of a six-year-old little boy who died of tuberculosis
    (my paternal great-grandmother's younger brother.) He was a pallid little Dutch boy with
    white-blond hair and almost colorless eyes.

    The family certainly had enough money for photographs for the child when he was alive –
    which doesn't explain the mortuary photograph. The child's body was encased in a coffin-
    shaped coffin (literally!), and for some weird reason weights had not been placed upon his eyes.

    Thus, one was treated to the horrific spectacle of the dead child's eyes wide open, and
    both eyes had rolled backward, so that the right eye was looking northward, while the
    left eye was veering northwest – colorless, lifeless eyes giving the corpse of the child
    a chillingly inhuman appearance!

    So. if you look at enough of these mortuary pictures on YouTube, you will realize that, in
    fact, many of the people in the photos have been propped up so that they could take their
    places among the living, for one final time. (In fact, sometimes the corpse looked more
    animated than their "Grim Gussie" relatives at the funeral parlor!)

  11. I dont know why you wouldnt research these things before taking the test so you can accurately understand its results, but i can help shed some light for you.

    You can not get the result "german" because that is a nationality and it doesnt have a genetic marker set aside from other western europeans. If you read and look closer you'd see that the irish result span PRIMARILY irland, scotland and wales but can also be found in england. Just as "great britain" span over parts of france as well. These tests tell you which genetic regions you come from. Those regions are independant to the social construct that is countries because dna is entirely unaffected by what nationality you count yourself to be of. So your moms theory is wrong. It doesnt matter that the area was on the border because both sides share the same genetic marker (although for france it depends on where in france you come from because as i previously said, "great britain" is also found in northern france for example). The only way for you to confirm the german roots is by doing actual genealogy and tracing them back to there.

    When it comes to the iberian it's not something everyone has but it makes sense that it's common in certain areas considering how both spain and portugal got around. It could be that your ancestors mixed with french people that happened to have iberian in them.

    Short answer is that no, most people dont have european/ashkenazi jewish ancestry.

    And yes, the finnish most likely have to do with the scandinavian. A part of the western eropean could also possibly be accounted for by it. It depends on where in scandinavia they're from. Further up in scandinavia you're likely to be mixed with a little bit of finnish or possibly sami, our indeginous people. however it is most likely just finnish. Lower down you're usually mixed with western european or possibly a little bit of easter european. Brittish can also occur if it's danish or the very south of sweden.

    So over all most people arent 100% of something, especially europeans and it's about geographical areas not nationalities.

  12. I remember a story where a woman died and the husband wanted a picture with her in her wedding dress since he had none. This must be true because your mother doesn't have another picture of the lady?

  13. You look like my sister, who must be totally Norwegian, Danish, Finnish (I'm mostly Swedish, Norwegian, Danish). I'm surprised by low Scandivanian honestly. But you do look German so trust there's more of that. You can go on GEDmatch and put your raw data into their Eurogenes model (I like MDLP 23 also). These picked out my ancestry on the one-to-one matches: which populations I most close match on a one-to-one level. So I'm closest to a Swede. The admixtures don't always make sense because they break your DNA into perfect quarter representations, which is nearly impossible. So to duicate my DNA perfectly in quarters I am usually mostly Swedish then a little Baltic or Russian to cover north Sweden or missing Sami Swede option. My DNA is probably a little less than a quarter Danish, though I am Danish. So any admixture will Dane makes me Estonian to add in more Eastern or higher hunter Gatherers balance for northern Sweden and the small amount Finland. But you get some ideas which populations show up most frequently, as specifics (not half continents). Like you might be north German vs German even, or Dutch…I could see Dutch with German. And the one-to-one gives you good idea of what are probably your top populations.

    Maybe by now you have done this kind of research if interested. It's too frustrating to be 45% half a continent when you want something slightly more specific, I understand.

  14. As an ex professional photographer I am absolutely sure that the production of momento mori was commonplace in particularly Victorian society. I firmly believe that you do have an example of that particular art form. I can also confirm that my great grandmother had pictures taken of three of her infants who passed away as part of the family album. I hope that this helps clarify the authenticity of your photograph. Best wishes

  15. Woman is at end of life. Not quite dead but at end of her life by look of it. Gotten out of bed for photo.

  16. DNA will not tell you everything. If you want to know more about your ancestry, do the genealogical research and find the specific facts. It's alot of fun and very rewarding.

  17. English fake, sorry. Gibraltar is very English is very bad.

  18. You have only DNA from Spain and small country Portugal, because culture Celts in the north Spain, in the north of Spain never was Moors or Muslims. If you have DNA of Spaniards current, you have DNA too of south Europeans like J2 Greco Romans from Greek or Italy and a few DNA Norteafrican or Middle Age, but not all Spaniards have DNA out Europe.

  19. karen Murray Spain have too DNA from Europe of north tribes Germanic ruled Spain 450 years, British, French, Slavic of north, Slavic of south, Romans. And Seville, Isles Balearics, Murcia in Spain were of Vandals tribe Germanic-Nordic of origin in Scandinavia 450 years. And the Celts from the north 4000 years ago.

  20. Just found out my dad is 50% Ulster Irish (Catholic).. After he served as a British soldier there in the early 70's :/

  21. Many Irish, British and French have DNA from Spain and Portugal because the Spanish Celts migrated to north 4000 years ago. Don't worry lol.

  22. That is a death photo ALL DAY! I know this how you ask, my dad was an antiques dealer, he got these type of photos all the time through estate sales, he wouldn't throw them away, he said it would cause bad luck. Your not supposed to disrespect the dead. I've seen hundreds like this, I would say yes dear, you are the proud owner of a photo of a deceased young lady?

  23. Thats the origin of The black Irish remember the Spaniards came with the armada and conquered southern Ireland they mixed with the local women most of these Spanish settlers was on moorish or sephardim ancestry

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