1. Wow Congolese like where a lot of Haitians are from??

  2. Sale pute de Dominicaine, sale race bĂątarde, vous ĂȘtes un mĂ©lange de plusieurs dĂ©chets! Les Dominicaines sont aux troisiĂšme rang mondial des femmes qui se prostituent le plus dans le monde! En RĂ©publique dominicaine la prostitution est une religion, elles ont pas fini de se faire engrosser par les millions de personnes qui viennent des quatre coins du monde pour se vider les couilles en RĂ©publique dominicaine, et par consĂ©quent faire des bĂątards est un sport national lĂ -bas!

  3. Dominicans love the idea that they mostly European DNA who were raped by the Spanards. Nothing to ever be proud of.

  4. A big part of your « iberian » percentages can come from your french ancestry. The « iberian » genetic group is actually the most important than « europe west » among french people (around 30% on average). I haven native french friend who did the test and has less than 20% « Europe west »; while more than 40% « iberian ».

    Actually the « iberian » genes that are found in the south west part of Europe (portugal, Spain and France) are the genepool left by the neolithic populations that lived there before the celts settled (celts were from central/western Europe, so « west Europe » is mainly celtic legacy)

  5. You're 4% 'Europe West' – That includes France. You're a beautiful mix. Multi racial people rule!

  6. I ain't dominican but…umm tu tienes mangu con morir senando?

  7. It means natives from the Americas overall not just Taino

  8. Even us Puerto Rican’s are mad loud were everything

  9. I'm reading these comment y'all is crazy can we just stop arguing over race and color Latino is a mix ancestry mixed with more than 3 races they are not black nor Afro Latino they are just Latino , America need to stop with the 1 drop rule , and stop putting labels on everyone I'm sick of it , why can't everybody be called American if we live in America , why we got to be called African American or Native American why put the term Native American if they already a Native it makes no since to me.

  10. Most of I see native American in you?

  11. She wanted more Black clearly ✊, its only right tho… The rape did us in but hey if it wasn't for the evil you wouldn't be here…. you're black the rape don't show especially in your spirit….

  12. You dominicans cant stand ther fact that you have lots of black in you. Deal with it.dominican is a culture not a race.mix americans embrace their blackness.you all are not european decent never ypu are mot white.

  13. You can still have French ancestry but did not inherit their DNA. Your family may not have lied at all

  14. Another sister sister in the house i'm a congolese national well you have 14% Cameroun/Congo

  15. Wow your skin doesn’t look natural it looks like you have a tan from like a tanning bed

  16. Don’t discount what your family said about the French ancestry! Most Western Europeans have mixture. For example most people with English ancestry average 4% Iberian dna! I haven’t seen any French ancestry dna results , but it is not far fetched to assume that the Iberian mixture in French people is much higher!

  17. You took too fucking long to get to the point. Next time be more to the point, animal.

  18. African features are extremely dominant. There are black people who are naturally light skin without a drop of mixing so skin color is not a good measurement. It's facial structure and body type. There are biracials with only 35% African DNA who come out looking like the twin of their black parent.

  19. she Has A beautiful Trigeño India Color I love her brown complexion This is Average real Dominican Color I love it I wish I could get my color back lol I got a lil light skinned

  20. Alot Hispanic families say there family has alot if French or German lol (mine included). And results im seeing is its no more 3%. But i AM noticing they're (Hispanics) getting a good chunk of "Italy/Greece"… something a lot Hispanics DONT claim to have. ~your Beauty regardless!!! *46%Native American, 32%Iberian Peninsula courtesy if Ancestry.com (Genetic Community; "Northern Chihuahua/Southwest New Mexico" according to test)

  21. Ayye atleast you have high Congo in you for the African bit I’m Congolese ??✹?

  22. It's interesting that alot of domincians and puerto ricans get iberian penninsula. Remember that the moors colonized that region. So iberian penninsula while European isn't necessarily white. It could very well have been mixed spaniards who had african blood in them that came over to the DR

  23. Latino Dominican?
    All Dominicans are Latino….That's an oxymoron.

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